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The Paparazzo is a simple iPhone accessory that gives you just the right light at just the right time.

Why Paparazzo? 

Back in the early 20th century, commercial cameras were expensive and delicate pieces of equipment and photographers treated them that way by confining their shoots to stuffy studios or arranged press events. One man bucked tradition and took his camera to the raw streets of New York City. That man's name was Arthur Fellig, the first Paparazzo, nicknamed Weegee for his seemingly supernatural ability to arrive at the scene of action before anyone else. Photographing real life is unpredictable, and Weegee never knew who, what, when or where he would photograph next. Thanks to his press camera's light, he never had to worry. This light is still an enduring icon of the forthright photography Weegee pioneered.

Today, the iPhone is a powerful tool that you can pull from your pocket and take quality photos and video wherever you are. The trouble is that sometimes lighting can be unpredictable. Why isn't there a way to bring the light you need to the photos or video you take with your iPhone in a simple, iconic package? Now there is. Be like Weegee in dim or night with the Paparazzo as your light.

We designed the Paparazzo to be easy to use and give professional results. With the 300 Lumen LED, you can dial the light for your photo or video from zero to full bright. Don't worry about draining your iPhone battery because, although it is plugged into your iPhone, the Paparazzo supplies its own power with two powerful CR 123 batteries. Get everyone in the picture when you mount the Paparazzo onto any standard tripod. The Paparazzo has three modes dedicated to photo, video, or brightness adjustment which are easily selected with the push of a button. It will have an app that will let your iPhone and the Paparazzo communicate seamlessly.

How we will use the funds
The money we raise on Kickstarter will help us pay for the injection mold tooling for the Paparazzo's body, a circuit board vital for functionality, and development of the app which will let your iPhone and the Paparazzo communicate. 

Technical Details
Specifications: 300 Lumen LED, two CR 123 batteries or equivalent cell (not included), Standard Apple 30 pin connector. You supply the iPhone.
Colors: Black, White, Chrome (Kickstarter exclusive)
Operating Modes: Photo/Flash, Video, Test
Controls: Trigger, Mode switch, LED adjustment knob (0 to 300 lumens)
Compatibility: iPhone 4/4S, 1/4" tripod mount
Projected Retail Price: $60 (black or white only) 

iPhone "5"
We are well aware that Apple will introduce a new version of the iPhone. Among the changes, there may be a new connector design. We intend to release a version of the Paparazzo that will take all these changes into account. Whether you plan to purchase the new version of the iPhone or continue to use the iPhone 4/4S, there will be a Paparazzo to fit your needs.

If the new version of the iPhone is announced before we go into production, we will modify the Paparazzo to accommodate both the iPhone 4/4S, and the new version. If we are unable to accommodate both designs with the same Paparazzo model, either because of engineering or timing issues, we will make a separate Paparazzo for the new version of the iPhone. You will have the option to select the model you want prior to delivery.

Our Manufacturing Plan
Paparazzo will be manufactured in Hong Kong.
(Timing is conservative and some of these items are concurrent)
1. Transferring CAD data into first prototype tooling data: 4 weeks
2. Writing of initial app: 3-5 weeks
3. Initial circuit board and electronics development to work in concert with prototype app: 4-5 weeks
4. Cutting of first prototype tooling with any necessary revisions to accommodate circuitry: 3 weeks
5. First generation prototype review and platform testing: 2 weeks
6. Allocation for any revisions to both the injection molded prototype as well as the electronic portion of the product and iPhone app integration: Up to 5 weeks
7. Production tooling manufacturing: 3 weeks
8. Strike off Pre-production Sample from production tool: 1 week
9. Final product production including integrated and completed sub-contracted circuitry assemblies: 4 weeks with allocation for in-line and final product QC and batch testing.
10. Packaging construction including UPC labeling: 3 weeks
11. Ocean freight from HK / southern China to Port of Los Angeles: 16 days plus 3 days to clear customs
12. Transit from port of entry to local DC or warehouse: 2 days
13. Shipping to end consumer or retail DC: 2-7 days by courier or general freight not including rail transit.

Based on the plan above, expect shipping by January 2013.


  • Check out the section in our story just below "Technical Details".

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  • The body is high impact plastic. The reflector will be polished metal.

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  • Yes, the reflector will be removable for more compact storage. We plan to provide additional reflectors in various sizes and shapes in the future.

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