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The South Puget Sound: a million people, 3,000 square miles but no guidebook. 'Til now. Join us in this art-drenched, grassroots guide.
287 backers pledged $22,700 to help bring this project to life.

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update down for repair

Posted by ken miller (Creator)

well, the good news is we aren't doing a web technology project

update closed for repairs

Posted by ken miller (Creator)


Into the Turn

Posted by ken miller (Creator)

This has been a great three weeks. We're at almost $10,000 thanks to you, which means we can soon issue the call for writers. Then the fun begins.

We appreciate your financial backing and Facebook-ing and moral support. The project is coming together beautifully.

We're starting to get "favorites" lists, Sean is cranking out drawings and Chris paces around muttering, which is a good sign, apparently.

If you know other folks who might want to join us, please invite them. It's pretty much a big party.

We'll be back in touch soon.


Ken for Sean and Chris

oops. here's Sean's new drawing of Gig Harbor

  • Image 90750 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1


Posted by ken miller (Creator)

This is Ken, practicing Latin: mea culpa

Am a little confused about who's been thanked or thanked twice and who hasn't been thanked at all. That's not good and I'm sorry. Please know we appreciate all your support and interest and good wishes. 

Going back inside the machine now, to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Best, Ken for Sean and Chris 

great start!

Posted by ken miller (Creator)

Whew! What a strong start to our campaign: almost 10 percent funding after five days!

Thanks to all of you who jumped in. To borrow a line from EMILY'S List, 'early money is like yeast; it helps raise the dough.'

And we just got another yeast injection from the Weekly Volcano, the guide to what's happening in the South Sound. Here's a link to the blog:

Thanks again for your confidence in us. We'll keep you posted.