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Barn Owl Bakery is getting a permanent and legitimate home on Midnight's Farm. The first step is to build the wood-fired oven.
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Oven is done, bread on the bake!

We are thrilled to have just pulled two beautiful batches of bread from our newly completed oven on a cold and stormy spring night. Oven management, paired with bread making, is a careful art, a relationship that takes careful observation and constant adaptation. We've already learned a lot about our new oven and are so excited to really get to know each other and produce our delicious bread.

Our bakery project, starting with the completion of the oven is done with the first of three phases. The first being to get to a functional point to bake bread. Naturally leavened, hand made bread is such an ancient and simple food that it really takes very little technology to create it. We have gotten to that point, still prepping and shaping the dough inside but proofing and baking in the new bakery space and the wonderful oven.

The next two phases involve more decoration and bureaucracy. The next phase is to finish the bakery; complete our dream and make the space work for our bread making process, beginning to end in a simple, beautiful, functional bakery. We need to paint, finish siding, install plumbing, set up shelving and move in.

The last phase is to be certified by the WSDA and San Juan County. This involves work on our wastewater process, getting some other little required fixtures, getting through paperwork for various offices, and inspections, and paying various fees. 

We're well on our way to getting to our final goal and we couldn't have gotten this far without your generous support. We could not be more grateful and we can't wait for you to eat our bread. We'll keep posting updates until we're complete.

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