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$5,203 pledged of $100,000 goal
By EpicSesh
$5,203 pledged of $100,000 goal

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Xensr.com launches!


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Going our own way

Its been an interesting month for the EpicSesh team since we've launched on Kickstarter. We've had some great conversations with folks who love the project who want to get involved, entertained some amazing business opportunities and continued to push the XensrCase towards production and also start working in ernest on the next product in the line-up. We've continued to develop and test our TruMotion technologies in new sports and have demonstrated that our hardware and software can provide 3D sports motion tracking unlike anything else on the planet. 

Kickstarter rocks. Make no mistake about it. But its not right for us. 

We're going to shut down the XensrCase Kickstarter project, and open up orders on Xensr.com next week as we're beginning our first production cycle ahead of schedule - all this even with the project not getting funded. (see previous updates). The folks who have pledged their support on the Kickstarter project can keep their orders and their place in line, and we're gonna throw in some freebies as a token of our appreciation. 

We didn't hit our $100k goal - and some might call that a failure. But our experience has been anything but a failure. There's so much we can't talk about, but we can say that you'll be seeing Xensr products in the marketplace soon and they'll be doing some amazing things in the hands of the athletes as they explore the boundaries of their sport. 

Athletes looking for sponsorship, you'll find a place to sign up for Xensr sponsorship on Xensr.com next week.

Event organizers who want to bring jump heights or 3D metrics tracking to their event, you are encouraged to reach out to us on Xensr.com or our Facebook page. 

Retailers looking to carry Xensr products? Sign up on Xensr.com next week and also see us at Winter Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City and CES in Las Vegas in January 2013. 

And of course, app developers who want to bring more than GPS tracking to their customer base and also take advantage of a new revenue stream, hit us up on Xensr.com and lets get you hooked up with our SDK kit. 

Thanks to everyone for their support and remember, The Future is in Motion. 

David and the EpicSesh team. 

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The XensrCase US jobs program - your backing is creating jobs here in America!

As we continue our march towards production, the latest piece to fall into place was the arrival of the latest shots from our XensrCase molds. They look fantastic and the molds are being finished (adding some texture so they don't slip from your hands). Once that is completed, the molds will ship to our injection molding manufacturer who is based in Green Bay just miles from our headquarters. 

The final assembly of the electronics package and housings will happen in Green Bay - the entire EpicSesh team is stoked that we're creating jobs here in the US for this project. These are new jobs that didn't exist before this project in addition to the developers that we are in the process of hiring. 

To date - this project has created 6 jobs here in the US, and soon we'll double that to 12 full time employees all based here in the US. 

This is more than just about backing a cool tech project that will change how we track, train and analyze our sports, this is about innovating and job creation here in the US at a time where literally all consumer electronics are outsourced to manufacturer's overseas. 

Thanks for your continued support and stoke!

The EpicSesh team

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Ahead of schedule!

If there's one thing we like at EpicSesh, its being ahead of the curve and when it comes to spooling up production with our contract manufacturer (CM), getting long lead time parts in the door early is a huge win for folks like us. In addition to our circuit boards and pressure sensors that you saw in previous updates, we have our first batch of GPS modules in and ready to send to our CM. Everything is lining up for the first batch to go into production and we're super stoked about that. 

So, how about that - a highly technical and innovative Kickstarter project that's ahead of schedule. ;-)

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Testing takes and out-takes

The EpicSesh team has been around the globe testing the XensrCase with some pretty high dynamic sports and through the course of getting the good stuff on film, we've accumulated some great crashes and bloopers that we thought we would share with the Kickstarter community this Friday evening as we head into the weekend. 

Enjoy and we're all thankful nobody was (seriously) injured in our testing. ;-)