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20 Mph | 10 Miles of Range | 11 lbs | Ultra-Thin | Integrated Battery | Unbeatable Price |
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      Uk delivery times please!!!!!!!!!! Uk delivery times please!!!!!!!!!! Uk delivery times please!!!!!!!!!! Uk delivery times please!!!!!!!!!! Uk delivery times please!!!!!!!!!! Uk delivery times please!!!!!!!!!! Uk delivery times please!!!!!!!!!! Uk delivery times please!!!!!!!!!! Uk delivery times please!!!!!!!!!! Uk delivery times please!!!!!!!!!!

    2. LeisureG8R on

      I’m sorry; this was posted in the wrong place. I’m dealing with two Chinese companies who are holding up shipments after promising early deliveries.

    3. LeisureG8R on

      I am hoping for a response, as well. I receive notification that the board would arrive on the 24th. When I checked later it just said a shipping label was made. No I have been in contact with FedEx and they said nothing was actually shipped and that the label was merely purchased. This is very disappointing considering the company promised delivery before Christmas. Now I’m thinking I will not see a board.

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      Kas Konstantin on

      Hi there,
      when will you ship to Germany?

    5. Kuribo on

      Today is the last day of the Chinese New Year holiday.

      Looking forward to an update, hopefully soon, about:

      - exact shipping date for the rest of the boards for all countries (highest priority)

      - information regarding black boards (why haven't they been produced yet, when will they be shipped etc., will backers be able to switch to a standard design to avoid even longer delays etc.)

      - Official clarification whether the boards at Amazon USA are the Sail or not and what's up with that whole situation anyway

    6. Joanna H on

      @ngchweeheng the boards should be on the ship on the way to SG. Based on the tracking information they provided,the boards were out of China on 22/01, and there hasn't been any tracking update since. So I'm guess the shipping via sea rather than air as promised. On the side, did you order your boards with graphic prints or black deck?

    7. Missing avatar

      NG CHWEE HENG on

      Still waiting for the shipment....when are the SAIL coming to SINGAPORE?

    8. Missing avatar

      Matjaž Ciglar on

      Late and now because of couple of not entirely precise english addresses no boar is shipped. NICE!
      Just excuses to further delay the shipment.

    9. Antonin JAY on

      Really?! You are 3 months late and the company close for more than 2 weeks?!
      And again nothing about France.
      I tried to have a refund but it’s not possible...
      I should not have contributed to this projects, it’s just a waste of time and money

    10. LeisureG8R on

      I sent a message, too. How do I go about getting a full refund? Do I have to go to my credit card company and pursue this that way? This was supposed to occur before Christmas, and now seeing it on Amazon tells me that this company is not serious about sending out the boards to their investors.

    11. Missing avatar

      Bronco Brasco on

      Thanks for the update. What happened with the carry bag for SAIL from update 5?

    12. LeisureG8R on

      @teamgee maybe scam isn’t the correct word, but we won’t know until we know. It’s looking like @stary 2.0 right now. You got the money. Amazon got boards.

    13. Missing avatar

      Willem Terlouw on

      Thanks for the update, but still noting on The Netherlands. When can I expect snu communication about when this is in your planning?

      Something else, how much do I need to pay additional to have the board via airplaine delivered at my doorstep no later dan 10th of March 2019?
      Kind regards, Willem

    14. Missing avatar

      Sean Davis on

      On a side point. I Lol'd at the Greatest Ultimate Bag being used in the update. From one Ultimate player to another will I get my board quicker if I tag a cool selfie with my custom greatest bag?

    15. Missing avatar

      Sean Davis on

      Nice to know by the time my board arrives Down Under the Australian Summer will be gone.

      @Teamgee something I think you haven't considered with the mismanagement of this campaign is the future impact. Speaking from my own experience but I'm sure others as well I'll be very hesitant if not wont use Kickstarter in the future. That means that there will be other companies who may not have the chance for their prohects to launch. Just some food for thought

    16. Missing avatar

      Jaap vd Voort on

      @Teamgee, i got the below quote from the FAQ.

      "SAIL is EU friendly. Teamgee is an established company with a mature distribution system. In this Kickstarter campaign, we will ship all EU products in a whole batch and take care of the customs issue. Then we distribute each one from our EU warehouse. This way you do not need to pay extra VAT."

      Doesn't really match the current process at all! What happened?

    17. Francisco Carvalho Araújo on

      Hi 👋,
      what about shipping forecast to England / United Kingdom?

    18. Alex Delamort on

      Am I the only one in Australia to have ordered a board ? You never talk about shipment to Australia...

      And I can read that you guys are closing the business for 2 weeks because of CNY. How can you do that when you know that you are 3 months late in delivering the board ?!!

    19. Kuribo on

      This doesn't make any sense, you're shipping to Malaysia and Singapore but not to Thailand? And of course people are worried this is a scam because you never ever reply to the comments here

    20. Missing avatar

      Stephen Hart on

      TeamGee - I've emailed you twice now asking for an update on shipping to the UK. Given the delays from your original delivery date (November) I think the least you could do is respond to my emails. Could you update re UK delivery please

    21. Teamgee Creator on

      @LeisureG8R If we were to scam you, we probably wouldn't bother taking the time to post updates anymore.

    22. LeisureG8R on

      Bottom line: if you ordered black you probably will never see the board. If you do you will be lucky to see it by summer. I think I fell into a scam.