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Capture what's on your mind when in a meeting or on the go. Just tap and speak, and Senstone will turn your ideas into organised notes.
Capture what's on your mind when in a meeting or on the go. Just tap and speak, and Senstone will turn your ideas into organised notes.
Capture what's on your mind when in a meeting or on the go. Just tap and speak, and Senstone will turn your ideas into organised notes.
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    1. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on November 5

      @Marco thanks!
      @R. Schmidt thanks, though Trail is also delayed as producing original version takes much more effort than we expected. We'll update on it later on, hope you understand.

    2. R.Schmidt on November 4

      Great update guys...thanks for all that info+timeline. Would be nice to get some info for the Trail design down the line. I'm sure it's working in parallel.

    3. Missing avatar

      Marco E. Quiroz on November 4

      Keep up the great work guys! I love seeing you make progress on your dream.

    4. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on November 2

      @Victor @R.Schmidt I assume you mean color, clip/pendant etc.
      No we haven't sent it yet. We'll notify everyone very explicitly once we do. It'll be a BackerKit survey, and we'll send it as soon as we resolve few dependencies.

    5. R.Schmidt on November 1

      @Victor...Customize?? In what way...

    6. Missing avatar

      Victor on October 30

      Hi guys. I never received an email to customize my Senstone. Is that something I should’ve already received and completed, or have you not sent it out yet?

    7. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on October 3

      Guys, we'll post an update tomorrow, there's some urgent things to finish. No huge news but some progress as usual.

    8. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on October 3

      @Irene we're trying to stick to shipments announced in update #19, first batch in November and second in January but with manufacturing hurdles the first batch might move a bit. Very hard to say clear estimate because of unknowns ahead. More details here
      We'll add you to betatesters soon.

      @Nikket as Sasha mentioned we haven't shipped yet, sorry for delay. The device is still being manufactured, we're working on it.

      @Sasha as always thanks for support!

    9. Sasha Albertini on October 3

      Nikket, they haven't shipped it yet.

    10. Nikket Pokharrna
      on October 2

      Not received it yet.

    11. Irene Pozdniakova on September 30

      And please send beta testing details to my email.

    12. Irene Pozdniakova on September 30

      Hi Markiyan,
      Do you have any clear estimate when the product will be shipped?
      Thank you!

    13. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on September 20

      @Carlos basically you wait for the confirmation email. You'll be able to do that soon via Backerkit, after we send a survey to choose your order and fill in details. Currently no need to change address.

    14. Carlos C
      on September 18

      I need to change my address, where do I do that? Or do I wait for the confirmation email? Please respond

    15. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on September 7

      @Rich @Mohamed thanks so much for the support!

    16. Rich
      on September 6

      @creator Thanks for the comprehensive, no bs update. Everyone appreciates knowing how this project is coming together. I do appreciate your hard work knowing a world class device will be the net result. Thanks for the invite to test the app. I am willing to test a prototype when available here in Phoenix. (High reps and dust) I work as an instrument tech for a semiconductor fab so taking notes digitally will be a help and allow me to streamline my workflow. I wish all my KS's gave me the detail and feedback your team does. Keep up the good work. Delays mean nothing if it results in a substandard product. Stay focused and keep the business model for the device subscription free at a basic level. Think game-changing as you move forward. I think you are there.

    17. Missing avatar

      Mohamed Rahman on September 6

      Hi Senstone team! Just to say I totally respect the work you're all putting in to deliver a brand new concept and as such all the challenges you're discovering along the way. I think you're doing amazingly well and i totally understand that the timelines are being pushed back. I know that as a result I'm gonna receive an amazing product that works as well as you originally pitched. Keep up the good work!

      Ps i love the photos in the last update. It really is gonna be a beautiful looking device!

    18. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator on September 5

      Hi Rich. This is fair. We missed this one due to personal reasons -- I was traveling a lot -- but we don't plan to break this tradition going forward and will keep you all of you informed every two weeks. Trust me, the product product is becoming better. The number of people working on it is actually growing almost every week! Just yesterday we had a very productive meetings and came up with new exciting ideas to display notes and records for the day -- potentially huge improvement, but will keep you updated!

      Hi Sebastian, depends if you are ordered super early bird, early bird or regular. We will ship in few batches (see update 16 for details). You can email details to Thanks !

    19. Rich
      on September 4

      @Creator Now that you are saying you are Delayed by Months WE need to see Regular Updates from You, even if all you have to report to US is that Everything if Fine and still on the NEWLY REVISED Shipping Schedule. I expect to see something from YOU every 2 weeks going forward. We are ALL well aware of how often you check the Thread and Comments on Kickstarter. Thank You in Advance for keeping US informed of Progress and Issues. Another Delay with No Heads Up you will lose TRUST WE have put in YOUR TEAM. " Curtis Child Last login Sep 4 2017"

    20. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Xu Zheyang on September 4

      Hello . When will My product be in ?

    21. HyunJi Park on August 31

      Hello, sorry but I'm not able to wait for senstone more. Please give me a refund

    22. Sasha Albertini on August 30

      That's a good point about testing in other languages. I could test in basic Irish Gaelic, but I have friends who have degrees in it and other friends who are nearly lifelong speakers.

      Why is this important? Imagine the historical record you could create by giving these to indigenous storytellers and folklorists. A famous Irish storyteller from the Bluestack Mountains in Donegal used to tell stories longer than the stamina of her academic researcher guests held out. Nobody knows how many stories she knew. Hundreds, maybe. We have a fraction of them, and a fraction of stories from the old people, and a fraction of the old songs.

    23. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator on August 29

      Hi @oekaki these rounds are iOS and English only.
      We will put you on a list for Android beta-testing, though we can not give you any specifics on a pipeline. We will follow up with the email soon. Again, thanks for reaching out!

    24. Yu Ando
      on August 29

      Hi Nazar, I'm an Android user and I'm also up for beta-testing! I can also test it not only in English but Japanese and Finnish.

    25. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator on August 28

      Hi @Patrick, thanks for reaching out. This round is for iOS only for simplicity reasons. We will put you on a list for Android beta-testing, though we can not give you any specifics on when we will release that round. As you are the Android user, we would be thrilled to have you enrolled in other activities for beta-testers. Please, expect the email from us shortly.

      Hi @PJ Sam, thanks for signing up. We've added you with your Kickstarter email. If you prefer to use another email for beta-testing, just let us know. You will receive more details soon!

    26. Patrick Milot on August 26

      Cold beta-test with my S8. French Canadian here....

    27. Missing avatar

      PJ Sam on August 24

      Hey do you need another iOS beta tester I’m down to test the app and the product early if you need

    28. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator on August 21

      Hi @Sasha, you will be able to use it with Android. Also, thank you for reaching out re beta-testing. We have just send you the info on it via email! Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    29. Sasha Albertini on August 21

      Just a quick check... folks, I'll be able to use this with Android when it's released, right? Count me in as a beta tester when you test this! :)

    30. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on August 21

      @Amit, sad to hear, but of course. We'll process the details in private.
      We hope to get you back soon, and would appreciate you sharing why you changed your mind, and if there's anything we can do to fix this.

    31. Missing avatar

      Amit Garg on August 21

      Hi. Please give me a refund

    32. Markiyan Matsekh Collaborator on August 16

      Hi Udo, of course!
      We've added you with your Kickstarter email, but let us know if you'd like to use other email. You'll receive more details on your email soon!

    33. Missing avatar

      Udo Krueger
      on August 15

      I also would like to be your beta tester ...
      Thanks, Udo

    34. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator on August 15

      @Javier Fernández Cabezas we do, thanks for reaching out. We will send you details via email shortly!

    35. Javier Fernández Cabezas on August 15

      Do you Need another beta tester?

    36. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator on August 11

      Hi Aimee,
      Thanks for your kind words and support.
      Of course this does not justify or mitigate our manufacturing challenges and postpones in shipment. But it definitely gives us the support and positive energy that we need to finish what we started and ship all of you your beautiful devices! Appreciate it!

    37. Aimee W on August 11

      Although some of us have expressed disappointment with Senstone's delayed shipping projection, quality products are worth the wait. Features of this device are being created with artificial intelligence that will facilitate our use of the product, and I look forward to the final phases of Senstone. Crowdsourcing and support are vital for the continuation of great technological developments, and I wanted to echo my support in the midst of some negativity. I am thrilled to be a beta tester using my iPhone as a proxy device for the Senstone application, and already--I can attest to how this product will help to organize and document daily tasks/notes. Would a fully functioning device be helpful for my current research purposes and constant travel, earlier?--absolutely! Though, I'm confident it will positively affect those who wait...because it's about longterm investment. --

    38. R.Schmidt on August 10

      I don't get support a project or you don't. Pretty simple concept. Do or do not...there is no try:)

    39. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator on August 10

      Hi Henry,
      Hi Tong Meng Khong,
      Sure, we will arrange the refund. FYI, we made first payment to our manufacturer last week, and I would strongly suggest to read our Update #16, it gives the background and new timeline that we agreed with our manufacturer. If these reasons are not sufficient to you -- we ALREADy made some AI features like extraction of emotions which is more than we promised and that I was testing just yesterday -- and you still not willing to wait -- I will proceed with refund.

    40. Missing avatar

      henry on August 10

      I'm sorry but I also would like a refund.
      To to others, dont tell me about kickstarter, so and so... I backed a lot of projects, but I can't stand anymore the eternal delays...

    41. Sasha Albertini on August 10

      Folks, it's not fair to the rest of us who paid to support the development effort if you back out because you won't receive your goodie on time. Please familiarise yourself with elementary project management and product support concepts before you support a Kickstarter. This is not a shop.

    42. Missing avatar

      tong meng khong
      on August 7

      Pls advise what can i do?

    43. Missing avatar

      tong meng khong
      on August 7

      It delay too much...please refund.

    44. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator on August 6

      Hi Bertha,
      Hi Michael,
      We do not have any formal procedure to get a refund. So we can do one. May I inquire, what is the reason for this and why exactly did you change your mind?
      Just to remind, an updated schedule for Senstone shipments are here: Best!

    45. Missing avatar

      Michael Tsui
      on August 5

      Hi, I'm also interested in getting a refund as well

    46. Missing avatar

      Bertha Gallegos on August 3

      Please tell me what I need to do to get a refund.

    47. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator on July 14

      Hi @Carter, frankly, we were very optimistic, trying to push ourselves harder. But thanks for understanding. We are now more comfortable with the timeline, as we finally chose the manufacturer with matching capabilities, and started the manufacturing process. We try super hard to make it in time now and will continue sharing the updates to track our progress.

      As for beta-testing: we added you to the list with your email from Kickstarter. Let us know if you’d like to use another email. please note that current version of the beta app is iOS only and English only. let us know if this doesn’t work for you so we don’t bother you.

      Hi @Sebas, totally understand. Yes, you can be sure that if you step back you’ll get 100% refund. And as always, we will try to update you on the whole process, so you feel comfortable with every decision we make. We understand that a couple of months delay might be hard to process, but the delay was a necessity for manufacturing, and we are still on track of shipping Senstones.
      P.S. Refunding after campaign is done is actually not Kickstarter issue but individual policy of each startup

    48. Missing avatar

      Carter on July 13

      Dont know why most kickstarter campaigns dont pick more realistic time lines, rather then being the bearer of bad news and prolonging shipments just pick a realistic time line and surprise us with an early shipment.

      Non the less very excited to try this product even if I will not receive till after sea term of 6 months... Please no more push backs if possible.

      Cheers! Carter.

      Ps if you need any extra Beta tester let me know :P .

    49. Sebas Blanco on July 13

      Hi Nazar. I totally understand your explanations however a four months delay is too much for me. My concern is that I really do not fully understand Kickstarter way of dealing with payments so Im worried that If I step back Im loosing the money right? How refunds work? If I ask for a refund of the 100% you took from my credit card, is that possible? Thanks for your time!

    50. Nazar Fedorchuk Creator on July 12

      @Pamela, thanks for sharing the reasoning behind refund request. Just to clarify a little bit more: you can use Senstone when at the meetings, but not for capturing others rather for capturing your own thoughts or quick notes. So maybe that will help you make your mind. If you'd still like to refund we'll absolutely do it, and we'll get in touch with you on mechanics of refund.

      @Chris you are able to update your mailing address, and the best way is via Backerkit which we will enable shortly. We had a little delay with preparing it, but you will receive it soon. We'll message you regarding change of mailing address in private messaging as well.

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