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20 Mph | 10 Miles of Range | 11 lbs | Ultra-Thin | Integrated Battery | Unbeatable Price |
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First Shipment Details

Posted by Teamgee (Creator)

Dear Backers,

We would like to inform you of the first shipment which will leave our factory tonight.

We are shipping out 239 boards in total to below 33 countries today:

Czech (by sea, 35-40 days)

Denmark (by sea, 35-40 days)

Hungary (by sea, 35-40 days)

Lithuania (by sea, 35-40 days)

Luxembourg (by sea, 35-40 days)

Poland (by sea, 35-40 days)

Slovenia (by sea, 35-40 days)

US (by sea, 25-30 days)

Iceland (by sea, 30-60 days)

India (by sea, 30-60 days)

South Korea (by sea, 15-20 days)

Norway (by sea, 60-90 days)

Taiwan  (by express, 3-5 days)

Canada (by sea, 25-30 days)

Malaysia (by express, 3-5 days)

Singapore (by express, 3-5 days)

Chile (by train+sea, 30-60 days)

Ireland (by sea, 35-40 days)

Italy (by sea, 35-40 days)

Macao (by express, 3-5 days)

Myanmar (by express, 7-10 days)

Spain (by sea, 35-40 days)

The Philippines (by UPS, 3-5 days)

Mexico (by express, 7-15 days)

Israel (by express, 4-5 days)

Brazil (by sea, 60-90 days)

New Zealand (by sea, 60-90 days)

Russia (by express, 15-20 days)

Thailand (by express, 7-9 days)

Ukraine (by express, 7-15 days)

The United Arab Emirates (by express, 7-15 days)

Sweden (by sea, 35-40 days)

Austria (by sea, 35-40 days)

The reason why we are just shipping them out today is because it took the factory a while to label all the deck designs and countries outside the packages to make sure that the courier company does not send you the wrong board.

Please note that the tracking numbers won't be available until the boards arrive in the destination country. The accessories you ordered will not come with the board instead, they will be sent to you separately later.

Unfortunately we cannot ship to Lebanon, so backers from Lebanon kindly send us a new shipping address of a country that can be shipped to or request for a refund by sending a mail to 

We already placed an order more decks in order to prepare for the next shipment.

Thank you for sticking with this campaign and we wish you a great day or evening wherever you are.

Warm regards,



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    1. marco on

      Where is UK? When will happen the delivery?

    2. Kuribo on

      Just a warning for everyone, their shipping update info is not true. Apparently many boards from that list haven't been shipped. This is the reply I just received via email, very disappointing: "We did not include Thailand in the first shipment because of the cost issue.

      Your board will be included in the next shipment by the end of February/early March.

      Warm regards,


    3. Kuribo on

      I'm in Thailand, board was supposed to arrive by now but neither did it arrive nor did I get a tracking number plus someone in the main comments section is stating black boards haven't even been produced yet. Please clarify.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jay Sim on

      Yes, any update on shipping to Singapore? It was supposed to be 3-5days from Jan 08, but it is now 15days.....

    5. Kishen Bhatt on

      Hi Team,

      any update on the shipping to Singapore ?

    6. Missing avatar

      Fernando on

      Im really confused. The boards are made un China and i believe the team is stationed in Hong Kong. Yet i live in Macau and its been more than a week and I haven’t received my board.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jeroen de Wit on

      @maarten, Backer 78 here, not on the list as well. Because NL is taken out the first shipping.


    8. Missing avatar

      Maarten Jongerius on

      I have backer number 12, but I see my board is not among the first to ship. Can you tell me why this is? I was expecting to get my board ASAP since I'm among the first backers.

    9. Alex Banh on

      When will China and HHong Kong shipment be sent?

    10. Missing avatar

      Sergio Paredes on

      Are those business days or calendar days?

    11. Missing avatar


      Uk :-(, common guys I've been quite up to now but even if this came through with an apology or statement on the bottom of the message stating the other couriers info will be provided soon. It's not hard to write a sentence dating rest are being looked at now, it light of everything else it just looks like youve forgot or aren't bothering at the moment. Even stating your not in a position to know it enough. I run a business and my clients would be going mad by now. Just a teeny but more acknowledgment is needed guys. Hope the motors and brake syatwms have had a little more attention spent than that of the process here :-( still love you for making these boards just get the customwr bit right guys or people will never follow on more! Such a shame you had your tarket market eating out of your hands at one point!

    12. Missing avatar

      GERALD TRAN on

      wow, 25-30 days to ship to US and other countries...shipping via row boats sure must have saved them alot of money

    13. Lee Trott on

      HI there! The UK delivery time is not on the list.... Could you let us know when we can expect it please?

    14. Antonin JAY on

      Why France is not in the list?
      And when I see that : Italy (by sea, 35-40 days) ... I’m really scared!
      Can you give more information?
      Thank you

    15. Missing avatar

      Lukas Krupisch on

      When will the next list of shipping details be published?

    16. Missing avatar

      Colse on

      Backer No40 in the UK here. Saw this a long time ago and was super excited so backed on the day it opened. But I am sad as the is no UK delivery time?!

    17. Missing avatar

      Edouard Van Belle on

      Looking forward to the next shipping for Belgium!

    18. Steffen

      since we really don't have the best skateboard weather in germany right now, it's really ok for me. :D

      Sorry Australians... ;)

    19. Jorgen Skrotzky on

      Why is Germany missing on this list?

    20. Missing avatar

      Philipp Schmidt on

      Oh man, there is nearly the whole europe except Germany on the list. That sucks -.-

    21. Missing avatar

      Michel Fonseca on

      Where is the backer relations?

    22. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Neuberger on

      so, austria is on the list - YAY
      BUT i went for black deck, thus i won‘t receive mine and i am backer #296?

    23. Missing avatar

      Glen on

      when will you be shipping to Australia?

    24. Missing avatar

      Tracey Barron on

      Hey guys, when will you be shipping to the UK please?

    25. Sergey Olendarenko on

      It's a pity that Germany is not on the list :(