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The Street Muse Project is a documentary short in which Gull will be documenting street/public music in Africa.
The Street Muse Project is a documentary short in which Gull will be documenting street/public music in Africa.
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Street Muse Kenya now available to public eye



It has been 5 years since Dr Len Albright, Meryl O'Connor, Imgard Rop and myself explored and documented music and culture in the streets/public spaces of Kenya. I am psyched to announce that after hundreds of hours of editing and deliberation ~ Street Muse Kenya is now available as a 9 part playlist (, and can also be viewed in full at   

As a mzungu I was struck by Kenya's immediate and unwavering hospitality. A strange man in a foreign land, Kenya cradled me with its talent, beauty, strength and understanding. I am eternally grateful for the friends I made and events that transpired during my time in Nairobi, Ngong Hills, Tsavo East, Mombasa, the lands between and beyond. Asante and love to Kenya and its countless wonders. 

Thank you to all who supported this project via Kickstarter. Without your help this life affirming adventure would not have been possible. 

*Street Muse Kenya is meant to be the 1st in a series, so more destinations and collaborations to come. <<<>>>, Nathaniel Rappole // Gull

Documentary complete and premiere at UCLA!

Greetings! We hope this finds you well. 

We are very excited to announce that the Street Muse: Kenya documentary is complete!! 

A trailer for the film and information pertaining to screenings can be found on our new website: 

The film will be making its premiere on August 21st at UCLA's Fowler Museum. Details about the event can be found here:

Please spread the word! 

If you are in the LA area we would love to see you at the screening... If not, we are currently in the process of booking other screenings and events, so if you have any ideas ~ please let us know. Our goal now is to show this documentary in as many places as possible. 

For those whose commitment to the project offered a DVD incentive ~ we will be sending out the DVDs of the film shortly. 

We are so excited to share this project with you and the public! It's been a wildly creative learning process and we are so thankful for what your support has enabled. 

Many thanks. 

Nathaniel, Len, Meryl, and Imgard

Trailer and field recordings EP for download!!


It has been a long while since we last updated you all on this project... Our apologies, but please know that we have been busy editing the Street Muse Kenya documentary. The film is now picture locked and we are presently in the post production stages of color correction and sound mixing/mastering. We plan to send the film out to film festivals in the US and around the World. 

The trailer for the film can be viewed here: street muse kenya trailer 

Through your generous support we were able to fund the majority of this project. However, we are currently looking to raise a bit more money to cover the post-production costs. To this end, we are offering the Field Recordings EP for download on bandcamp:

Take a listen, and if you choose to download the EP ~ all funds will go directly to post-production costs. 

Also, the final incentives we have to send out are dvds of the completed documentary, which we hope to have ready in the Spring. If for some reason you did not receive any of the other incentives please contact us and we will fix that immediately! 


Another bit of exciting news is that Gull is currently planning a tour with 2 Kenyan musicians who we met and performed with while in the Ngong Hills just outside of Nairobi... Their names are Mango Boniface Odhiambo and Oduor Gabriel Odhiambo ~ two gifted traditional Luo musicians who play the nyatiti (a lyre-like instrument indigenous to Kenya) and percussion. The tour will take place in March and April of 2014, and we are presently in the midst of the booking process. Please feel free to reach out and let us know if you would like Gull/Mango/Oduor to perform in your town or city ~ or if you have any ideas for a show or tour support. The musicians are looking to perform at colleges, schools, venues, homes and streets around the US. 

Lekaipei Solio Oloishoro, Mainke Morio, and Nate
Lekaipei Solio Oloishoro, Mainke Morio, and Nate

We are so grateful for your support and patience throughout the many facets of this ongoing project and look forward to sharing the documentary with you soon. 


Nate, Len, and Meryl

Blog for Street Muse


We have arrived in Kenya and have already met some amazing people. We will be updating a blog regularly with field recordings, photos, and videos. Click here: Street Muse Blog

Many thanks and talk with you soon.

Len, Nate, and Imgard

project and incentive update


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