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Super-charged Monopoly. Dice fall off box, the game travels in. White and black poker-chips get pulled apart and put together. Read more

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Super-charged Monopoly. Dice fall off box, the game travels in. White and black poker-chips get pulled apart and put together.

About this project

          To play simply learn to drop the dice off the box, and keep them on the game-board.   The very first corner space states, Divide Your Game Parts.  What made that work, are five No/Rest circles added to select spaces.  They take away the choice, of which game-piece to move.  Before I adding those circles, catch-22's would happen.   A different space states, Exchange Your Bank of Feathers.  It allows a player to come from behind at anytime.  

        The inside of the box works great as a game-bank.   Each time around the board Eagle, Duck and Seagull feathers are rewarded.   The goal of CENTERPIECE, becomes a RACE to purchase nine-puzzle-spaces one at a time.  Have a bank of two-hundred feathers, have game-parts together.  Then land on the Start Sun space, or Bidgecage space to WIN.  Players keep score, with black and white pawns, under the box, at the games center.   Who's best at finding the best price for a numbered puzzle-space, while staying out of the Birdcage corner space.  For example to Rent A Horse, to get to the Half-Price space, or not.  

        All together there are twenty-eight game spaces.  One last example of a game-space states.  Roll Doubles While Here, and spend three-turns at the Birdcage corner. Your game pieces, if divided, would be joined again.  Rolling doubles while in the Birdcage, lets a player leave early.   

           Because the game-board paper was designed for new maps, it folds forever.  ( It was the most expensive part of the game.)       

          CENTERPIECE = fast-paced FUN!!!  Tested on family and friends.   People will ask what's the fun all about?   Copy-righted in 1992, a ten-year renewal was also completed.  Old-school face-to-face battle with new IMPROVED format. 

Risks and challenges

My games are ready to travel. They came in boxes of one-hundred. After filling each, B-6, box. They were returned to those bigger boxes. Thought about selling them in Key-West, FL. But even there travel-bills hurt profit. Because the games package also its CENTERPIECE. I do well in the twenty-dollar range.
I keep a few game boxes in my cars back-window. Creating sales proved tough for me. Hate to hear the word no, and its not as fun as unlocking secrets.
One restaurant placed five games. Near where people pay. All five disappeared, I never even restock them. Example of really bad-marketing skills. Yet I'm really looking forward, to direct mail to customers.
Lee Mothes and I work well together. I keep designing projects, for him to paint.

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    Will e-mail, two-page, color photo of box-wrap. All four-sides & top of game CENTERPIECE.
    News of next game about motorcycles added in. Early new box design, plus news of new game-spaces. For example God Loves You Roll Again !

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    Lee Mothes also painted a childern's book, I designed. Titled Hard-way and Dancer, its a love story, over ten-pages long, e-mailed to you. Lee Mothes really brought this story alive. With his watercolor brush-strokes. Mailed to you. Add five dollars.

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    $25 reward

    14 backers Limited (1731 left of 1745)

    Will mail one to you. It will be one of two-thousand. (see first-run) Includes everything needed to play. For example, plenty of feather notes for money. You will play again and again,
    Two-part sculptures, will not be on next run.

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    3 backers Limited (866 left of 869)

    Plan B = The best way to reach my number. I decided to add second game-box. Will mail TWO complete games to your door. Everbody wins. Save one as collectable, or make someone happy with a gift.

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Four games mailed to you. Plus your e-mail on list of Strange Art Factory up-dates. For example buliding of new studio news, with invite to opening ect..

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