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The Techpod . A high performance, low cost small unmanned aircraft for the hobbyist and student pilot.
The Techpod . A high performance, low cost small unmanned aircraft for the hobbyist and student pilot.
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      Marc Guilbault on

      Wayne, where can we get spare parts? I can't seem to find where they can be purchased?

    2. Chuck Pearce on

      Received mine today! Can't wait to assemble.

    3. wayne garris Creator on

      I am experimenting with some different motor / prop / battery combinations to help achieve longer flight times. the basic and inexpensive setup I have specked out however will not be changing. I will definitely let everyone know the conclusions of my further experimentation.

    4. Chuck Pearce on


      Thank you for the update, I know you had made mention of trying a different motor, do you have an updated list of the following components:


      Or do you anticipate these to change in the next 100 days?

    5. wayne garris Creator on

      Can't wait to see your ideas in flight. If you like you can easily replace the nose. One thing to keep in mind is the fact the production units will be about 1 lbs lighter.
      Thank you so much for your support

    6. Missing avatar

      William Cooley on

      I'd like to use the Techpod as an airborne communications relay so I am very interested in how far you can push flight times. I don't care much about high speeds or long distances. I just need it to loiter over one spot for as long as possible. For this application I won't need a camera so I was wondering if the dome nose was replaced with a more aerodynamic nose could this improve flight times?

    7. wayne garris Creator on

      yes just use the 2 x 6000mah for 2 hours duration. I have a spesial motor on order that will push flight times further. keep updated on the latest news at . I got so bussy i did not post the numbers yet .
      one lipo used 5400 mah the other 5325mah for a total of 10725mah for 2 hours flight.
      thank you so much for your support

    8. Chuck Pearce on


      Do you foresee any changes in the recommended "Required for flight, not included"? It appears the only changes with the 2h flight were the battery upgrades to 2x 6000mah. Also did you ever post the numbers for the final recharge of the 12000mah 2hr run?

    9. Missing avatar

      Runar Lein on

      Congrats!! Lokking forward to try your plane ;)

    10. wayne garris Creator on

      Thank you everyone so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I got tears in my eyes. I am speechless.
      thank you
      thank you
      thank you!

    11. Missing avatar

      William Cooley on

      I didn't think it was going to work out. You made it!!

    12. Mario Reatti on

      Congrats Wayne !!!!

    13. Chuck Pearce on

      44,900.... Okay push time :)

      Here comes the fulfillment! Congrats Wayne it didn't look like this would go through a week or two ago and today it is a reality, good luck with your speech!

    14. wayne garris Creator on

      non of the manufacturers in north or south america would respond. the couple that did would laugh at quantities of "only 1000" . one place actually said they just cant do the long skinny wings. the guys in china seem to be the only ones set up for r/c airplane molding. I talked with several companies in china. world models had the best offer. money was not really even the issue. thanks for the questions.

    15. Missing avatar

      William Cooley on

      The last link you posted mentions "More than 200 Teubert molding machines are in operation in the United States, Canada and Mexico". In your kickstarter proposal you mention that manufacturing will be done in China. Did you look into how much more it would cost to keep the manufacturing in the US?

    16. wayne garris Creator on

      I am going to reach out to the 3-d printing community. Molds may be a possibility or maybe even the foam its self ? now that would be cool.

    17. wayne garris Creator on

      here is a picture of a typical mold for an epo airplane
      its a little hard to tell the scale but this airplane has around a 25 -30 inch wingspan from my estimates.
      the techpod is much larger and requires two larger molds. The molds are first engineered from my plans to figure out where and how much steam to inject. after they are done designing the molds they then can go about machining the molds out of aluminum. and attaching and fabing all the steam fittings . then after the molds are made they go into a mold machine that is surrounded by several other machines for pre-expanding the beads and shredding and compacting the waist.

    18. Missing avatar

      William Cooley on

      it's unfortunate that the cost for these molds is so high. Can you tell us a bit about how these molds are created? I'm guessing it's not possible to simply 3d print them?

    19. wayne garris Creator on

      @Gil , I just posted an update expressing my commitment to open source the techpod. Thank you for your advice.

      @edworthy, as mentioned above I plan on releasing related source documentation soon. just need a little time to get my ducks in a row.

      thank you

    20. Missing avatar

      Gil on

      This is an exciting project and you've done an amazing engineering job. Unfortunately, it's only trending to about half the goal. Have you considered offering to open source it if you reach the goal? It looks like there aren't enough people willing to pay $240 for the airframe or $750 all the parts to make this feasible, but there may be enough people willing to donate to an open source project just to see it succeed. If your goal is to make this a commercial product that's perfectly legitimate, but if your goal is to just make it happen maybe an open source model would work.

    21. Missing avatar

      edworthy on

      Hi Wayne, thanks for getting back to me!

      I have just sent you a message but just wanted to add that I am more interested in the addition of some attachment points to the body of the Techpod. While I would want to add a landing gear of some sort, even if it was an additional landing skid, having some built in attachment points on the Techpod would help allow people to easily add whatever modification suited them best, be it a tricycle or tail dragger landing gear or perhaps even additional pods with sensors or the like in them, designed and made around fitting the built in attachment points.

      I am also still keen to have a look inside the Techpod and start planning what can fit, and where, so any pics that you can post of renderings showing the interoir would be great! I have also sent my email address in the message I sent you via the Kickstarter mail system so feel free to contact me directly that way.

      OK well hope all is well and thank your for your time!

    22. wayne garris Creator on

      Lucky Number 13 . I love it . Thanks for the questions . I will get some pictures up detailing the cargo area . If you have a cad program or something to view 3D models . I can send you a model of the inside space . It is bisected by a tray or table that is removable for mounting whatever stuff . there is a hard point were i may be able to mount landing gear . personally i would prefer tricycle gear for the rough landings but a tail dragger would be lighter and less drag wich would you prefer ?

    23. Missing avatar

      edworthy on

      Hi Wayne, just pledged my support for one of your Technopods... "Lucky Number 13!"

      Could you please show a more detailed pic/render of the inside payload area of the Technopod. I have seen the photo on hobbyuav of the GoPro sitting in the nose of the prototype but it would be nice to see the detailed space of the Technopod. Hopefully a large flat platform would allow for other possible alternative camera/sensor setups. Be nice to see how much space is capable of being used in there.

      Also is it possible for the body of the Technopod to have attachment points built in for a landing gear setup if people decide to use one, as where I am we don't always have lush grass to belly up in.

      OK, well best of luck and am looking forward to watching this project come to fruition. Thank you! AJE

    24. wayne garris Creator on

      1 . 9mm od 7mm id main spare from wing center out to 3 inches from tip about 52 inches long per wing . a 7mm solid rod witch connects the two halves in the middle . it is about 48 inches in length .

      2 . yes , I updated the project page with some pictures showing how the wings attach .
      3 . 6600 mah 3cell lipo running a eflight .10 11x7 apc prop
      4 . the dome is acrylic and is fairly scratch resistant . replacements will be inexpensive . around $10
      5 . here is a link to a picture with more detail on the vertical camera bay .

      you can see the motor mount on the progect page . i added a few more pictures to help answer some of your questions

    25. Missing avatar

      Batbileg Batjargal on

      Hi Wayne,

      First of all, congratulations on the exciting project. Currently I'm backing up with symbolic $25 and looking forward to increase... But few questions first:

      1. What sort of, how many spars?
      2. Are the wings removable for easy transport?
      3. Exactly with what sort of setup did you get excess of 1hr endurance?
      4. What material is the clear dome? Scratch resistant?
      5. Any close up picture of the underside? Looks like there is a bay - hard to tell without clear picture.
      6. Any close up picture of motor mount?

      Thanks and I really hope your project will take off...

    26. wayne garris Creator on

      the dome has a four inch diameter . A GoPro HD would fit nicely behind it .A friend of mine has one . I should get some pictures of it mounted inside the techpod .

    27. Chuck Pearce on


      I have been a browser of diydrones for the past two years, when I saw this on Kickstarter first, I thought it was too good to be true. What I don't think many understand is there are some OK platforms for FPV but all the UAV models in this general price range are more toys than hobby projects, ie the predator model(s). This looks like a very well thought out design with the carbon tail and placement of prop to rudder, reminds me of the Penguin B without a V-Tail and the complexity of the size/gas. I really hope this project fulfills!

      Do you have dimensions on the front dome? I am wondering if it would be possible to install a GoPro HD without it's housing.

      I am looking forward to adding an APM2 and a 3DR telemetry kit to this model.

    28. Missing avatar

      Dave Skala on

      I have known Wayne for several years. I discovered early on Wayne's drive at producing high tech products is what he lives for! My company, Aerosight / Civilian UAV came on board this project out of the desire to see success for Wayne and this plane he has created. If you are like I had been, buying others designs only to have to hack them all up to make a better one...Then you too will hope to see this plane available to the public. This aircraft is very capable and a must for any FPV pilot looking for a cosmeticly appealing and technologically solid aircraft. With your support, and the help of the many followers of Wayne's innovative efforts, we can help see this plane to it's future... In the hands of users like you!!

      Dave Skala