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A free-to-play fantasy RPG/Simulation game. Raise & breed Halfling creatures for epic online battles.
216 backers pledged $7,914 to help bring this project to life.

Beta Testers, Forums, & Meet the Developers

A huge thanks to all our backers for helping us surpass the $2,000 mark!

Every backer immediately qualifies to become a Beta Tester of Halfling Wars. Someone recently brought to our attention that it's unclear how much the game will be once it's in the App store. They thought we were only offering a Beta copy of the game and not the finished game as a reward.

The reason we're not offering the complete game as a reward is because it will be FREE! Anyone can download the game for free once it's in the App store. The $6 pledge reward is an early Beta Version of the game specifically for Beta Testers. We hope that didn't confuse anyone.

We just tested out our recent build and will have another build for testers in 2-3 weeks. At that time we'll have a forum on set up for Beta Testers to share their input and to help us find bugs. We want you involved in the testing process to help us make a better game.

Also we've been working on a gameplay trailer all weekend and will have one uploaded by no later than Tuesday morning. We apologize for the delay. So stay tuned for that Beta Copy, forums, and a gameplay trailer. In the meantime please leave any questions in the comments section.

Now it's time to "Meet the Developers." One of our invaluable team members you briefly met in the Kickstarter video - Nate Langston (Lead Programmer/Analyst) took time to answer a few questions. Here's that interview and watch the video for more.

Q: Hi Nate! What do you do on the Halfling Wars team?

Nate: Mostly work as game analyst.

Q: What are you currently working on today?

N: Looking at the current build.

Q: What are your day-to-day tasks on Halfling Wars?

N: I mostly work with economy and am currently just analyzing code not writing.

Q: What challenges have you run into while programming Halfling Wars?

N: Learning new development.

Q: As a gamer, what is the most exciting thing about Halfling Wars to you?

N: The world it is built in.

Q: What are your favorite video games? What about favorite RPGs? Mobile Games?

N: Halo, Rainbow Six, Bioshock, Skyrim, The Room.

Q: Who are your mentors and why?

N: CIO, he has implemented many large systems.

Q: What would say to other programmers who are interested in working in gaming?

N: Try it out if it is your passion.

Q: What are your New Year resolutions?

N: Design ERP system and get more fit and survive new baby.

Q: Do you have any nicknames, self-imposed or otherwise?

N: Naytron.

Q: Why are you so fond of European Soccer and the Arsenal club?

N: London club. Storied history and first club I supported.

Q: Any last words – your slogan to live by?

N: "Let the dice be rolled." - Julius Caesar


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