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20 Mph | 10 Miles of Range | 11 lbs | Ultra-Thin | Integrated Battery | Unbeatable Price |
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Shipping Delay

Posted by Teamgee (Creator)

Dear Backers,

We hope you all have been well.

Your survey was well received and we would like to thank you for participating. 

We wanted to make an update to explain the current situation of this project because there has been some changes since our last update.

We started this campaign with a project management company who's specialized in crowdfunding project management and through them we will receive the payment from Kickstarter. Unfortunately we cannot proceed further until the payment is received.

When will the first batch start to ship?

To be honest we cannot confirm the exact date now. We have not received the payment from Kickstarter but as soon as we do, we will be able to give you an update.

Will the boards arrive before Christmas?

Realistically speaking no. Though we did promise earlier that the boards will arrive before Christmas and we too would like to deliver them to you by Christmas as presents. We do want to apologize for the possible disappointment and would really appreciate your kind understanding.

More components ready to be assembled.
More components ready to be assembled.
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Boards finished assembly and being packed.

We hope this update finds you well and we will of course keep you posted as soon as we have news regarding the shipping schedule.

Thank you for reading this update and we wish you a great weekend to come!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      Hi All,

      Further comment and feedback from KickStarter...

      “Thank you for your follow up. I can confirm that the creator is in touch with our team to resolve the payout issue. It seems there is a problem with their banking institution, and they are working to resolve this.

      Unfortunately due to privacy, I cannot share any further information on this but I encourage you to reach out to the creator if you have any additional concerns. ”

      Looks like it’s on TeamGee side issue. KickStarter is claiming they are working wth you and trying to transfer the funds the issue is on your side.

      So TeamGee, any chance of an update and getting the items in the post soon?

      Still looks like the backers are losing out and stuck in the middle.

      Really looking forward to an update


    2. Missing avatar


      I may have missed below how to request a refund and if so my apologies. Any direction would be great

    3. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      Hi All,

      So I followed up with KickerStarter and got a speedy response...

      “Thank you for following up on this and for bringing this to our attention. Looking at the project information, I do see that there were problems transferring the funds to this creator's bank account after their project ended. While I cannot speak to the specifics of why this occurred, I can reassure you that we've reached out to this creator a couple of times and I see that we are currently working out the payment details with the creator so that funds can finally be transferred.”

      Hasn’t really shed any more light on the situation, only there is a communication issue between TeamGee and KickStarter. I followed up and asked for a date, as surely money transfer can’t take more than a few days at best.

      Still can’t quite understand why if the products are made and just need shipping, that can’t be done, as the money is being transferred.

      I am sure there is more to it.

      Good luck TeamGee and KickStarter. There are many backers keeping a close eye on this with hope of a delivery before Christmas.

      I’ll keep you updated if I hear anything more.


    4. Missing avatar

      Guille Guti

      Initial estimated delivery: November 2018
      Current estimated delivery: unknown, but at least January 2019.

      Reason? None
      What are you doing to solve it? Nothing

      Very disappointed

    5. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      Pretty disappointing I have to say.

      Appreciate corporate and money have to work for all, I think Jasper's comment comment below is valid. Look's like you have the stock and it's corporate games that are delaying delivery.

      Appears the people who are going to miss out are the backers, very poor for KickStarter and yourselves.

      Is there anything we the backers, that fund KickStarter, can do to help? I am sure KickStarter will not want to tarnish their reputation.

      If it is an issue with your Crowd Funding Project Management group, can't see how that's a KickStarter or backer problem.

      1. Is the anything we, the backers, can do to encourage KickStarter to come to a resolution to get this shipped?
      2. If not, is there any way for refunding so we can go and buy alternate Christmas presents?

    6. LeisureG8R on

      So, it’s not too late to ask for a credit card refund?

    7. Missing avatar

      Stephen Hart on

      Very very poor and does your and kickstarter’s reputation a great deal of harm. For backers who have paid by credit card, they can call their bank and authorise a chargeback which will see their payments returned. If you can’t resolve the situation that’s what i’ll be doing shortly.

    8. Missing avatar

      Roberto Santoro on

      Keep us updated. Please

    9. Missing avatar

      Jaap vd Voort on

      I'm confused. You are saying that both Kickstarter and the managing company have not released funds yet? That does not seem right, why would Kickstarter hold on to the funds?

      I appreciate the update but my gut feeling is saying something is seriously going wrong right now.

    10. Cris on

      Thank you for the update! It seems the management company is lemorelab. I hope everything is ok between you and they will release the funds to you as soon as possible. Let us know and keep us updated.

    11. Leslie Carver on

      Not the best news to get but thanks for the update

    12. Antonin JAY on

      Thanks for the news, but now I have to find a new Christmas present

    13. Missing avatar

      Callum Nagle on

      Thank you for the update guys, not the best news but we all face problems everyday and things take time

    14. LeisureG8R on

      What happens if they do not give you the money?

    15. Missing avatar

      Balsnac on

      Not the best news but the update is appreciated. I'm sure everyone would love their boards before Christmas, myself included but shit happens I guess and not everything goes to plan.

      Here's hoping everything goes smoother from here on ouy and we get our boards relatively fast.


    16. Missing avatar

      Jasper on

      That's most unfortunate. I do know the feeling of your money held up by others. That being said, I fail to see any reason for you holding up the shipment. It's an issue between you and the company, separated from your promise to us the backers, right? I hope the standoff would be resolved in no time.

    17. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      Is the management company holding the money? Or is it just taking longer than expected to receive the money from Kickstarter?