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Six international dance artists need to make a sprung floor to support their next collaborative choreographic works.

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UPDATE!:  STRETCH GOAL for 5000$ in the last 6 hours!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE SO GENEROUSLY CONTRIBUTED ALREADY!  With your help, we have reached our kickstarter goal of 3,500 $.  However, this represents a minimum of the actual costs we will have for the floor and other building costs which could reach up to 8000 $.  Any amount that we raise above 3,500 $ will be very much needed and greatly appreciated!  So we are now posting our unofficial Stretch Goal !


This is a dance project initiated by Marcela Giesche - USA/Germany (choreographer/dancer/teacher), Kazuma Glen Motomura-Japan/South Africa (dance, martial arts, choreography), Ilana Reynolds USA/France (dancer/choreographer), Bruno Caverna (choreographer/teacher) Brazil, PLUS (just joined as new members!) Isabel Cuesta Camacho (choreographer, teacher, dancer) from Columbia, Alexandra Rogovska (dancer) from Greece/Ukraine, and Michael Shapira (dancer/choreographer) from Israel !!

We have gathered at a unique location, the LAKE Studios in Berlin Germany, We have the date, the stage is set - the space is secured, the lights are on standby, sound system is waiting to pulse, but there is no dance floor.

We are faced with a bare concrete space of 14m x 16m.

In order to begin any rehearsal process, or even plan the performances of our collaborative work we have to start from the ground up.  

We need to build up a floor. And not just any floor, but a dance floor that is sprung (set up on an elevated grid) and safe for the intense movements we need to do daily to create our work: falling, rolling, spinning, running and jumping!  Close contact to the floor: taking care of the floor so it will care of us.

This is our first step towards completing the LAKE choreography project. It is our dream to be able build it up so that we can share our visions and processes in this amazing space with the others in the Berlin Arts Community.

Just a little bit of money from enough people can be enough to literally put the floor under our feet!

This Christmas, that is all that is on our wishlist, just a few dollars, or more if you can spare more, will help a great deal towards fulfilling this dream!

In the lucky case that the amount raised exceeds  $3,500, it will be used for other elements to support the performances such as, the dance floor marley, the tech and light elements, sound system, and the many other things which are necessary for the set up.

THANK YOU! Bruno, Ilana, Kazuma, Marcela, Michael, Alexandra and Isabel

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und jetzt...AUF DEUTSCH  :)

Dieses Tanzprojekt ist initiiert von Marcela Giesche - USA / DE (Choreografin/ Tänzerin), Kazuma Glen Motomura-JP/ZA(Tanz, Kampfkunst, Choreograf), Ilana Reynolds USA / F (Tänzerin/Choreografin), Bruno Caverna BR(Choreograf /Tänzer), Isabel Cuesta Camacho CO/DE(Choreografin/Tänzerin), Michael Shapira ISR (Taenzer, Choreograf), und Alexandra Rogovska GR/UA (Tänzerin).

Wir haben uns an einem einzigartigen Ort versammelt, den Lake Studios in Berlin Friedrichshagen am Müggelsee.

Ab April 2013 sollen die räumlichen Voraussetzungen für unser künstlerisches Schaffen gegeben sein. Unser Studio wird in einer ehemaligen Tischlerei errichtet.

Zur Zeit befindet sich dort lediglich ein Betonboden in einem Raum von 14x16 qm.

Der Tanzboden ist die absolute Grundvoraussetzung für unsere gesamte Arbeit.

Ein Schwingboden wird auf einem Gerüst aufgebaut, das ein Nachfedern der Bewegungen ermöglicht. Dieser spezielle Boden ermöglicht die Durchführung unserer Tanztechniken wie z.B. Fallen, Rollen, Drehen, Laufen und Springen.

Dies ist unser erster Schritt zur Vollendung des LAKE Choreographie Projekts. Es ist unser Traum, dieses Studio aufzubauen, um unsere künstlerische Visionen und Prozesse umzusetzen und einen kulturellen Beitrag in der Berliner Kunstszene zu teilen.

Nur ein wenig Geld von genügend Menschen kann ausreichen, um buchstäblich den Boden unter unseren Füßen zu sichern.

In dem glücklichen Fall, dass der Betrag von 3500 € überschritten wird, wir dieser für weitere Anschaffungen verwendet werden wie, der Tanzteppich (marley), Lichtelemente und Sound-System sowie die vielen anderen Dinge, die für unser Studio notwendig sind.

DANKE! Bruno, Ilana, Kazuma, Marcela, Michael, Alexandra und Isabel

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Finding the funding to gather the right materials for the dance floor is the first major obstacle. However that is just the beginning. Once funding is allocated we have to make many choices and find ways to all budget the time from our already busy schedules so we can put it all together. With creative minds working by side we will begin the project of building the floor by hand. Gathering advice and experience from other dance artists who have had to build their own floors from scratch. We look forward to this challenge and can't wait to stand on our own handmade ground!


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    A verrrry thank you email with information about the choreographic works that will happen on the LAKE dance floor July 6, 2013.

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    The above and 2 free tickets at to our opening LAKE performance evening in the beginning July.

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    All of the above plus your name engraved on a piece of wood that will be a part of the studio floor in the entrance.

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    All of the above and a private password to the video link of the choreographic works on vimeo!

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    all of the above plus a photo of the studios, and personalized thank you card with photos of the work created, signed from all the artists involved in this project. Sent to your home or email address (just let us know which one you prefer) around the world!

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    This reward is because we accidentally listed the same reward twice and cant change it now... (2 free tickets to the performances in July) .. so for anyone who contributes 99.99$ or more, you get all of the above, plus we will plant a tree or other big plant in the studio garden for you and put a little cute dancing sign with your name on it.:)

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    All of the above plus a free massage by the great masseuse Kazuma Motomura after the performances!

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    All of the above, plus a beautiful home cooked dinner with the artists.

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    All of the above, plus a free ticket to any and all future performance on the dance floor at LAKE!

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    All of the above plus 1 week residency (to get an inside look at our creative processes) at LAKE. (food / /accommodation /entertainment taken care of) - travel costs not included.

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