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Cloth-Bound Graphic Novel about a Mysterious Being Who Controls the Emotions of the Sea, and the Deep-sea Diver Who Dares Defy Him.
Cloth-Bound Graphic Novel about a Mysterious Being Who Controls the Emotions of the Sea, and the Deep-sea Diver Who Dares Defy Him.
Cloth-Bound Graphic Novel about a Mysterious Being Who Controls the Emotions of the Sea, and the Deep-sea Diver Who Dares Defy Him.
718 backers pledged $17,324 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Danny Feliciano on

      Hi backers! Not sure which of you are still active on here, but I've been downsizing a lot of my collection recently and found that I have a piece of original art from the Book of Da. It's double sided and can be yours for FREE + postage. Just let me know on here if you're interested as I'll keep checking back often to see if anybody has replied. Thanks - Danny

    2. Christopher Roman on

      Gorgeous and imaginative book. Loved it

    3. Billy Posters on

      Just received mine today in Sydney, Australia! Thanks heaps guys! Looks gorgeous!

    4. Luca Rovaldi on

      Received my copy today here in Italy! Amazing product for a great price! Thank you guys!

    5. Tyler Martin

      Da-day arrived and all I can say is Wow.

      Thanks a lot for a great product. I look forward to your next project.

    6. Jan Dehoorne on

      Received mine today in Belgium.
      The book is awesome. I pledged $ 15 for the book.
      Seeing how great this turned out, I wish I had pledged more.
      Keep us posted on your next projects!

    7. Holly Stevens on

      Received my copy in the UK today! It looks amazing, really pleased to have been a part of this project :) Until next time *tips hat*

    8. Miles Flavel on

      Got my copy and poster early this morning before work, so I can't wait to get home and stuck into it.
      I had a flip though the first few pages and I'm super excited because it looks fantastic!

    9. Holger on

      Absolutely wonderful! Got the full packed package today. The artwork is fantastic and I love the really cool double splash-page. Now I need a cool frame for it. Thanks a lot and til the next project!
      Greetings from Germany, Holger

    10. Tyler Martin

      @Mike & Matt. My excitement levels just went through the roof. Mightily looking forward to Da-Day

    11. Missing avatar

      Roy MacKenzie on

      Package arrived today; holy cow!
      Everything is gorgeous. The book is amazing, and all the extras are just incredible. My coworkers were gushing about the posters. The commission piece is so much nicer than I could have reasonably expected. So many thanks!

    12. Mike Mccubbins and Matt Bryan 3-time creator on


      Many of the international packages were just sent out yesterday. They should be storming European Beaches on day soon (hereafter referred to as "Da-Day")

    13. Tyler Martin

      Has it arrived on European shores yet? Very excited to receive it

    14. Missing avatar

      Patrick Regan on

      Received mine in Australia today. Everything looks to be in good condition. Looking forward to reading it tonight. Thanks, Looks great.

    15. Missing avatar

      Scott Campbell on

      Just got mine, thanks guys, looks fantastic!

    16. campbell mcgrouther on

      Thanks so much for the book! It's so beautiful. I really enjoyed the story and the art work. It rings the same dark bells for m, that Lovecraft does. Though, a little less sinister. Thanks again!

    17. ObscurePublishing on

      The book is beautiful!!! Opened it to see it was signed to me by name in gold. Fantastic! I can't wait to read it. Thank you, Mike and Matt for a wonderful addition to my graphic novel collection.

    18. Missing avatar

      Steven Kohler on

      I received my book and other rewards today in Japan. Everything looks amazing. I can't wait to dive in. Well done!

    19. Missing avatar

      Amanda on

      The book is beautiful. Great job, guys!

    20. Missing avatar

      pylades13 on

      The book is gorgeous! Also have to say that I really respect that you guys created such a beautiful product and were right on schedule. Great job.

    21. Sarah Coolidge on

      I, too, received my signed book today. Thank you SO much! The comic is amazing -- awesome work! I wish you both luck in future endeavors, and look forward to your next project!

    22. Joshua Hassell on

      I got my goody package today and it is awesome! Thanks for remembering the Zissou high five thing. Next kickstarter project you do shoot out an update on here so I'll know and can buy in. Thanks again guys!

    23. Joseph Houff on

      Just got / read the book. Beautiful looking book! Little confused on the story, going to re-read it tonight.


    24. Missing avatar

      Cameron Loats on

      The book just arrived, looks beautiful cannot wait to read it

    25. Linus Josephson on

      Is there any way to increase the pledge after the funding? I just realized that my $5 pledge isn't enough to get access to the digital comic -_-

    26. Joshua Hassell on

      I was just going to ask, do you guys have a timeline for when all the orders will be shipped? I was wondering when I'd be getting my stuff...

    27. Lee Alley on

      Just got my gorgeous book today!

    28. Missing avatar

      Crimsy on

      Just got my postcard at work today here in warm Bahrain. I love it! The main reason I backed this book is the beautiful use of stark shadows, page design and composition, which is evident in the postcard.

      I'd love if you made an update to this project once you're ready to Kickstart a new book to ensure that myself and other interested individuals don't miss out.

      Thanks, and I look forward to receiving the book.

    29. Missing avatar

      sami okan soylu on

      Hey, I received my postcard, when will I get my beautiful book down here in Turkey! I would love a sketch inside :)

    30. Addam on

      Thanks for the postcard! :)

    31. Missing avatar

      Roy MacKenzie on

      This is Precious Roy and I like to smell old stereos!
      Thanks for the postcard!

    32. Jairam Ganpat on

      Postcard acquired!

    33. Missing avatar

      self1sch on

      thanks for the postcard guys! :)

    34. Félix Marqués on

      Received the postcard! It's dedicated to “Félex” and not “Félix”. :P I hope you get my name right on the book.

      It's awesome anyway. I'm hanging it on my wall. <3 Much love, you guys.

    35. Missing avatar

      James Fox Corpuz on

      got the postcard. glad you have bellybuttons.

    36. Mitch A. Williams

      Hey, got the post card. Thanks. Now I am waiting with (wait for it....) bated breath for the book. 8^)

    37. Joshua Hassell on

      Thanks for the quick answer guys!

    38. Joshua Hassell on

      Hey, when should I get my survey about which page I get?

    39. Gabriela Giacchino on

      I love the desktop graphic!! Thank you!

    40. Missing avatar

      self1sch on

      Thanks for the quick response!

    41. Mike Mccubbins and Matt Bryan 3-time creator on


      Definitely on the inside.

    42. Missing avatar

      self1sch on

      Hey guys, just wanted to know if you sign the book on the cover or on the inside? I would prefer the second one...

    43. Gilbert Lugo on

      Cool, thanks for the quick response!

    44. Mike Mccubbins and Matt Bryan 3-time creator on


      Yes the sketch comes with the $15 reward if you want it.

      We've started in with the original art picking already and we're nearly half way down the list. Hopefully we'll be getting to you soon.

    45. Gilbert Lugo on

      A couple of questions: 1) My pledge didn't include a sketch, but you asked if you should sketch in the book? Is that just a freebie? 2) Is the original art selection going to take place at a later date?

    46. Julia on

      Oh man oh man. It was so hard to choose which colour poster I wanted.

      So excited!

    47. Missing avatar

      self1sch on

      Thanks Mike! :)

    48. Thomas on

      Congrats ! :)

      I'm so happy about all the beautiful art i'm going to receive ! Better than christmas !

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