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“A Perfect Pair” tackles one of the major topics that continue to influence young women: breast size.

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Today, young women are bombarded by a world that is “perfect.” What is their response? They are sexting. They are bullied and ostracized. They are relying on celebrities as role models. Too often teen depression and suicide top the daily headlines.

As a young woman, I have seen and felt firsthand the social pressures that accompany womanhood. Girls are scrutinized by their peers, judged by their looks, speech and abilities.

In a whimsical and light-hearted way, “A Perfect Pair” points out the flaws in society regarding chest size and what is considered “perfect” or “beautiful.” Any woman reading is reassured of her personal beauty and praised for her confidence and uniqueness. 

The word count totals 287 words and pen and ink sketches by Jess Polanshek accompany each line of text. The brevity of the book allows readers to pause and think carefully about the message, while they enjoy a quirky presentation.

“A Perfect Pair” will appeal to all women — regardless of age.The message of self-confidence is timeless and the text’s humor breaks the ice when it comes to a slew of subjects: hormones, men, bullying, and, of course, loving oneself.

What is needed:  All text and illustrations for the "A Perfect Pair" is completed. All formatting and design is finished. 

In order to self-publish "A Perfect Pair" through Red Barn Books, based in Shelburne, VT plus jump-start marketing costs, a total of $5,000 is needed. 

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Once published, marketing will be the next hurdle to overcome. While difficult, this all will be done with my determined and enthused spirit.


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