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A Book About The Destruction Of Earth By An Atlantian Whose Soul Is Dead Like Her Heart!  Nubara A 3 Book Series...Coming Soon!

A Book About The Destruction Of Earth By An Atlantian Whose Soul Is Dead Like Her Heart! Nubara A 3 Book Series...Coming Soon! Read more

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A Book About The Destruction Of Earth By An Atlantian Whose Soul Is Dead Like Her Heart! Nubara A 3 Book Series...Coming Soon!

About this project

Nubara aims to raise $7,500 to publish a digital edition of the First of Three Novels By "Alex H. Singh"

The money raised will be used towards paying the Artist to be more  imaginative with the Character Designs, this way she can think outside of the box & I will be able to pay for quality.  I do not want Nubara's Book Cover or Characters to be Generic.  This Book is special & therefore the illustrations should be as well.  The money will also go towards an excellent Editor & for Marketing to get the word out on the Book Release.

I just want to give the world something magical to read about!  

Here is a little sneak peak:

What makes a good story? 

An Evil Princess, A Warrior, Mystical Creatures that could possibly not exist, Innocent Bystanders, & an Event that could possibly be the End Of The World as we know it...

NUBARA…Surfacing as a land mass near you!

Welcome to "Nubara" Nubara is an Island created by two powerful beings, one comes from Planet X also known as Nibiris & the other is from Atlantis close to the Bermuda Triangle together these two individuals created their own world on an isolated island in the waters of New Guinea. Who are these two individuals, stay tuned for more tid bit information on my newest creation...Nubara

Risks and challenges

The biggest risk is that I work full time & then sometimes I find it rather difficult to be in that thought process for creativity. Also with my illustrator in the UK & myself in Toronto, communication can be a bit difficult as our schedules will be different but for this project I am concentrating my efforts in releasing this book with a big bang.

It is not just for myself, you see when I was younger & I wanted to write, my parents truly did not believe in me or my talents. The basically said "Anyone can write a book." That statement still echoes throughout my mind & it only makes me want to try even harder to write something amazing.

I want this book to be a symbol to all those who never thought they could achieve a goal. I also want to use the money I hopefully will make from publishing towards another kickstart on here to help their dreams become a reality. After all is this not what life should be about? Helping one another?

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  • Well, the idea came to me because I have always been fascinated with Atlantis & then I heard about Planet X & it's real name was Nibiris, which got me thinking. Hence that is where the title of the Book Series came from "Nubara"

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    Everyone that pledges will receive a free "Kindle" download of the first novel once it releases on Amazon. I am more then thrilled & excited for this to become a reality.

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    Everyone in this world is "Special" Actually "Unique" Seeing as this is a very important project for me for everyone that is kind enough to contribute I will make sure that you will receive a postcard of one of the many character's from my Novel Series of Nubara. This will be special, as I currently have an amazing Artist doing "Special Cover Designs & Character Profile Pictures".

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    For all of those who would like to be included in the Dedication of Nubara, a contribution of $25 is all that is needed. I thank those in advance!

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