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Capture what's on your mind when in a meeting or on the go. Just tap and speak, and Senstone will turn your ideas into organised notes.
Capture what's on your mind when in a meeting or on the go. Just tap and speak, and Senstone will turn your ideas into organised notes.
Capture what's on your mind when in a meeting or on the go. Just tap and speak, and Senstone will turn your ideas into organised notes.
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    1. Sasha Albertini just now

      For Android. :)

    2. Sasha Albertini 1 minute ago

      I am NOT requesting a refund. Some of the best projects I've backed on Kickstarter have been YEARS in development and I was delighted with the product when it arrived. I am willing to wait for a top-quality, perfect-functioning final product.

    3. Missing avatar

      Marie-Claude Leblanc about 4 hours ago

      Hello, I would like a refund. Thank you.

    4. Missing avatar

      Olivia T
      1 day ago

      Hello i would like a refund please. Please let me know the steps. Thank you

    5. Missing avatar

      ekhuen 1 day ago

      I was requesting for refund but receive no reply at all. Why ignoring our request?

    6. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Xu Zheyang 2 days ago

      When will i be receiving my product again ?

    7. Andy 4 days ago

      I would like a refund, please.

    8. Missing avatar

      Andy 4 days ago

      How can I get a refund? I posted the question here for reference. Thank you.

    9. Missing avatar

      Dimitri Zeilinger 4 days ago

      I would like to get a refund.

    10. Chris Lin 4 days ago

      I totally agree with Sean. What worries me most is that there are serious problems when I use it.

      1. Portability and fixity. Will it slip easily when someone is running or jumping in an exercise?
      2. Operability. Can I turn off the record light not to disturb the other people in a meanwhile with my mobile I will know that it works properly?
      3. Durability. Can I use it frequently without problems? (Such as easy to know the state of the battery and charging status, easy to start, stop and turn off without confusion, it will not disturb due to static disturbance)?
      4. Convenience. In the morning, after I get up, I can immediately pick it up and use without setting the phone or turning on the phone.
      5. Easy to find. Sometimes, where to put, suddenly forgotten, will be convenient to find it?
      6. Waterproof. When running, accidentally pouring rain, it will not be affected.

      I believe they have been studying and solving these problems seriously and creatively. They should have a very much advanced design than I have thought and all of these takes time.

      In order to catch up with the schedule and with a perfect product of their ideas, they have my full support. I am also here to thank them to work hard to bring it to the world.

    11. Missing avatar

      Shaun 4 days ago

      For anyone asking for a refund, this is a completely new category of device that allows you to create content and notes on the fly. As a long time project manager for global projects these guys are making great progress as most enterprise projects usually take twice as long as the professionals estimate. Couple these challenges with manufacturers in the other side if the world, and I think they are doing great.

      Kickstarter is not a fast food restaurant, it is to help fund first-of-its-kind inventions.

      Geese - have a little patience folks. It’s extremely nice to see they actually care about putting a high quality product in your hands rather than shipping something that has bugs. If you want the latest and greatest, some times it takes a little extra time and I wouldn’t wish it to be any other way.

      Keep up the great communication and looking forward to a test drive!

    12. Masahiro Furuichi
      5 days ago

      I would like a refund.

    13. Joshua Satoshi Meunier 5 days ago

      Also Requested a refund via DM but no response - so posting my request for a refund here for the record. Thank you.

    14. Missing avatar

      Kevin S 6 days ago

      Trail update?

    15. Stewart Irvine 7 days ago

      Is the Trail Senstone the same as the regular one but with a rubber bumper around it? Can you pop it out of the necklace and use it with a clip (obviously then it will no longer be waterproof)?
      Also, what is the ETA on the Trail (in relation to the normal one)?

    16. Missing avatar

      William Kochi
      on February 17

      i would like a refund as well. thx.

    17. Liz on February 17

      Requested a refund via DM but received no response - so posting my request for a refund here for the record. Thank you.

    18. Missing avatar

      ekhuen on February 16

      Please advise how to refund. I want to refund !

    19. Missing avatar

      Jeff Kitterman on February 16

      If you're a fellow backer of this campaign and thinking about requesting (or have requested) a refund, please read this.

      I've been beta testing the Senstone app since August and the Senstone device itself for the last month or so. Obviously, the delivery timeline has slipped for months longer than estimated in the original campaign, and can relate 100% to backer frustration (I've backed other projects with the same, if not longer, delays).

      That being said, the Senstone is an awesome device. The app is impressive and the team has continued to improve it. I won’t lie, there have been significant bugs that have popped up while testing both the hardware and software, but that's part of the beta process. The developers actively communicate with testers and are smothering the bugs one by one.

      Basically, I wanted to express to fellow backers that, in my very humble opinion, the Senstone *is* a device that is worth waiting for.

      Again, just my opinion.

    20. Missing avatar

      Bertha Gallegos on February 16

      I am requesting a refund. I left a private message but I got no response so going this route.

    21. Missing avatar

      Kevin Janna on February 16

      Hello, I would like to request a refund. please confirm how to proceed. thanks

    22. R.Schmidt on February 16

      It's great that you have second round funding and have a working Beta system in place. You Guys are Rockin it! Looking forward to using this product on a daily basis. Keep up the good work! Excellent Update....

    23. Missing avatar

      Kevin Bailey on February 16

      Hi I would like a refund please, please confirm how to arrange.


    24. Richard Mulholland
      on February 16

      Thanks for the update. I'm still in. Looking forward to it.

    25. Missing avatar

      Jaya on February 16

      Hi, I would like a refund please. Thank you

    26. Missing avatar

      Vishal Madhvani on February 16

      Hi, I would like a refund please. Thank you.

    27. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator on February 16

      Hi Ketan, will communicate in PMs. Thanks.

    28. Missing avatar

      Ketan Sanghvi on February 16

      Hi I'm backer no 421. May I request a refund please? Thanks.

    29. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator on February 16

      Hi Hirosh, Shane, Annie, will communicate directly to provide you a refund.
      Hi Aaron,
      The Backerkit form will have all available colors/platings and you will be able to select (most probably gray/silver and black). Should be on its way in few weeks or so. Thank you!

    30. Missing avatar

      hirosh on February 15

      I would like to request a refund. Colud you email me directly?

    31. Missing avatar

      Aaron Chau on February 15

      Hope everything is going well! Just wanted to refresh my memory as it's been a while that I pledged for the brass version with rhodium plating. THanks!

    32. Missing avatar

      Shane Chetty on February 6

      Hi , please can you refund me , this is ridiculous and I cannot wait any longer

    33. Annie Cheong on February 5

      Hi there can I get a refund

    34. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on February 4

      @Scott you get an invite on email via Testflight. As I can see you've already installed latest version of the app so I assume it's solved. Let me know if you need more help.

    35. Scott Welker on February 3

      Where do we beta testers download the iPhone app?


    36. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on January 25

      @Remida we'll get in touch in private shortly. Please allow us some time due to high workload.

    37. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on January 25

      @Carol delivery is expected around March and of course product will be very similar to what we advertised. Slightly tweaked for production needs and based on feedback but in its core the same. You are right that it's one year since start of campaign, and we are 5-6 months late delivery dates(from September) but we're almost there. Please check out latest update with details about first 200 beta units

    38. Missing avatar

      Remida King on January 25

      I would like to request a refund. Please email me directly.

    39. Missing avatar

      Carol Kinney on January 25

      When can we expect delivery? It is coming up to a one year point. Will the product in anyway resemble what you pitched as?

    40. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on January 25

      @Jeremy I'm sure any concern will disappear with next update, which is coming in 1-2 days.
      @Kekoa @Sezhiyan @Cathy we'll reply to you in private message shortly within few days on that.
      Sorry for delay in response as well as posting update, these are very busy days and we'll explain why in the update itself.

    41. Kekoa Chu on January 25

      Could I get a refund please? I’ll be watching for your product down the road. Best of luck, senstone!

    42. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on January 24

      I'm beginning to wonder if you guys are even able to deliver in the first place. We haven't heard anything from you guys lately and I don't think this should be the way. You guys really need to buck up!

    43. Sezhiyan Balasubramaniam on January 23

      This is taking forever, when can get my item?

    44. Missing avatar

      Cathy on January 16


      Unfornutately I cannot wait to get the product since I wanted to use in at a conference this January 2018 and I would like to get a refund.

      I am very sorry.

    45. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on January 11

      @Hiromi we'll soon send out the BackerKit survey(around late January-early March) where you'll be able to update and validate your address
      @Barbie thanks much! Another update coming soon
      @William Trail is delayed as well, because we have limited manpower to manage the production :( We'll have more news about Trail around end of January early March

      Hope this helps and thanks everyone for support!

    46. Hiromi Miyamoto on January 7

      I'd like to change my address, how should I do?

    47. Barbie K. Schrick
      on January 3

      Well written and informative update - thanks! Look forward to enjoying the fruits of all your hard work and diligence to detail.

    48. Missing avatar

      William Majhor
      on December 27

      Can you provide an update on the Trail version?

    49. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on December 26

      Hi Jim, sorry to hear that.
      We'll refund you soon and will get in touch with you via private message for details.

    50. Missing avatar

      JIm Cuthbert on December 26

      Hi there,
      This has taken much longer than expected please refund me my money.

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