SAIL: The Thinnest and Most Affoard Electric Skateboard

by Teamgee

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    1. James Hiscott on

      So close to the bag goal. Any chance we could add this anyway to the survey as an addon item?

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      Kevin Ho on

      The carry bag seems excellent for travelling. May it still be available to purchase as an add-on item?

    3. Missing avatar

      Callum Nagle on

      Well done guys!

      Updated my card info as I was one of those that it failed to charge but it has all gone through now.

      Would love to have the bag also as an add on charge even if I can order it through your website.

    4. Missing avatar

      Sacha de Rosner on

      +1 for the bag as optional add-on :)
      Well done otherwise, super excited that you are on track!

    5. Missing avatar

      Rick Ross on

      We were extremely close to the goal. It is possible to give us the bag?

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      Balsnac on

      Also wanna +1 for the bag. Would be awesome if there was a way for us to still get the bag somehow.

    7. Diarmaid Frain on

      Yes an option for a bag would be great

    8. Rome LJ on

      +1 for the bag also, do you all have an idea when the first wave of boards will ship? I'm backer #46 and super excited to ride my sail