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An anime art book to help undiscovered artists shine.
An anime art book to help undiscovered artists shine.
144 backers pledged $7,841 to help bring this project to life.

Thank you for helping us hit $4000! 12th Artist + recruiting our 13th onwards!

Posted by Hitomi Abiko (Creator)
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Hi everyone!

Thank you so much supporting Artastic! We would never have gotten this far without your help. m(_ _)m


First reach goal cleared!

We’ve hit our $4000 reach goal to include even more artists! This is very exciting for me and hopefully for all of you who are making this project possible! :) (Keep reading if you want to be in the book!)


The 12th Artist: Natsumoka!

We received 99 applications (lol yes, one short of 100) for the 12th artist position, and I’m excited to have Natsumoka on board with us! This means he'll have 1-3 pieces of artwork in the book and included in the interview/Q&A section.


We’d like to welcome the 13th Artist onwards! 

Of course, just because one person got the 12th artist spot doesn’t mean that the other 98 applicants weren’t also amazing. Since we’ve hit the $4k goal and may possibly hit the $5k, we’d like to open it up again for more artists! 

I also want to applaud all of you guys for putting your work out there, especially those of you who did it despite being scared of not being good enough. I think the only way to get things in life is to go for it, and I want to recognize your efforts. :)


Here are our first 13th+ artists!




+ more to come!


Details for joining as the 13th+ Artist 

Available Spaces

With the $4k reach goal, we have:
5 full-page positions (5 pages) (3 claimed)
16 quarter-page positions (4 pages with 4 pieces of art on each)

With the $5k reach goal, we would have:
+8 full-page positions (8 pages)
+32 eighth-page positions (2 pages with 16 pieces of art on each)


Before you apply — please read this mini FAQ.

Difference between the 12 main artists & other artists included in the book 

1. Free books - Each of the 12 main artists gets a free copy of the book. Unfortunately, Artastic cannot provide free books to artists joining after the 12th artist (there are too many!). All artists not receiving a hard copy of the book will get a pdf of the book. 

2. Number of art pieces contributed - Each of the 12 main artists can contribute 1-3 pieces, new or old. The 13th+ artist can contribute 1 piece, new or old. 

3. Royalties - 6 of the main artists receive 5% royalties per book sold for their influential advertising of the book. (This is the initial agreement, and these are the “well-known artists” invited to the book.)

All artists in Artastic 

- All artists featured in Artastic grant Artastic the permission to print their work in the product, but retain copyright to their works. 

 - All artists will be credited with their name and at least 1 link to their work online (social media or otherwise). 

- All artists will be featured on the Artastic website (post-Kickstarter) and on the Kickstarter campaign itself once artists are finalized. 

 - All artists may feel free to include in their portfolios participation as a selected artist in this public product. (i.e. feel free to put it in your portfolio if you think it helps) 

- All artists must submit their artwork and artist bios by the October 15 deadline.


General choosing criteria

I will be honest and say a lot of these placements will be my personal decision based on how well it melds with the book as a whole. 

I think proportions is most important, followed by art style. Traditional/digital doesn't matter so much, but check the other artists in the book and see if your style blends. If it does, apply! If not, apply anyway! Doesn't hurt to try :P


Apply to be an artist in Artastic!

If you’ve read the stuff above and are interested in contributing a piece of art to Artastic, send an email to at gmail with one or more art samples including an anime girl. Links to dA, fb, etc. are all good!


If you are chosen, please be prepared to provide by October 15: 

- One A4 portrait size (at least 300dpi) piece. 

- An avatar image for yourself (no need to crop it, as shape is TBD)

Deadline to apply: October 5, 2016 at 11:59PM EST



Thank you again for all your support!! 


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