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Capture what's on your mind when in a meeting or on the go. Just tap and speak, and Senstone will turn your ideas into organised notes.
Capture what's on your mind when in a meeting or on the go. Just tap and speak, and Senstone will turn your ideas into organised notes.
Capture what's on your mind when in a meeting or on the go. Just tap and speak, and Senstone will turn your ideas into organised notes.
2,745 backers pledged $302,023 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator 1 day ago

      @Laura no not yet. when we do it, we will make a lot of buzz to make sure each backer notices it.
      But there are some updates coming soon.

    2. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator 1 day ago

      @Sasha that's just too funny :)
      Nazar showed it to me yesterday I couldn't hold it)

    3. Laura Maly 1 day ago

      Have we been sent the email asking for our mailing address yet? Thanks.

    4. Sasha Albertini 2 days ago

      I ran across something related to speech recognition today that will probably amuse most of you...…

    5. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator 3 days ago

      Apologies for getting to you late and thanks a lot for your patience!

      We started talking to several manufacturers since the end of the campaign -- we really meant this when when we put out our last update "We're Funded! Now Let's Get to Work". Will be posting more updates soon -- still exploring and setting up the Backerkit but you will here from us very soon -- thanks again for your patience.

    6. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator 3 days ago

      Thanks for your message. Apologies for getting to you so long -- quite pre-occupied with the production issues right now.
      We are exploring the Backerkit and most probably will work through them. I believe you will be able to cancel it from there, if not -- we will handle it directly. But please give us at least one more week as we are in transition funds period when we still handling number of administrative and logistical issues with the platform.
      Best of All!

    7. Shabaz Mohammad
      4 days ago

      Same, please cancel my pledge and refund. I have waited so many days to hear back, and just now am receiving a reply which is disappointing.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jamen 4 days ago

      Hello, I've sent a message to the creator of this project but I have not heard back as of yet. I unfortunately cannot realistically afford this as of now, and I would like to cancel my pledge for the Senstone and receive a refund to my card. I apologize for having to ask this, and I wish I could afford the fruits of this project.

    9. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator 4 days ago

      @Darius Constantin @Rich @Steve Cox @Srikanth B
      Thanks so much guys!! We can't wait to give it into your hands ;)
      Stay tuned for updates, much coming up, we're hoping to build Senstone with your help!

    10. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator 4 days ago

      @Louis Lipp
      so sorry, this offer is no longer available :(
      It was a limited offer before end of campaign. You can still get 2nd item through Indiegogo or as an add on, but it won't be in half the price unfortunately (

    11. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator 4 days ago

      Usually both audio and text are posted, but in case when monthly limit is reached audio will be stored without text.

      As for API - not sure I got your question right, but we don't plan exposing our API to public soon, rather integrating with other apps through their API or working with select partners in private. Is that what you asked?

    12. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator 4 days ago

      @everyone thanks so much much for your support! sorry for delay on your comments/questions last week, it was hectic setting up manufacturing & development. It's still hectic but we're here:) answering all your questions and will also ask lots of your feedback. Stay tuned!

    13. Srikanth B
      on March 20

      Congratulations on your funding guys!

    14. Louis Lipp on March 17

      I really have tried everything. I cannot change my pledge. I would very much like to get the extra one for half off. Can you help me?

    15. Louis Lipp on March 17

      Hi Nazar, I just received your email with the opportunity of replacing my current reward with the 1+1 at half price. I want to do that but I am having a hard time changing my reward. Can you please guide me?

    16. Louis Lipp on March 17

      Hi Nazar, I just received your email with the opportunity of replacing my current reward with the 1+1 at half price. I want to do that but I am having a hard time changing my reward. Can you please guide me?

    17. Missing avatar

      Steve Cox on March 17

      I have been waiting almost 70 years for this product......................FINALLY someone has done what needed to be done to save ideas before they disappear ! Congratulations creators!!!

    18. Rich
      on March 17

      Congrats on funding ! Expect to wait 14 days for your $ from Kickstarter. Cant wait to test Senstone out.

    19. Missing avatar

      Darius Constantin on March 17

      Well done ! Congratulations ! In a big world a small senstone has been born. :)
      Keep up with more staff and grow bigger. Good luck !
      In future we hope that there will be more ideas.

    20. Missing avatar

      Andrew on March 17

      I tried to read through the comment Trail, so forgive me if My inquiry has been answered. Can the audio be posted without speech-to-text, especially with the potential transcription monthly limit. Also, what is the status of the API and the app?Excited and waiting delivery!

    21. Missing avatar

      on March 17

      @Markiyan Thank you. Experience is more helpful than just saying AWS :-) From friends who've done AWS, and know security, just be careful...

    22. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on March 17

      @Djayawarman Alamprabu

      done ;)

    23. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on March 17

      I personally worked on government(UK) software projects and passed penetration testing and audits and our team has gone through software security numerous times in their previous projects. We use standard mechanisms such as OAuth2, HTTPS, session tokens etc to manage authentication/authorization, secure the connection and communication, and then encrypt the data on backend. There's also a whole different procedure on device-to-phone level. Hope this gives you some more confidence ;)

    24. Djayawarman Alamprabu
      on March 17

      @ creator send you a message please check and reply before the projects ends thanks

    25. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on March 17


      As Fearlessleader mentioned, each audio record will go to cloud for speech-to-text recognition, we don't do that locally on the phone, it's too difficult. but for processing in the cloud it's protected under Nuance's terms of use and it's not stored anywhere, goes back to your phone. From that point on, we choose to back up your notes in cloud for reliability. and that last part we may reconsider for cases like yours. We need more research though, as previous point of cloud speech-to-text processing may be a deal breaker for cases like yours(I do know cases with speech to text in health and legal industries though)

    26. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on March 17

      @Nathan Riddell

      naah that's too tricky) sorry, no way to do this, you'd have to choose one :)
      What you CAN do is stay with your early bird(that's something unique), and buy Trail as an add on later. The price won't be the same, but it's a bit cheaper.

    27. Missing avatar

      on March 17

      @creator Thank you.

      @Markiyan re: cloud providers security: note that you CAN implement secure apps using them, but if you're not a security wonk you can easily leave your app/data wide open. Just saying AWS or Google only means that IF you do it right then it can be secure.

      @kaisekai It seems that doing speech-to-text requires that the audio data goes up to at least their server and maybe to Nuance's too. So unusable for many situations e.g. Inventions, HIPPA, copyrightable, etc.

    28. Nathan Riddell
      on March 17

      Hi, I have an early bird pledge but would like a second unit for $50 - is there a way to keep the July 2017 delivery date and get the second unit?

    29. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator on March 17

      @Kelley Winebold
      There is no way to add the new unit. Unfortunately.
      What you could do is change the pledge to the one called "Final Call!" and then notify us later through the Crowdox platform about your Trail preference for the second one.
      All of the best!

    30. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator on March 17

      So I would assume the premium app should be AROUND $10 per month with the features and functionality and some space in the cloud, but I can't give you more details right now since many of them are under development. Still, the freemium will be always available. We will keep you posted when campaign ends through the updates.

      When the device ships all of the privacy policy will be established and finalized -- it WILL conform to the best practices on the market taking into account that we deal with the private data as well.


    31. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator on March 17

      @Mark Rees-Andersen
      Hey there, my apologies for that -- software bug!
      Have a good day!

    32. Missing avatar

      on March 16

      @Markiyan, thanks for the reply.
      The fact that you face the questions head on alone makes me want to take the chance on you guys.
      Without going into too much detail, I work in a field where the data I would record on the sunstone has sensitivity, and I have contractual obligations to not have any third parties with access to the data.
      For that reason I use a separate cell phone where all cloud functions are disabled.
      I personally don't mind clouds though I am more comfortable with the backup in my hand.
      A simple option in the app to switch off cloud backup would serve.
      If not its still a cool gadget I will use for personal stuff, but it would really help me at work as well if that option did exist

    33. Kelley Winebold on March 16

      I'm trying to add an additional unit (a Trail), but each time I try, my original order is cancelled and replaced with the trail. How do I add a new order without cancelling the original order?

    34. Missing avatar

      on March 16

      @creator I hope that you can tell us the future costs and establish some sort of, even worst case, privacy policy so that I don't have to drop out at the last minute. Really, can't buy into an unknown ongoing cost.

    35. Mark Rees-Andersen on March 16

      Nezor Fedorchuck

    36. Mark Rees-Andersen on March 16

      I think people get it now :) you've sent the same message 6 times! (Second unit at 50%)

    37. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on March 16

      @Martha WL Chong

      One way to solve this is to change credit card information in your account(ask family members if you don't have your own). Here's the link to do that
      Other way, if your card will be ready within a week, than yes you'll still be able to change it even after Kickstarter ends. They give a second try for such cases.

    38. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on March 16


      thank you. Well it's people like you and questions like yours that help us get made. And you have direct influence to create a product you'll love to use.

      As for costs. Although we haven't come up with exact pricing for premium features yet, we can tell you this: you won't need premium app features if you use Senstone for simple day-to-day tasks, and don't transcribe articles or big texts too often.

      Hope this gives you some comfort.

    39. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on March 16

      @Trystan Vel

      Right now we’re choosing between Google Cloud Platform, AWS and Microsoft Azure. They’re all world class protected, as much as can be. Uber, Airbnb, Evernote and world’s best tech companies use these cloud providers. In theory everything can be hacked, but even if they get hacked somehow(which is almost impossible), Senstone won’t be primary target as we have relatively small amounts of data. Hope this comforts you.

    40. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on March 16

      @Nathan Riddell

      Yes, you'll be able to choose add ons in post survey. We'll announce pricing in coming days. So far you can take Kickstarter reward options as an estimate.

    41. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on March 16

      @Aaron Chau

      Yes, that’s almost correct. What’s different is that 300 may change into something else, as we test out real life usage. Our goal is to allow average daily note-taking to be free, and offer much more extensive usage (recording long articles etc) for a monthly fee. Also, please note, that you can record as much audio as you want, without any limitations. Limitations apply to speech-to-text functionality.

      The reason for this is that we need to pay for each speech-to-text transaction, and we can only allow this much without going bankrupt. If you compare this to other transcribing solutions’ pricing it makes sense.

      What’s your thoughts on this?

    42. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on March 16

      @Sasha Albertini

      sorry must’ve slipped through somehow.
      You can back up your notes from phone to the cloud, to make sure you don’t lose them even if you lose your phone. As for downloading them to a text file, USB stick or something similar - there are ways to do that manually but it would take time. We don't yet have plans to automate this, but will consider this a feature request, ok? :)

    43. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on March 16


      Thanks for bringing this up. So far we considered back up in cloud as a very useful feature, as it guarantees your ideas are safe even if you lost or break your phone, or the phone runs out of storage. We haven’t yet considered opting out of it, but we do now.
      As I understand, you main concern is privacy? Do you use any other applications which store information in cloud? Would you trust it if it’s encrypted and protected by Terms of Use, guaranteeing no one would ever access it but you?

    44. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on March 16


      The limit differs based on what type of app you choose. In free version, the limit will be around 300 minutes per month(although it may change as we test real life usage). In premium version which comes as monthly subscription, the limit will be much larger. We haven’t yet come up with the pricing for Premium app subscription, as we haven’t yet set the limits and haven’t yet chosen exact features that it will come with. But the price will be comparable to other note-taking solutions.
      Does this make sense to you?

    45. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on March 16

      @Nathan Riddell

      Good question. The short answer - it depends.
      There is a FREE and PREMIUM versions of app. The free version, which comes with device by default, allows transcribing short notes. Premium version which is a monthly subscription would allow transcribing a whole article. The line between free and premium is the number of minutes you can transcribe. Currently we plan for 300 minutes of free transcription per month, but as we test real life usage we may change it. Hope it makes sense to you.

    46. Sasha Albertini on March 16

      Martha, if you have canceled your missing card, write the creators directly and let them know. The card will be declined but they can probably give you an opportunity to specify a new payment method.

    47. Missing avatar

      Martha WL Chong
      on March 16

      Hi, I got a problem . My credit card just missing , and waiting the new one. But the project end in 36hour and my credit card can't use , what can I do?

    48. Missing avatar

      on March 16

      @creator Thank you. I will think about it, but buying a device before knowing the privacy terms and/or the potential/likely usage costs is just far too large a risk for me to take vs buying it later after those points are known if acceptable.

    49. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator on March 15

      Thanks for your very right questions! All of the audio tracks/files are sent to the cloud, and that's were the text extraction takes place. Cloud is probably the most secure place to store your data -- definitely more secure than your smartphone. The privacy policy will be part of the Legal terms that you would be able to download and read on our website when we ship (some part still keep changing). And we don't keep the information for too long on the Senstone itself. That's on top of what Markiyan mentioned -- encryption of data in the Cloud and on the Senstone.

      However, the type of content uploaded (recorded) or the way it is done is the responsibility of the user.

      As to the usage pricing -- we are going to have freemium and premium accounts. So the first option will be free to use, and you will not need to pay. With extra features and nice quality this would be a premium account -- but we are not prepared to tell you the pricing now since some of the features are still under development (like punctuation). Plus it may vary on the size of cloud storage to store audio tracks, but it will be within reasonable price range. And you would be able to opt out of the premium and use it free of charge.


    50. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator on March 15

      Thanks -- that's an important question. We expect the battery to run at average from 500 - 700 charges -- claimed by manufacturer. That should be enough to use Senstone for minimum two years of quite intensive use.
      The battery itself is not replaceable -- we actually would not recommend that. But in case of problems with the gadget or the battery you would be able to return it.

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