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Capture what's on your mind when in a meeting or on the go. Just tap and speak, and Senstone will turn your ideas into organised notes.
Capture what's on your mind when in a meeting or on the go. Just tap and speak, and Senstone will turn your ideas into organised notes.
Capture what's on your mind when in a meeting or on the go. Just tap and speak, and Senstone will turn your ideas into organised notes.
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    1. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator about 1 hour ago

      @Tom-Runner of course the project is still active! Let me check why this happened, and we'll get back to you soon

    2. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      Just received 20% refund notice on Trail. What happened? Is the project still active?

    3. Missing avatar

      Mohamed Rahman 5 days ago

      Thanks Markiyan I've just emailed that.

    4. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator 6 days ago

      Hi Max, most likely there will be a delay, hard to say the exact time because the estimate from manufacturer to manufacturer differ. When we sign the contract we will know timeframe for sure.

      Yes, Tyson, there is is speech to text, and more. stay tuned! )

    5. Sasha Albertini 7 days ago

      Tyson. speech-to-text is kind of the whole point. Please refer to the Campaign tab.

    6. Tyson Dyck 7 days ago

      Hi, Is it my understanding that there is no speech-to-text transcription?

    7. Max Grafftey Smith
      7 days ago

      Nazir any indication as to realistically we might receive these? Year end? Thanks

    8. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on June 19

      Hi Mohamed, thanks and sure yoy can change your delivery address. Best way is via Backerkit which we will enable soon(sorry for delay so far) but for convenience you can also just email it to and we'll make sure to update it ourselves. Hope this helps!

    9. Missing avatar

      Mohamed Rahman on June 19

      Hi Makers. I am still loving the product and I know how I'm going to use senstone for recording one ideas on the go and it will be perfect. I would like to change my delivery address though? Would that be cool?

    10. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on June 16

      thank you @Tiger for honest response. Hope you'll come back when product is ready. We'll get in touch soon re mechanics of refund.

    11. Tiger on June 16

      @Markiyan Matsekh I am sorry to admit it, but I simply lost faith in the product and the campaign overall over the past weeks. As I stated in my previous comment, I was hesitant to begin with; however, the issues I've read in the updates simply weakened my resolve and faith in the product too much to warrant continued support. I wish you all the best; however, I respectfully step back from this project.

    12. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on June 15

      @Keya thank you for your feedback, and sorry for delay in communication.
      Yes unfortunately we had to delay the survey a bit because of dependencies with manufacturing but we appreciate you bringing this up. If it helps - you will definitely be able to update your pledge, get additional clips or change to Senstone Trail and we will speed this up with help of BackerKit.

      If you'd still like to refund we'll absolutely do it, we'll message you regarding details in private.

    13. Keya Wang on June 15

      @Sokompeak since you were asking for updates, I'm sure you've noticed I wasn't exactly the first to have asked for a refund. No need to tell me what to do. But I haven't heard a reply right away like the others so I assumed my comment got lost in the Amit conversation

      @ makers - I contributed an idea and didn't see that it came up as an alternate pledge after the fact, I was hoping there was a survey to update my pledge, which I've been told months ago was coming soon. And now that we're getting close to the product shipping date, I still haven't been able to update my pledge, which should've been surveyed at the time when timer ran out, but no survey was sent.

      This in addition to the delays in my multiple attempts through various means to obtain communications is making me lose confidence.

      Best of luck in the remaining efforts of your project.

    14. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on June 13

      @Keya @Tiger @Lori
      Sorry to hear you've changed your mind and sorry for delay in response. Of course, we'll refund you, though we'd appreciate if you can share what made you change your mind, or at least if it was our fault.

      @Sokompeak @Sasha huge thanks for your support

      @Amit usp is combination of things: simplicity of taking notes, of their organisation and information you can get on top of your standard text notes(emotions, surrounding noise etc). You have a ready made product tailored for note-taking on the go, leveraging both physical and digital means. Does this help?

    15. Missing avatar

      Lori on June 13

      I have decided not to fund this product. Please refund me.

    16. Tiger on June 11

      Please refund me. I no longer wish to back this project. To be honest, I am feeling less confident about the project overall. I initially backed the project with some hesitation to begin with; however, now I have lost desire to back it completely and regret the decision. I am sorry it worked out this way, but please refund my pledge.

    17. sokompheak
      on June 10

      @Keya Wang, i think you should read the kickster term and condition. here is not a market.

    18. Keya Wang on June 3

      Please refund me from Senstone. Thanks.

    19. Sasha Albertini on May 29

      Amit, you have backed ONE project, this one. You seem to be unaware of what Kickstarter is and how it works. It is not an order of an existing product that can be shipped out immediately, but a contribution to a creative process that could undergo changes in design, function, and project details. Please rest assured that those of us who have backed several dozen crowdfunding projects at a meaningful level are satisfied with the creators' timeline, progress, and communication. If you are unable to understand the technology behind the project, you might want to ask a friend who is an engineer or IT professional for technical assistance.

    20. Missing avatar

      Amit Garg on May 29

      And further. What is the technology being innovated upon that's taking so much time.

    21. Missing avatar

      Amit Garg on May 29

      Hi. I have been reading some comments. It will be nice if you can let me know what exactly is the usp. What is the functionality. Why is it a path breaking product. What is there I won't get in a smart phone app. Please let me know explicitly.

    22. Keya Wang on May 28

      I've decided not to purchase Senstone. Please refund me.

    23. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on May 26

      @Amit Garg,

      The scheduled delivery date was stated July/September/December, depending on your pledge, so it's not time yet for delivery. But we're working on it, we'll share an update soon.

      As for tracking the status - right now there's not much to track, except for the fact that your product is ordered and is in process of manufacturing. Soon we'll let you choose your color and detachable back and once the product ships you'll have the tracking ID. But we're not there yet.
      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any more questions.


    24. Missing avatar

      Amit Garg on May 26

      Hi. I have backed this project. An amount was deducted from my account in march. I have yet not received the product. Please help sort this out and advise. Also let me know a way to track my product order status.

    25. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator on May 22

      No problem Lucas.

    26. Missing avatar

      Lucas on May 20

      Unfortunately the way things came up Senstone doesn't work for me.
      Please refund me.

    27. Missing avatar

      Eric Visser
      on May 17

      Hi Markiyan,

      Thanks for the quick reaction. For now that is good for me. Dutch isn't supported in this fase, so I don't need it right now. Perhaps you will support Dutch in the future. Than I will have an great device!



    28. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on May 16

      @Eric Visser
      Let me clarify:
      - with Senstone you can record meetings, and as a result you will have a reasonably good audio recording, depending on how far everyone was. You can even record for 1-2 hours straight without a phone, as battery and storage will allow this.
      - BUT you will ONLY get audio recording, and NO speech-to-text transcription. This is caused by difficulty to capture good quality audio on large distance and by the price of speech-to-text translation engine per minute.
      - as a result the usage will be limited to traditional recorder: you can only listen to the recording and not have text version of it or other features like emotion analysis or creating todo lists or reminders.

      But as the above is not very innovative, what we offer is to record your ideas as they occur during or after the meeting to Senstone as short bullet items, have them converted to text and organised in separate "folder" with hashtags or keywords and have your own personal meetings minutes, instead of a long recording.

      We're sorry if this disappointed you and if we didn't communicate this clearly enough before. In our last update we explain why we made those decisions, and I hope they make sense to you.

      Please let me know what you think about this.


    29. Missing avatar

      Eric Visser
      on May 16

      Hi Creator,

      I am a little bit confused. I wanted to use the Senstone mostly as a small recording tool for meetings. After the meeting, I can listen to the recording and make a summary.

      A meeting can take 1 to 3 hours.

      Can the Senstone do this?



    30. Missing avatar

      Tamara Smith
      on May 15

      I'm mostly interested in personal messages and conversations only one on one, so the larger fears don't bother me. I'd be glad to be a beta tester...have time to really work it.

    31. Keya Wang on May 13

      Any updates on how I can change my order to the trail version?

    32. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator on May 11

      @Tiffany, also can I ask why you changed your mind? Was it something we did?

    33. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator on May 11

      Sure Tiffany, will do that.

    34. Tiffany Naeole on May 11

      I've decided not to purchase this product. Please refund me

    35. Karl Delandsheere on May 7

      @Markiyan @Sasha Thanks for the info! Great :).

    36. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on April 27

      @Karl Delandsheere yes it will be, it is already :)
      here's the list of languages supported to make this simpler for you
      @Sasha thanks for helping out ;)

    37. Sasha Albertini on April 27

      Karl, there's a list of planned dictation languages in the Campaign tab (you will have to scroll down a bunch to get to it).

    38. Karl Delandsheere on April 26

      Hi, I don't know wether it has been asked already or not. Will Senstone be non-English speaking friendly? :) Cheers!

    39. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on April 26

      Thanks so much @PJ Sam!

    40. Missing avatar

      PJ Sam on April 26

      Honestly this is one of the best Kickstarter campaigns I have been part of you guys post relevant updates and engage people in the comments just want to say keep up the good work

    41. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on April 22

      @sokompheak yes definitely. We aim for regular biweekly updates, but delayed this one because we waited for confirmation on one of directions, to give more concrete info. But we'll prioritize on regularity further on. There will be an update on Monday, we've got some progress to share ;)

    42. sokompheak
      on April 22

      Hello @Creator, I would like to hear any update of this campaign regularly, would I?

    43. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on April 15

      @Nathan Riddell
      Sure, we think we'll do a regular biweekly update, next one coming soon;)

    44. Nathan Riddell
      on April 15

      It would be great to have a formal update sometime soon to see how things are going :) can't wait for the finished product

    45. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator on April 5

      @Kevin Smith
      Thanks! We'll do a more formal call for beta testers among backers soon, but good to have you on board ;)

    46. Kevin Smith
      on April 5

      Hi, if you need any help beta testing the Android App, I would be willing to help. I carry an iPhone 7 and a Galaxy S7 Edge so I would be able to check what is different between them. Cheers!

    47. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator on April 5

      Hi Cathy,
      The update is on its way! Some important developments to let you know about.

    48. Missing avatar

      Cathy on April 5

      Any updates? You guys have been silent these past few days?

    49. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on March 30

      @Andreas we haven't considered that, but this may be a good idea. Not sure how many of our backers have used Dragon before, and how difficult is the integration, but it's worth a check. Thanks, we'll take a look at it!

    50. Andreas Vlach on March 30

      Hi! Since you use Nuance software for speech recognition, will there be an option to sync existing profiles of their Dragon products for Desktop or iOS? (Would be great if it doesn't need again to get used to your voice etc.)

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