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In Madeleine Olnek's B-movie sci-fi film comedy 3 lesbian aliens come to earth to save their planet by visiting NYCs gay dating scene.

I wrote and directed and made this film by hand---with alot of help from my friends. It's done well at festivals, including Sundance's Midnight in Park City. but I need a chunk of money to make the movie distribution-ready----so it can be seen by all earthlings.

The film follows three lesbian aliens who have been sent to Earth. Their mission? To have their hearts broken by earthlings so their overactive emotions won’t destroy the ozone of their planet. As the fetching extraterrestrials search for romance on the New York lesbian dating scene, one finds love with Jane, an eager stationery store clerk who is oblivious to the fact that she’s dating an alien.

While the film is in watchable shape---and getting great responses----I need money to finish the details and get it ready for distribution. It's not much, and it will allow me to really get the film out there to the underserved lesbian space alien community. There is already interest but only if I do the final push and get all the i's dotted and t's crossed. I really appreciate anything you can give. I believe in making films for as little as humanly possible----and in making them as funny, interesting, and great as inhumanly possible. Many thanks, Madeleine


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    If you can give us a gift of $10, we will thank you by sending a digital download of our poster and a specially created Lesbian Space Alien ringtone for your phone!

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    For a donation of $25 we will send you a fabulously nerdy Codependent Lesbian Space Alien T-Shirt---and keep you informed of all happenings in the Codependent Lesbian Space Alien world.

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    If you can give us $50, we will send you a T-shirt and invite you to the premiere of Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same in New York City.

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    We will invite you to an exclusive evening of cocktails followed by a lesbian pub crawl in NYC with the entire Codependent Lesbian Space Alien team.

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    If you can give $500, you will receive a framed placque naming you an Honorary Codependent Lesbian Space Alien.

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    For a gift of $1000, you will receive the honorary plaque listed above and be featured as prominently on the film's web site as one of The Galaxy's Finest Honorary Codependent Lesbian Space Aliens. You will also be entitled to any and all Codependent Lesbian Space Alien merchandise and activites listed above.

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    You will receive all of the above, and be listed as an A Person Without Who This Film Could Not Have Been Made in the final version of the film: Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same. Plus you will know that you have been instrumental in making the world safe for lesbian space alien film.

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