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A free-to-play fantasy RPG/Simulation game. Raise & breed Halfling creatures for epic online battles.
A free-to-play fantasy RPG/Simulation game. Raise & breed Halfling creatures for epic online battles.
216 backers pledged $7,914 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Fantasy Coin, LLC on

      So how's that game coming along? :)

    2. Ryan Royce on

      Is there a way to get our money back? over 2 years with no updates? I'm assuming this is dead.

    3. James Rose on

      Anyone have an update on this? It has now been a while!!

    4. Brian McCoy on

      Haven't heard anything in over a year. Is this venture officially dead?

    5. Joshua Hudson on

      So no updates. :( Game still coming?

    6. Mathis Bastholm Broe on

      just got my packet from you today and i will say cool posters:) and a great tshirt:)

    7. ChondroStrike Creator on

      All early crow rewards shipped on Saturday, so you should receive your reward Josh this week.

    8. Joshua Hudson on

      Did the early crow bundles ever ship? The last update was they would ship around the 24th of Feb. No big deal if they didn't I just want to make sure it wasn't lost in the mail or anything since it has been a couple weeks. Thanks!

    9. ChondroStrike Creator on

      Donald - We did receive your request for the light and dark power shrines. Those are not available as Add-Ons at this time. They were only available during the Kickstarter. But if you would like something else - to create a NPC or Creature, that we can do. Let us know your thoughts and sorry for the confusion and inconvenience.

    10. ChondroStrike Creator on

      Mathis - Yes we did get your survey. You already increased your pledge to cover the price of a T-Shirt. If you want to pay an additional $25 to get another T-shirt, then Yes you will get 2 T-Shirts (Different Types). We'll set up a pay portal for you to purchase the additional T-shirt for $25. Just write back with your T-Shirt sizes please.

    11. Mathis Bastholm Broe on

      just too make sure did you get my survey? i also write a question:)

    12. Donald P. Rule on

      There are some Add-Ons missing from the survey. I wrote in the Question block that I want both light and dark downloadable shrines.

    13. Pavel Sergeev on

      So far everything is going well. You could've got more pledges but still you have reached your primary goal. Good! By the way I want to invite everyone to support the project that I'm backing called Days of Dawn which is now trending in the games category. It's RPG with a beautiful world.

    14. ChondroStrike Creator on

      Mathis, thanks for the extra for the t-shirt. We'll send you an email after the Kickstarter over to get your size and style you want. Thanks for the support!

    15. Mathis Bastholm Broe on

      i have add $25 more so i can get a tshirt also:) i will be cool too sit in a shirt from youre company and play youre game:D and i have sent youre a private meesage:)

    16. ChondroStrike Creator on

      Yes if you want the headphones, then keep your pledge at $35 and send us a private message with your address to Denmark.

    17. Mathis Bastholm Broe on

      cool. so i shall not du anything more than plegde $35 and write my address in denmark too get it ship?

    18. ChondroStrike Creator on

      The T-shirt only comes with the Early Crow Bundle. You can add on a t-shirt for an additional $25 (much cheaper than increasing pledge to $100 bundle where the next T-shirt is. If you want the T-shirt just manage your pledge and add $25 and that will take care of shipping fees. Thanks Mathis!

    19. Mathis Bastholm Broe on

      do you get a t shirt in the wicked audio bundle pledge? ore shall i chance my plegde for the early crow bundle?

    20. ChondroStrike Creator on

      Thanks for the support Mathis! Yes if you pledge $35 but choose the Wicked Audio bundle, then you'll make sure shipping is paid for to ship it to you in Denmark. We'll get you those Headphones shipped out next month and the game as soon as we can. Thanks for the support! Keep sharing it with others.

    21. Mathis Bastholm Broe on

      I have pledge for the wicked audio bundle. shall i plegde 35 dollars, too make sure that i get it sent too my adress in denmark europe?

      I am waiting paciently for too play it. and i hope i will get it before i am ship out too afghanistain in august:D

      and th too scott and brian on the TMS show too promote this game.

    22. Christine on

      Wanted to let you know that I heard about this from Scott and Brian on The Morning Stream. They have been promoting the bejeezers out of this. I show my support with my pledge and look forward to playing! :)

    23. ChondroStrike Creator on

      Brian, you are most definitely still entered into the "Face in the Game Contest." Anyone who pledges $25 or more is entered into the contest. We want to reward our Early Backers like yourself! Thanks for supporting us!

    24. Brian McCoy on

      Since I have the early crow bundle, does that mean I am not entered in the "Face in the game " contest?

    25. ChondroStrike Creator on

      Hey Adam,

      Thanks for the kind words. We're glad you found us by listening to The Morning Stream. Scott Johnson is a great friend of ours and awesome supporter of Halfling Wars. Keep listening to his show and read his blog because we have exclusive giveaways and prizes coming up on his show.

    26. Adam Hicks on

      Hey guys just wanted to say the game looks awesome and I can't wait. Also wanted to let you know that I heard about you via The Morning Stream with Scott Johnson and Brian Ibbott.

    27. ChondroStrike Creator on

      Hey Donald,

      Thanks for asking. Normally no, but since you asked, we'd be happy to give you the Early Crow Bundle along with any other award you want to pledge for as long as you match the pledge amount of the new award you want. So if you want the $150 reward, pledge $150 and will give you the Early Crow Bundle as well. Please add a note to your pledge that you qualified for the Early Crow Bundle if possible. If not we have your comment on record so that will work too. Thanks for your support!

      -The Halfling Wars Team

    28. Donald P. Rule on

      If I upgrade to one of the new awards will I still be eligible for the Early Crow Bundle?