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Dan Deitrich is recording an EP of original songs - and you are the record label that will mix, master, and unleash these tunes upon the world!

The Scoop:

Over the past year or so, I've been writing and slowly recording a fresh batch of songs. With the money raised from this campaign, I'd like to get these songs professionally mixed, mastered and then released as a physical CD as well as on iTunes. This Kickstarter thing lets us join forces to release this collection of songs together.

The Project:

Matter is a collection of songs written about the need many of us have to do something meaningful with our lives, to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, to leave a mark. In short, we want to matter. These songs touch on the despair of feeling alone, lost, or stuck as well as the hope that comes from friends, family, and God.

To listen to some of the rough mixes of these songs check out

The Details:

The recording process is happening at the Music Box in St. Joseph, MI, a sweet little studio/rehearsal space run by the super-talented Mike Koch. I am usually my own engineer, that is, I set up the mics, run the cables, hit record, yell at myself to go get myself a latte, etc. Though this is, I guess, a "solo project", the guys from my band, Johnny's Little Rocketship have added healthy doses of awesomeness along the way.

The mixing will be done by Scott Bozack of Big Gig Productions. Mixing is the critical process where each individual instrument or vocal track is pumped through ancient, magical boxes with glowing radio tubes and dials that go to 11 and then set at just the right volume and place within the song. Scott mixed the last Johnny's Little Rocketship album and I'm pumped to be working with him again.

If funds allow, the EP will be mastered by Glenn Brown in Lansing Michigan. Like Scott, we worked with Glenn on the last Johnny album and he's pretty legit. Mastering is where all of the complete songs are sent through similar magical glowing boxes and brought up (or down) to the same volume level. This is also when the songs are set in the particular order you will hear them on the EP.

After mixing and mastering, the final product will be shipped to Disc Makers to be turned into a beautiful, shrink-wrapped CD (click the link for an example:! Artwork for the EP is being wrought by my good friend, Matt Geiger.


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    You get a high-five! If you're not around to receive said high-five you may opt for an MP3 of a Matter EP B-side (it's a cover of the 80's song Don't You Want Me Baby).

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    Six bucks gets you a digital download of the Matter EP via, the B-side mp3, a Matter sticker, plus that high-five.

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    A contribution of $10 or more gets you a physical copy of the Matter EP before it is officially released, the B-side mp3, plus a Matter sticker.

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    For a contribution of $15 or more you get the MP3, the Matter EP, Matter sticker, plus my band's last album: If There's Good In This World.

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    For a contribution of $25 or more you get all of the above plus you get to SING BACK UP on the recording of the title track, Matter. Yeah, you and the $25 gang come into the studio and record a group vocal track. And since your voice will be on this recording your name will have to be in the liner notes. Bonus! (if you live far away we might have to Skype you in or something)

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    For a $50 contribution you get all of the above plus you (well, the paper cutout version of you) will appear in a stop-action, paper cutout MUSIC VIDEO for one of the songs from the Matter EP (like the intro video on this page).

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    For a $100 contribution you get all of the above plus I will record a cover of any song you want. You want to hear the Dan version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song? I'm on it. Obscure Weezer B-side? Done. Lady Gaga's Poker Face? I would secretly frown upon your taste in music, but hey, a deal's a deal.

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    For a $150 contribution you get all of the above plus I will cook dinner for you and a friend. I will also awkwardly serenade you while you tell me how good my spaghetti is. (Gotta live near St. Joe for this one)

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    All of the above* plus a full-on concert in your living room. Pitch in with some friends for this one! You bring the people, I'll kick the jams. *Spaghetti dinner not included.

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