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20 Mph | 10 Miles of Range | 11 lbs | Ultra-Thin | Integrated Battery | Unbeatable Price |
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      Maarten Jongerius about 22 hours ago

      For all the people having problems with the shipping: I had the same (almost gave up on it ever getting delivered) but my tracking code just showed me a change and the board seems to actually be in transit! I agree with all people saying their communication is really(!) bad, no doubt about that. But I guess my advice is to wait it out, and don't give up hope...

    2. Missing avatar

      Lukas Krupisch on

      I still don't have my board although it was supposedly shipped to Germany on 04/03/19. The UPS tracking system is still up: Order processed and not shipped. What is wrong with you Team Gee?

    3. LeisureG8R on

      TeamGee has kicked me off of their Facebook because I am trying to share with others information about how our correspondence has degenerated. I have tried to work with them reasonably; however, they have opted to talk in circles and not resolve the problem. Here is my latest response. They are no longer even allowing me to respond to their insulting emails:

      That is not slander. What I am doing is using the platform to educate others on what is occurring. We had a very long conversation this morning that resulted in nothing getting resolved. You continually asked for a new address, to which I repeatedly answered that I have not moved. You repeatedly asked for a PayPal account, to which I answered that I do not have one. In past weeks you repeatedly stated that you would provide a refund. You then surprised me with an email stating that you contacted your warehouse and that one would be sent before I leave. I believed you. I waited two weeks and asked for a tracking number. You kindly gave me one. I checked it and the board had not yet even made it to UPS. This leaves me with very little time and you having not done anything you said you would do. I stated that I have to now cut my losses; however, my aim would then be to be certain to help anyone else from making the same mistake and purchasing a board through TeamGee. I also expressed my disappointment in your poor business practices, as I was earlier a fan of your product. So, yes, it is your fault. Now that it is clear that I will not get my money or a board, it is indeed your fault. That is compounded by the fact that this started in October and was supposed to be a by Christmas delivery.

    4. marco on

      BAker 635 UK nothing from shipment tracking. When should it happen?

    5. Missing avatar

      Massimiliano on

      Backer #215 from Spain, what is the problem with my refund? It takes five minutes if time with Paypal

    6. Missing avatar

      Maarten Jongerius on

      @Fouad Thanks for sharing! I will have to wait a little longer I guess :-)

    7. Fouad on

      @Maarten, the shipment hasn't arrived yet i think.
      It should within the coming days, my own tracking status has not been updated as well.

    8. Missing avatar

      Maarten Jongerius on

      Backer 12 (Netherlands) here, tracking is stuck on "Shipment Ready for UPS" since forever. Can you check my shipment?

    9. Missing avatar

      Glen on

      Hey Teamgee im backer 331
      I was offered a refund and asked to send through my paypal invoice I did and never received my refund when can I expect it?

    10. Missing avatar

      JORGE IRETA on

      y.... MÈXICO??

    11. Missing avatar

      Alice on

      Hey guys, so I’m moving out of the address I provide to you guys, where can I update my address to make sure I get my board? Thank you!

    12. Yuma Fukaya on

      During the operation, I was unable to operate suddenly and the power of the main unit was lost. It's worst this item. Don't buy it !!!!!!!!!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Holmström Jesper on

      I got mine after some time, never gotten a answer back either but one day the UPS man just stod outside my door and without any hustle i got my package in Sweden :D

      - Unboxing -…=

      - 2 week review -…=

    14. Missing avatar

      Jules Moussatoff on

      Backer #647 from Switzerland.
      As expected, no answer from your side to all of my emails.
      I’m fed up with you guys.
      Please organize a REFUND.
      I Know you won’t reply but ANYWAY!
      WORST KICKSTARTER experience ever.
      Shame on you TeamGee, you’re not delivering what you’Ve promised.

    15. Missing avatar

      Sergio Paredes on

      I'm tired of waiting too. I'm from Chile and i haven't heard any update on south america shipments. I want my money back! Reply at least one of my messages. Worst online purchase experience ever.

    16. Missing avatar

      Callum Nagle on

      Hi Rome,

      I just looked at my tracking info and if your board is coming via UPS like mine is you can change the address when you receive your tracking number

    17. Rome LJ on

      Hello, can someone please reply to any of the messages I have sent in the past few weeks? I am now moving and need to have my address updated.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jaap vd Voort on

      UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium and Japan are shipped on the 3rd of April? So we could expect them anytime in Europe?

    19. Missing avatar

      KIM JOUNG SOO on

      My number is #627. I didn't get the list that sent my board again this time. When will you send it to Korea? Do you have a plan? I'm tired of waiting. I hope you give me an answer soon.

    20. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      Seems convenient.
      Can you please tell us which backers (backer numbers of those boards sent) from Australia are getting their boards?
      Are we getting the additional that we ordered with the board (blank deck, lights, bag) that we ordered as stretch goals at the same time considering it has been 5 months since promised delivery?