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Call of Duty Supremacy Nations is a action packed adventure about super soldier's on a quest for thier nation's Supremacy.

The Nazi King and his army are on a quest of mass destructive conquest.When they have a plan to steal money from american banks the police have no power to stop them.The Nazi King army is equiped with newest milatary weaponry but they have a few rivals soldier's equal to themselves.The Soviet King is helping the american army division Task Force 141 engage the Nazi 's supremacist.Victory and Valor is action pack adventure of warfare,sex,dominant conquest.All donater's will receive the first comic issue of Victory and Valor.Donations will go into artistry comic creating.Once I recieve enough funds I will hire an artist to draw and color the first 60 + pages  of Victory and Valor.After the comic has been sketched I will send the comic to a distrubitor for publishcation.Donater's will recieve the first copies of the comic free of charge.

Nazi Man Sergeant
Nazi Man Sergeant
Nazi King (Zarrock Zidonius)
Nazi King (Zarrock Zidonius)
Nazi Girl Sergent
Nazi Girl Sergent
Samuri King
Samuri King


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