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Our home-grown theatre company has the chance of a lifetime--we're playing the Big Apple! We open at the New Victory THIS FALL! Now. . . help?

Squirm Burpee is a one-of-a-kind, Vaudeville Nouveau-meets-Wile E. Coyote, all-American, 1/4 European, contraption-riddled, quirky, character-driven, RISK-TAKING, expectation-breaking, object-manipulating, CIRCUS-infused, standing-ovation-inducing, THEATRICAL EXTRAVAGANZA featuring classic routines from slapstick to chainsaw juggling, serenading to swing dancing, the Ladder of Love, the Human Cannonball and more!

Our website:

After years of touring, traveling, writing, creating, building, sewing and yikes, performing, The Handsome Little Devils are bringing a taste of the Big Top to the Big Apple.

For a tiny company like ours, playing at the New Victory Theatre is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity, and it's coming with a lot of sacrifice. We are making some big changes to our show, and despite postponing a wedding, dipping into our life savings and giving up everything for this, we need some extra support right now.

Here is our extended promo video on Youtube. Please set your viewer to HQ for the best viewing experience!

Want to see why we're so excited to play at this theatre? Visit it:

We've toiled. We've bled. We've been broken and healed, and we have come a LONG way. We are so close to achieving this dream, but there have been a few setbacks that have given us a challenge. Now we're asking for your help to make our show the best it can be when the curtain goes up on opening night.

If we reach our goal, here is how the money will be used:

To finish the "Circus Contraption" for our brand-new finale. Here's a video of the work-in-progress:

To help us pay for costumes that reflect the magnificent space we'll be wearing them in!

We've set our monetary goal low to increase the possibility of reaching it, but this is really only a small portion of the expense to launch this show.

If we exceed our goal, we will be able to update the rest of our props and sets.

If we TRIPLE OUR GOAL, we will be able to make a commemorative DVD of the project, too!


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    Large sticker with limited-edition artwork.

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    A signed 11 x 17 poster of the cast.

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    A personalized, rose-scented love letter from Dashing Dave.

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    1 "Handsome Little Devils" T-shirt, plus an 11" x 17" poster

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    1 "Handsome Little Devils" hoodie, plus an 11" x 17" poster.

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    1 ticket to our show, and dinner with the cast!

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    1 signed, limited-edition commemorative letterpress poster.

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    Win a date with the Baron, in Denver or New York!

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    The Big Kahuna: 1 limited-edition sticker, 1 digital print poster, 1 love letter, 1 t-shirt, 1 hoodie, and 1 commemorative limited-edition poster, signed by the cast!

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    Your image will be permanently immortalized on the finale contraption!

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    The Handsome Little Devils will come do a private show for you! N. America only due to travel expenses.

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