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Moon Rift is an RPG platform shooter featuring random level generation and a virtually limitless amount of insane guns to collect!

Moon Rift is an RPG platform shooter being developed for IOS and  Android with later release planned on PC, MACLINUX and now OUYA.

The game has you taking your custom created character through a wonderful 2.5D world shooting almost everything in sight!

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The story is set in a universe where the moon has been shattered by a cataclysmic event. Shards have fallen to the world causing minor chaos and it's your job to go find them, because you know, why not?

Because of distribution limitations, the PC, MAC and LINUX versions will be exclusively available to Kickstarter backers before their actual release, TBA.

What I consider the biggest aspect of this game is the trillions of  randomly generated guns. On top of basic stats, guns come loaded with abilities such as shooting bullets that bounce off walls, seek out enemies, or split into several directions. The rarer the gun, the more abilities it can have, creating some pretty crazy results! You also have the option to upgrade those guns in town for even more craziness!

Collecting those pesky moon pieces doesn't just move the story forward. Every one you collect can be brought back to the lunar temple to be refined into a moon stone. These stones let you alter and power your special ability as well as apply bonuses to your character. Want to freeze enemies with a tap while getting a health boost? There's a stone for that.

The ability itself takes full advantage of the touch screen controls allowing you to pummel all enemies on screen by dragging and throwing them into walls or explosives. You can even just tap them to deal damage or strategically place them in front of their own bullets and missiles!

Moon Rift boasts a very accessible RPG system. Kill enemies, gain experience, level up! Leveling increases your health and energy and allows the use of higher level weapons.

Additionally, the game features an old school rock-paper-scissors elemental system. Using a weapon with an adjacent element to your enemy is key! 

All elemental damage has a chance to inflict status effects. Those effects don't get replaced but instead stack, creating massive damage!

Almost every level in Moon Rift, just like the guns, is procedurally generated. With plenty of treasures (of varying rarity) to find, and plenty  of enemies (of varying weirdness) to run into, the adventure doesn't end! Well sort of, don't worry the game has an end, you're not collecting all that moon for nothing!

A lot of thought has gone into making sure the controls feel natural and are easy to use on a touch screen device. Moon Rift implements a simple dual stick approach. Left screen to move, right screen to shoot. Even most of the HUD is optional to reduce clutter on smaller screens.

Don't worry! The PC, MAC and Linux builds will of course have controls optimized for use with keyboard and mouse as well as full support for gampads like the PS3 or 360 controllers.

I'm at the point where this game needs funding to be possible. I am here now to ask for your support.

I want to make this the game of my dreams but I also want to make this the game of your dreams. I want this project to be a collaboration. Every backer will have input on decisions affecting the game play, story and setting. I am also open to any new suggestions and ideas. While obviously not everything is possible or plausible I will make sure this a game that you can't wait to play!


A portion of the funding will go to taxes, rewards, and licencing. What's left is the bare minimum for me to work on this game over the next several months without starving.

My passion for making video games goes all the way back to when I was nine years old. I was lucky enough to attend a video-game-making camp and right then I knew exactly what I wanted to do: make games! Ever since then I have been working on small projects.

Prototyping for Moon Rift started over a year ago; I then decided to take the plunge and put everything I have into to this. For the last 6 months I have been working around 60 hours a week to get this game finished. After all the work that's gone into this project I will be absolutely ecstatic to be able to release my work to all of you!

The majority of the core game, including physics, combat and generation, is already completed. Even on older devices I have the game running at a smooth 60 frames per second. 

Even with so much completed there is still a lot left to do, including finishing up most of the art work, story and sound, as well as making sure there is plenty of variety across all levels. With funding I plan to have the game released by November 2013.


$10 - Now includes a kickstarter exclusive gun

$15 - Now includes digital soundtrack

$25 - Now includes 6 Kickstarter exclusive guns (one of each type!)

$75 -  Now includes physical jewel cased copy of the game

$200 - For those generous enough :) You not only name the gun but decide the abilities stats and look of it. The gun will be prominently displayed in the game i.e. a quest reward.

These tier edits apply to all tiers above them.

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Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

As with every video game, the biggest risk is the chance of delays. There is no doubt in my mind that I will finish this game, however there is always a chance that unforeseen obstacles will arise such as licencing issues, distribution or a tree taking 5 hours instead of five minutes because one branch keeps looking stupid.


  • No, I hate freemium games, Moon Rift will not have any adds, subscriptions or in app purchasing.

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  • Yes, I really want this game to be playable with a controller.

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  • Edit: Yes! Moon Rift will support the OUYA system and will be one of the options at the $10 pledge (kickstarter doesn't let me edit the reward text), I will try my best to get it released the same time as the desktop versions but it might take an extra week or two to integrate.

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    [ prev + Name a Gun ] - Seriously I love you and you get to name a gun anything (non-offensive) you want! You want a gun to be called the frumplelumple? No problem!

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    [ prev + Make a Boss ] - I'm pretty sure you don't exist, but if you do you can create a boss ( again within reason ) and it will be in the game for you to fight. Crazy, right?

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