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I would like to start making edited videos of my girlfriend and me doing pvp in the current expansion World of Wacraft: Legion.
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My girlfriend and I have no experience in editing videos and creating content, but we would love to enter the youtube video world. I have been saving videos of myself in random pvp scenarios: random battlegrounds, rated battlegrounds, skirmishes, 2v2, 3v3. However, with no idea how to edit these videos, we have been unable to produce any content. We would use this money to purchase editing software, music for the videos, intro animations, and even basic food and drink for while we are editing our videos.

This video is an example of the type of PvP videos we would make. The beginning of part of a duel between me and my girlfriend, it was just for fun to see how long we could both last against each other as her playing a tank and me playing a fire mage.

At around 4:15 there is a pretty funny clip of me desparately trying to play the song by the youtuber Nhym "M.A.G.E" while I kill a boomkin. Enjoy!

Risks and challenges

Some challenges for our project include: learning how to edit videos in a visually appealing manner, learning copyright rules for videos for YouTube, balancing the responsibilities of being in a military academy and the responsibilities to our backers to produce content.

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