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Capture what's on your mind when in a meeting or on the go. Just tap and speak, and Senstone will turn your ideas into organised notes.
Capture what's on your mind when in a meeting or on the go. Just tap and speak, and Senstone will turn your ideas into organised notes.
Capture what's on your mind when in a meeting or on the go. Just tap and speak, and Senstone will turn your ideas into organised notes.
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    1. Matty Simpson-Weber about 21 hours ago

      STILL NOTHING. When do these ship????

    2. Grayson King
      4 days ago

      Plus there’s no way I’d let anything like this give me a single point of failure... actually that’s a good point

      Is there a way to automatically offline the files so I can use Dropbox etc to continuously backup my Senstone files? Cos if I’m relying entirely on your services that’s still a single pojnt of failure from my end


      ( ར ₹, ཬ )

    3. Grayson King
      4 days ago

      I’m assuming we could just have two accounts though in the meantime? Or pair one with my iPad and one with my iPhone?

      I’m going to be glad for having 2 I think as I’ll combine it with Evernote etc... could I theoretically link 2 separate accounts to the same Evernote?

      I always have plenty of devices if it’s just a Bluetooth pairing issue, and pairing doesn’t take long

      I guess I don’t fully understand the framework and architecture of the synching stuff with Senstone yet


      Either way having one in my gig bag for emergencies isn’t too bad an idea for me ;)

    4. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator 7 days ago

      @Young, Fire, Duncan!
      For the details, we will post an update next week.
      Thanks for your patience!

    5. Missing avatar

      Duncan Drummond on June 8

      I haven't received my product to date. Can you please tell me when this is likely to happen. I keep seeing that these have been issued and I have responded to all requests. Can you please help.

    6. fire on June 6

      Hi there, I never received mine yet

    7. Missing avatar

      young ho park on June 4

      When can I get the goods?
      my order number 477

    8. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator on May 31

      Hi Fearlessleader, Brie and all!

      We will charge only once ($5) per add-ons shipment (up to 5 items) and will put a credit on your account for every next add-on. If you decide to make any change -- please do it before the lock down.

    9. Missing avatar

      on May 30

      Yes, Brie Danielle, but they did ask... I'm re-thinking about getting ANY add-ons at all because of this.

    10. Brie Danielle on May 29

      @Fearlessleader -

      This is what they said the last time you asked about the shipping charges:
      "Hey Fearlessleader,
      Since we were not 100% final on types of packaging for every order and add-on (many ordered extra chargers) - that's the way we decided to put it for now. How many add-ons have you ordered and which exactly?"

      I understand their reasoning, but agree with you that it is excessive. I added an extra charger, and was annoyed enough that it added an extra $5 to my shipping. It certainly didn't make me want to add any other extras. Also, it seems a bit late in the game for them to not yet know what kind of packaging they will be doing for add-ons. Hopefully, they will reimburse the difference once they figure it out... :-/

    11. Missing avatar

      on May 29

      Was going to add: extra charger + extra clip + extra necklace adapter —- but $5 shipping for each of those?

    12. Missing avatar

      Roy Liuzza on May 29

      Hi! I was offered a refund and accepted, and have not yet received it. When can I expect it?

    13. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator on May 28

      Hi Gaia!
      The orders will be fulfilled by pledge levels. The first batch of 500 will include super early birds and some early birds, then we do 1000 and few more thousand - not sure if with one production run. These batches should be no more than 2 weeks apart.
      We use Nuance S2T currently with our proprietary functionality on top of the recognized text.

      Hi Jose,
      We fixed your issue, please let me know if you can see the change on your end!

      Hi Brie,
      Really sorry but this functionality is not currently available! Although it is not a big technological challenge I would not recommend buying extra one in hope to use two devices interchangeably - you would have to unpair every time you use a different ST however you will can use the same account with all your notes. My thinking is closer to Fall or end of 2018 it may be available, personally I see a great potential in this use case :)

      Hi Jez, Jacopo,
      Responded in PM.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jacopo Ellero on May 27

      Hello! I asked a refund by e-mail: the trial is not an available option, eventually. I had no replies.
      Can you get back?

    15. Jez
      on May 27

      I sent you a direct Kickstarter message (on 15th May) about the options in the Backerkit and the post-Kickstarter switch-around - i.e. no brass option and no wristband. Please can you get back you me.
      NB. I'm waiting your response before completing the Backerkit survey.

    16. Brie Danielle on May 26

      Alright. Since I never heard back about whether or not 2 Senstones could be synced to the same account, I just stuck with my order of one. I'm looking forward to it!

    17. Missing avatar

      jose cuapio
      on May 24


      I need help filling out my survey.
      I pledged $160 under the $80 early backer pledge (doubled my pledge).
      Usually creators from other campaigns have had to manually adjust my survey after I've reached out to them.
      I sent you (Nazar) a message two weeks ago on May 8th but haven't received any replies from you or one of your team members.
      I know the survey deadline is tomorrow (May 25th) so if I could have someone help me out, that would be great.
      I don't want to get lost between the cracks and not get my senstones.
      Thanks in advance!

    18. Missing avatar

      Gaia on May 24

      How do I know in which shipping batch I'm in?
      And what technology are you using for speech recognition?

    19. Brie Danielle on May 20

      Lisa -

      When you look at the campaign photos, make sure you're looking at the right black (coal) and the right silver (glace) when making your decision. The rhodium also looks silvery, and the trail is black. Neither of those exist.

    20. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator on May 19

      Hi All!

      Taras, good point! The plan was to first post the Backerkit survey followed by the update.

      Hi Carol,
      Yes, the pendant comes with the lace (black TPU). But the wristband is not yet available, however, we may conclude to have it later in time after we review the survey results. When you start completing the survey you will see both products and colors -- I won't give my opinion)

      Hey Fearlessleader,
      Since we were not 100% final on types of packaging for every order and add-on (many ordered extra chargers) - that's the way we decided to put it for now. How many add-ons have you ordered and which exactly?

      Hi Lisa,
      Yes, campaign photos, or pictures in our campaign Update #30, or step #2 of the survey.

      Hey Owen,
      We just resent the link, and please check the spam folder.

      Hi Brie!
      I just returned from the factory yesterday.. I will meet with our dev team on Monday and we'll discuss this.


    21. Brie Danielle on May 19

      Hi again Nazar,

      I'm still awaiting the answer to my question. I was hoping for the info before completing my survey:

      Can 2 Senstones can be synced to the same account?


    22. R.Schmidt on May 19

      @Lisa...Try looking at the campaign photos.

    23. Owen Xie
      on May 18

      Why I have not received any survey?

    24. Lisa Rothstein on May 18

      where can we see pictures of coal vs. glace colors?

    25. Missing avatar

      on May 18

      As I'm wrapping up my survey, I notice that there's a shipping fee for each item added. Since they'll ship together, wouldn't it be "right" to just charge one reasonable shipping fee? e.g. add on three small things and it's $5 (US) for shipping each.

    26. Missing avatar

      Carol Witt on May 12

      Hi, Is the wristband available? Will it be available? And does the pendant come with a chain/strap/whatever? Thanks,
      (Which looks nicer - grey or black?)

    27. Taras Rafa on May 11

      Hello! I know you are extremely busy with shipment of the "big batch" and responding to the various backers' requests and questions. But it is May 11 and the Update #30 is due on the Kickstarter page. Please keep the conversation alive!
      I look forward for seeing my ST soon. I've just filled a survey and I am lucky backer #502! Hmmm, I was just a little late to be a lucky 500 :-(

    28. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator on May 10

      Hi Grayson,
      No problem, just answered you with details for your order in PM. Best!

    29. Grayson King
      on May 10


      Then I really should have double checked before having a little rant haha 😂

      My apologies, I think sometimes I back more projects than I can realistically stay on top of so I thank you for the correction and information. I thought I had checked, perhaps I need to sleep more hahaha
      *☆(Ꭷ.Ꭷ, )☆*

      Tbf I did message them, must have assumed I checked in the interim or went to check but forgot or got distracted haha


      Sincerely, humbly, grumbly,

      Grayson King
      ( ར ₹, ཬ )

    30. Brie Danielle on May 10


      They have offered a resolution. They know you paid more. Per their most recent update (April 5, 2018) they are offering an extra back to cover the 15% difference in cost.

    31. Grayson King
      on May 10

      My pledge is $180, I could have got 2 Senstones at $150 for the final call (plus delivery).

      I’d have chosen that pledge like 160ish others did if it were made at all clear that there was a higher chance that the brass would be cancelled or if you’d informed us it was a genuine possibility

      So I’m just seeking some fair resolution here, what are the options for us 90ish backers who ain’t getting our brass?

      | (• ◡•)|

    32. Grayson King
      on May 10

      I haven’t received a reply either when I contacted you and I’ve waited a good week or two so now I’m left commenting here with a slightly annoyed tone because suddenly when I went to fill out the survey there was just ‘you’re not getting brass and we haven’t been thoughtful enough to consider that maybe you’ll be annoyed that we have essentially charged you a lot more for your Senstone and we haven’t offered a resolution for this either’

      If you want to be a good company you should learn to reach out personally to each backer that backed for brass and give them a heads up and solution rather than surprising them like that and offering zip all support

      That survey message should have contained a link ‘if you backed for brass follow this link and we will set things right by you because we know you paid a lot more for your Senstone and aren’t getting the upgraded version’

      |(ᏉᏉ. )

      Your friendly neighbourhood superbacker,

      Grayson King
      ( ར ₹, ཬ )

    33. Grayson King
      on May 10

      I have asked what shall be done about the fact that some of us backed for brass and it was more expensive than the other options but you’ve discontinued brass

      So, what’s the price difference resolution? I haven’t filled out my survey because I’m not happy with paying extra money for exactly the same thing others got who paid much less even if I backed at early bird for brass.

      I’m not saying I care about the brass but you haven’t (so far as I see) rectified the issues raised by cancelling brass when some of us paid extra for it. So how do we go about refunding or compensating for the price difference between what I pledged for and what I’m getting?

    34. Missing avatar

      Eric Visser
      on May 9

      Just placed the order!

      Thanks for your help

      Can’t wait to receive te Senstones!


    35. Brie Danielle on May 9

      Thanks, Nazar!

      Yes, my last question was if 2 Senstones can be synced to the same account.

    36. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator on May 9

      Hi Javier!
      That's correct, we don't produce Trail in this batch but upgraded the flagship model to match some Trail characteristics and suggest extra back to make things equal.

      Hi Brie,
      1) Yes! Senstone can be used on a charging dock; 2) No Rhodium or Trail at this time, for multiple reasons -- sorry about that.. 3) I will check with our development team, basically your question is if you can use two units to sync with one account (App)?

      Must have been a mistake -- just changed your pledge level to "2 Senstones for $150".

    37. Missing avatar

      Eric Visser
      on May 8


      I have tried the backerkit on my mobile and computer, but I still can’t select the 2 Senstones for 150. My pledge is 165, but my reward is 100.

      Please advise


    38. Missing avatar

      John Bruno on May 7

      Sorry if I'm interfering with your efforts. But, I could really use your

    39. Brie Danielle on May 7

      Okay, if I'm reading your most recent update correctly, you are no longer offering Rhodium OR Trail. Just aluminum in black (coal) or grey (glace). Okay.

      My other question, then, is if I upgraded to the 2-pack, are they interchangeable? As in, if one is on the charger, or whatever, and I'm using the other one, will whatever I do on it be synced to the first? As though they are one? Am I making any sense? :D

    40. Brie Danielle on May 7

      Weird that there's no way to upgrade to Rhodium in the survey...

    41. Brie Danielle on May 7

      I apologize if this has been asked and answered, but I don't have time to go looking: Can Senstone be used while charging?


    42. Javier Fernández Cabezas on May 5

      Hello. I have received the mai for Backerkit Survey avec answers needed... But I backed the TRAIL option and it is not in the options...

    43. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator on May 5

      Hi Sandy,
      Our bad -- Fixed!

    44. Sandy Golda
      on May 5

      Back on 16 February 2018, the Senstone team offered refunds to those who made a request before 1 March 2018. I made my request on the very same day, immediately after receiving the 16 February update. My request went unanswered. I have had no reply. I have had no acknowledgement. I have received no refund. I am now trying again via support tickets, Kickstarter messages and comments here on the project page too. I don't mean to be pushy, but I do insist on some level of acknowledgement as it is rather unprofessional to handle my repeated requests in any other way.

      Please, Senstone team, honour the refund for my pledge that you offered. I requested it within the timelines that were designated. I wish the Senstone team the greatest of successes with this project, but I just want my money back.

      Many thanks.

    45. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator on May 4

      Hi Nara,
      Senstone comes WITH the charger. It's actually in product description for each pledge level (you can see by clicking on it). You only buy extra if you think you'll use it at home, office or elswhere. Color for non-coal is Glace -- light grey -- should be visible in the selection of the product, first step in the survey.

      Hey Eric, Pokipsie,
      Have you tried the dropdown to the right on the main screen of the survey? You cab select a country for shipping there.

      Hey Sasha,
      That is right we did not test it on Android, but Android will be done and tested by the time we ship.

      Stay tuned!

    46. Sasha Albertini on May 4

      Just trying to make sure. I see it is in the FAQ but I was never approached for beta testing with Android.

    47. Sasha Albertini on May 4

      I just filled out the survey. Will my Senstone be usable for Android or not?

    48. pokipsie on May 4

      same here @eric visser

    49. Missing avatar

      Eric Visser
      on May 4


      I have ordered the special; 2 Senstones for 150. I can’t see this option in the survey.

      I have paid 165, incl 15 shipping

      Can you please let me know what is wrong?


    50. Missing avatar

      Tara Naughton on May 4

      what is the color of the non-coal option?

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