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A free-to-play fantasy RPG/Simulation game. Raise & breed Halfling creatures for epic online battles.
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1st Halfling Wars Gameplay Trailer Out Now!

Finally the wait for a gameplay trailer is over! We are pleased to release the first in-game footage from a recent build that we're pleased with. This video trailer includes several key features of Halfling Wars, but some features weren't ready to show off yet, so they weren't included.

What Game Features Are in This Trailer:

1. Farming Crops

2. Building Villages

3. Halfling & Darkling Villages/Crops

4. Night/Day Time Changes

5. Creature Creation

6. In-Game Menus

7. A Glimpse of the Story and Questing System

What's Not in the Trailer, But Will Be Released Soon:

1. Battling System

2. Mini-Games

3. Creature Morphing/Cross-Breeding

4. The Battle Betting System

5. Online Aspect of Inviting Friends

Don't worry! We plan on releasing separate videos that showcase each of those features as and when they're ready. We know the waiting game is almost worse than having the in-laws over for dinner, but we promise to reveal one bread crumb teaser at a time. I know, we're making you suffer. Sadistic, right?

There you have it! Watch, enjoy, repeat, and share!


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