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20 Mph | 10 Miles of Range | 11 lbs | Ultra-Thin | Integrated Battery | Unbeatable Price |
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    1. Rome LJ 4 days ago

      I have tried to be both polite and patient through this joke of a fulfillment process, but I have officially come to my breaking point. DO YOU HAVE ANYONE AT THIS COMPANY WHO READS EMAILS FOR CONTEXT AND ACTUALLY REPLIES TO THEM!? I HAVE LITERALLY EMAILED YOU FOR WEEKS ON END ASKING TO HAVE MY SHIPPING INFORMATION UPDATED BECAUSE YOU ALL TOOK SO LONG TO SHIP THAT I KNOW LIVE 2500 MILES AWAY FROM WHERE I DID WHEN I PLACED THIS ORDER. & now the icing on the cake is that because you all have continued to ignore me UPS can't even update the delivery address until it arrives 2500 miles away to the wrong address. THIS HAS BEEN BY FAAAAAR THE ABSOLUTE WORST BUSINESS TRANSACTION I HAVE EVER BEEN APART OF, and honestly is making me re-think my future on the Kickstarter platform as a whole, I truly hope that you all don't take anymore people's money and that you issue me a refund prior to me calling my credit card company and having them issue a charge back for this gross negligence of service and customer care.

      To the people who did actually receive their boards, congrats, I hope you enjoy, and that our boards run smoothly, because getting in contact with this customer service team is something I wouldn't wish on an enemy.


    2. Missing avatar

      Sergio Paredes on

      Teamgee is the worst company i have ever buy anything from.

      They told us they would ship on November. They didn't.

      They told us they would ship on December. They didn't.

      They told us they would ship on March. They didn't.

      I asked on facebook and @Teamgee Direct told me they will not ship to Chile.

      I started asking for a refund, and they told me they already sent me an email. They didn't.

      They told me to send emails to and to I dit it, they didn't respond.

      Now they blocked me on facebook and made me really angry.

      Now I will try to take down teamgee with everything i have, please, everyone let's get together and make some collective action. Teamgee is just trying to steal a lot of peoples money.

    3. LeisureG8R on

      Mine says “shipment information voided.” Not sure what that means but I don’t think I’ll ever see a board.

    4. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      Finally mine is on it's way.

    5. LeisureG8R on

      If you look for them on Indiegogo you will see that this is how they operate. There are people on there who have waited much longer. Some who got boards are having a lot of problems.

    6. LeisureG8R on

      That don’t care. They made enough money to find another project. We will get the test ones at some point and they will do this again. There is nothing preventing them, unless this ruins their business somehow. But I doubt it. There will be more people behind us who do not read what happened here.

    7. Brandon Vipperman on

      Finally. And everything looks right. Now I just wait another 30 days for it to update. I've already waited way longer than anyone should without communication from the project creators. Ridiculous. We'll see how this goes.

    8. Missing avatar

      Massimiliano on

      Very well, now can I have my refund since you can not ship to my area? Backer 215

    9. Missing avatar

      krish gupta on

      my tracking number is wrong wtf