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Good, if Late, News!

Posted by Storm DiCostanzo (Creator)

Hello there!

[Short version: album release is delayed because of <factors below>; I'm aiming for an early October Backer release and street date.]

You may have noticed that you are not currently listening to the new Sidecar Astronauts album. The good news is it's not for lack of progress--in fact it's completely recorded, mixed and mastered, and sounds AMAZING. It's 11 songs and almost exactly 32 minutes long, and I'm so excited for you to hear it!

But I've been delayed in getting all the details together for the album release, including the artwork; legal and intellectual property registrations; and a cadre of other important thises and thatses.

Related: I'm thrilled to announce that I've brought Natalie Metzger aboard for the album and other art; you may have seen her work for the Doubleclicks, John Scalzi, and many others. We're well into the process, and it's been a ton of fun building out from where Adam Levermore started. (Adam's had some terrific career things happen that leave him extremely short on time.)

Bonus: with the art and admin going into overtime, I decided (after prodding from Ben Acker and Ken Plume) to tell the Sidecar Astronauts' story via 11 music videos, despite having zero budget for it. How? Through the miracle of a stunning new visual technology, JankeyVision

Below is a peek behind the curtain at JankeyVision Studios. Jankey puppets and prop construction, operation, and special puppet effects aided and abetted by Assistant Director Molly Lewis, Ben Soileau, Thera Heller and Josh Meredith. Yeah it's pretty much gonna be the new ILM...

And there's more! Out in L.A. I recruited Laser Webber to direct a one-off music video featuring Joseph and Sara Scrimshaw for the song "Too Much Love" (which is gonna be the designated "single", in case those distinctions still matter.) Pic because it happened:

Last: I need 100 YouTube subscribers to change the Sidecar Astronauts URL to something that isn't alphanumerical gobbledygook. Please subscribe, as this YouTube Channel is where I'm planning to publish the videos on the release date.

And thank you again for your support, and for your patience as I continue to assemble all the gears and sprockets into a PowerGum machine!

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    1. Bryan Silverstein on

      This is OUTRAGEOUS! You have FORCED my hand! I regret to say that I will sit here and wait....but I shall wait.....IMPATIENTLY! (c;

    2. The Doubleclicks on

      subscribed on all my accounts! why do I have so many google accounts!

    3. Simcha Gralla

      Two Grallas have subscribed! Bonne chance!