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Breezy Meadows Orchard & Nursery is an expanding permaculture farm in need of a 2 wheel bio-diesel tractor
Breezy Meadows Orchard & Nursery is an expanding permaculture farm in need of a 2 wheel bio-diesel tractor
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Moving water around the farm

49% and 11 days to go.

We have a small stream that flows most of the year.  But it is below most of the land that we are clearing for our trees and animals.   We needed some sort of pump that we could use to move up 35'-45' of head.  We looked at solar pumps or a setup where we had to lug a battery out to power a pump, but decided they just didn't fit.  But then we came back to a super simple pump that runs 24/7 without any external power but the water and has only 2 moving parts.  And it only cost around $175 in parts.

The Ram Pump.

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Ram's pumps date back to the late 1700's so its a pretty good proven technology.  The basic concept is use the force of moving water to move a smaller amount of water up hill.  In the video you can see a pulse of water that shoots out.  There is a valve that shuts off when the water moves fast enough to lift a flap of metal.  When that flap is closed the pressure inside the pump increases which opens another valve.  A small amount of water is pushed through the now open valve.  That little pulse of water slowly pushes water up hill.  We have about 7 feet of head that then pushes water around 35' up the hill.

Here is a video that shows you a cross view of what is happening inside the pump.

These things range in size. Ours uses an 1inch input pipe and pushes water up a 1/2 pipe.  In places where there is a lot of water to move the input pipe can be multiple feet in diameter and move thousands of gallons of water. 

We have two 375 gallon tanks that this pump slowly fills.  We then use gravity to irrigate and provide drinking water to the animals.

We will be showing how to design and build this style of pump at our PDC this summer.

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