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A free-to-play fantasy RPG/Simulation game. Raise & breed Halfling creatures for epic online battles.
A free-to-play fantasy RPG/Simulation game. Raise & breed Halfling creatures for epic online battles.
216 backers pledged $7,914 to help bring this project to life.

We Need Your Feedback


As many of you know we just uploaded our 1st gameplay trailer with actual footage of the game in action. Of course Halfling Wars is in development, so please remember that the footage won't look as good as it will when the game is released and the music is a temp track until we hire our composer. We embedded the trailer on the main page as well.

Please watch the trailer anyway. It gives you a good idea of how the game works, specifically the farming, building, creating creatures, menus, and the story/quests. 


If you have ideas to make the game better or features to add, tell us. We may not be able to add them in this version, but we will definitely consider them for the 2nd version. You never know, you could end up adding your fingerprint to the game and get in the credits.


There's 17 days left on our Kickstarter. Thank-you for supporting. Lately we've had very few eyeballs on our Kickstarter. If you (our backers) share our Kickstarter and the new gameplay trailer with your friends, let us know about it.

Message us. Tell us your name and give us a link to where you shared it. We'll give you an extra reward for sharing. A Halfling Wars hoodie, iPhone case, rubber band bracelets, that one special item you couldn't afford. 

We'll reward you for making the extra effort to help us out. We're in this together. Let's succeed!

Much Appreciated!

The Halfling Wars Team


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    1. ChondroStrike Creator on

      Keloran - great suggestion. We will definitely implement your ideas in our next video.

      Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas any time.

    2. Keloran on

      You might want to do a mini lets-play, to explain why you chose that tree, because the demo was quite vague about what you were doing

      But the actual assets looked good