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20 Mph | 10 Miles of Range | 11 lbs | Ultra-Thin | Integrated Battery | Unbeatable Price |
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640 backers pledged HK$ 1,537,878 to help bring this project to life.

Funds received, ready to ship soon

Posted by Teamgee (Creator)

Dear Backers,

We would like to update you that the payment issue has been resolved swiftly and we are now focusing on arranging the shipping schedule so that we can start shipping the boards as soon as possible. 

Boards are ready to be shipped soon
Boards are ready to be shipped soon

We are in the process of gathering all the shipping information and were only able to extract the shipping information of 596 backers from the exported file. 

That said, the backers who haven't filled out your shipping information, kindly take the time to do so in the next 5 days as the reason we are able to offer the boards at such affordable prices is because we batch-ship the packages. 

We can ship your board separately if you missed the batch-shipping schedule though you will be subject to paying extra for the shipping. 

If you would like to change your shipping address, please drop a mail to

The shipping sequence will be based on countries. We will ship boards to US and Canada first follows countries in Europe. 

We will update you with a more detailed schedule in our next post. 

Thank you again for supporting this project and we wish you all a Happy Holiday! 

Our very kind regards, 



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    1. Missing avatar

      Jay Sim on

      Hello Teamgee,
      Pls can you update on the status of shipping? I’m in Singapore and have no idea when my board is coming.

    2. Missing avatar

      Rémi-toàn Nguyen on

      Backer #3, in france, still no info about the shipping !

    3. Missing avatar

      Colse on

      Apparently I am backer no40. I am in the UK. I have emailed the CS dept but have had no reply. I am concerned...

    4. Missing avatar

      Jérem on

      The “5 days before shipping “ are finished .....hey teamgee!!!?????

    5. Joanna H on

      Hi, I'm wondering about the Asia shipment, when will we receive as it was not mentioned. I'm in Singapore, so I hoping not after US shipment

    6. Steve Johnston on

      Thanks for the good news. excited to receive the board

    7. Missing avatar

      Sergio Paredes on

      Hello Teamgee, when are you sending to the southamerican backers? I'm in Chile and I cannot wait to burn the streets with my new board.

    8. Missing avatar

      Fernando on

      Hi, thank you for the long waited update. I’m in Macao, how long would i need to wait for my board???

    9. Missing avatar

      Glen on

      when will you be shipping to Australia ?

    10. VisAnd Company on

      I have not understood very well. My table has to arrive in Spain (Mallorca), I understand that the transport price is included, right?

    11. Missing avatar

      Wilfred Tse on

      I would like to ask I am in Hong Kong, which should be close to your factory, will I received my board earlier than Europe?