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20 Mph | 10 Miles of Range | 11 lbs | Ultra-Thin | Integrated Battery | Unbeatable Price |
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    1. Sergey Olendarenko 2 days ago

      Hi guys,

      Will the promised bag be shipped separately? When can we expect this?

    2. Alex Delamort on

      Guys...give us an update please ! I have received an email to ask me to confirm my phone number for the delivery and since then nothing. I live in Australia.

    3. Kuribo on

      You said you're going to ship the rest on Friday 22nd of March. When are you actually going to ship?

    4. Missing avatar

      Colse on

      I will actually be in Hong Kong Apr 1st-Apr 16th. I am waiting for a delivery to the UK. Can I pick up my Sail whilst I am in Hong Kong at all?

    5. Missing avatar

      Balsnac on

      Where's the Friday update and the shipping dates please

    6. Kuribo on

      So I guess there's one positive thing about getting the board later than others: the material will be more durable / scratch resistant.

    7. Missing avatar

      JORGE IRETA on

      Super cool yo quiero el que esta en la imagen, azul con amarillo se ve súper padre, necesito avisar que color quiero o es al azar?

    8. Missing avatar

      Guille Guti

      I don’t get it. Does this applies to all backers or only to those that haven’t been sent yet? My board is supposedly in transit already.

    9. marco on

      Thanks for The update, please let us know when you will deliver to Uk

    10. marco on

      Thanks for The update, please let us know when you Willy delibera to Uk

    11. Missing avatar

      Kas Konstantin on sounds great...first I still waiting for the information about shipping to Germany and then they decide to make it blue...what's next? And I see tons of questions but no I hope the board is all that worth.

    12. Missing avatar

      John Kruse on

      I got my board a month or so ago. The snow finally melted here and I have taken it out a few times. It works great but the sandpaper grip paper on top is already chipping and peeling off? What can I do about this?

    13. Missing avatar

      Niels Martin on

      When will the boards be shipped to germany????
      No info about that at all!!! Very bad communication with your customers!

    14. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Neuberger on

      janne, the boards from the shipment end of february are on their way (cargo ship).
      they get custom cleareance in bulk in germany and then sent out individually.
      as soon as customs clears we get the next tracking update and exact shipping estimate.
      3-4 weeks is estimated shipping by sea.
      add a few days for custom clearance, so im hoping we get them delivered in about 2 weeks from now...

    15. Missing avatar

      Janne Heinonen on

      holy shit i would been furious to have a blue deck instead of a black.
      i did order with a animal, and i dont understand qute why we cant have what we orderd.
      im confused.
      is the european boards shipped? i mean i just checked the tracking number for my backer number, and it states something like, "germany ready for ups pickup" i live sweden.

      im not sure if this update effects me, if does or dont, this is all very strange.
      im guessing someone in your company really messed up.

    16. James Hiscott on

      Thank you for your honesty and the offer of the bag, i did like the animal design but TBH its not the end of the world as its on the bottom.

      Please just keep us updated and be open and honest, problems will happen :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Michel Delhasse

      Have the boards shipped or not? Please provide individual status rather than the « anonymous » status and easy cop out of providing status per backer number.
      An unhappy customer.

    18. Missing avatar


      Yes uk shipping please thanks for the update though . It’s fair to screw up from time to time just get them out and stop telling fibs.

    19. Missing avatar

      Davey on

      I opted for a black deck. I’d prefer the look of gradient board instead of the blue please.

      Any update on shipping to Sydney Australia?


    20. Missing avatar

      Victor Salvador on

      So now the question is... What board are we going to get the backers from Spain??? (And when)

    21. Antonin JAY on

      So because of that we will have our boar in 2020? Or in 2021? Why not? It would not surprise me…
      Delays can happen, of course (apparently often to you guys, also for other projects), but why not to say it straight away?!
      In my case it’s too late, you lost my trust.

    22. Missing avatar

      John-Willem on

      Hi Teamgee,
      Great update👍🏻 The extra wheels and The extra griptape and lights go also in The package?

    23. Rome LJ on

      So what are the new shipping estimates?

    24. Brandon Vipperman on

      This is fine as along as all the features and promises other than the board design (and shipping date) are met and honored. I really want the impressive board promised and not an attempt to save face.

    25. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Neuberger on

      sure sure dude...
      they just stop the freighter in the middle of the ocean and exchange the boards - zero probs - eaaazy...

    26. Jokke Forsryd

      So if one already have a tracking# (from the previous posts) .. does this update still apply to my pledged order?

    27. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Neuberger on

      good to know that i can scratch the rocket design off and just spray it black ;)

    28. Missing avatar

      Boutroux on

      Don't care about the color as long as you ship to France after all this waiting