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After a global financial apocalypse a young girl must protect her older sister as they wander across a wasteland looking for their grandmother.

"5 Shells" is a micro-budget feature that I am prepping to shoot in the beautiful wilds of New Mexico this summer. After our own global financial psuedo-apocalypse it is a tough sell bleeding a stone for cash for an independent film. I say, like the heros of "5 Shells," go it alone. Movies were made to be made. So do I'm doing it.

If I can raise the 10k here then this shoot will be a great success. If I can raise more than the 10k then post will be a lot easier.

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When their parents are killed Matti and Joslyn are left completely alone. The constant sibling rivalry between the two results in a constant jockeying for power. Though she is younger, thirteen to Joslyn's fourteen, Matti emerges as the one calling the shots, which might have something to do with the shotgun she won't let go of. Matti decides they must go find their only relative they know of, their grandmother, who they have never actually met.

As Matti becomes more stoic and pragmatic, Joslyn regresses begging her sister to read to her from her favorite book, "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz." Where Joslyn finds comfort in the book the story starts infecting Matti's dreams.

Complicating matters are the two nomads they come upon, Frank and Stanton. Stanton is closer to the girls' ages, and takes an immediate liking to Joslyn. Frank on the other hand is a different story. He's charming and can flash a great smile, but underneath that Matti senses a core of menace. But are her instincts correct? Or will Frank and Stanton help Matti and Joslyn along that Yellow Brick Road to a new home?


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    Anyone pledging any amount will get all to see their name up on the Silver Screen (or the LCD or Plasma screen) because any and all donations will get a CREDIT at the end of the film. How many times will that happen in your life?

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    For this low sum you will get you name in the credits AND a DIGITAL COPY OF THE FILM once it is finished. Entertainment is only one click (and maybe a year of waiting - it takes a while to make a movie dammit) away.

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    Only $25 gets your name in the credits AND a digital copy of the film AND a "FIVE SHELLS" SHOTGUN SHELL KEY CHAIN. Home crafted from the best, American Made materials (some materials may have been made in China). Anyone pledging this amount I will send you your very own "5 Shells" souvenir.

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    If you donate the measly sum of $35 you get you name in the credits, an awesome key chain, and A SIGNED COPY OF THE DVD. You can cherish for ever, show your kids, nieces and nephews, and grandkids. Gather around the TV during the holidays and see what I think the future holds for boys and girls around the world. Get some popcorn!

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    For the low, low pledge of $50 you will get your name in the credits, a DVD or digital copy of the film, AND a "FIVE SHELLS" KEY CHAIN MADE FROM ONE OF THE ACTUAL SHOTGUN SHELLS USED IN THE FILM. Now that is a piece of film history!!! You could Ebay the hell out of that after the Oscars. It'll be worth way more than $50 bucks by then, so if you think about it, that $50 is more like an investment. These will be limited so they'll have to be on a first-come-etc. basis.

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    Anyone want to really get their name out there? For $250 get key chain #1, a copy of the film AND an ASSOCIATE PRODUCER CREDIT on the film. That will be on IMBb someday! WOW!!! You could finally Google yourself, and get a hit! And if you are in film then you know the ASS PROD credit is the way to go. Do yourself a favor.

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    Are you serious?! A bunch of that other stuff AND an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER CREDIT? That's like some Joel Silver type ballin' yo. Forget about what you heard before, EP is the way to go. EP's are the ones that make the real decisions (on other films). They are the power brokers, the one's with casting couches, and fly dental work. Don't you want to be in that selective club?

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