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The Big Feminist BUT is a comics anthology about modern women's--and men's--attitudes towards feminism. BACK IT UP!
The Big Feminist BUT is a comics anthology about modern women's--and men's--attitudes towards feminism. BACK IT UP!
444 backers pledged $16,347 to help bring this project to life.

The BUT's in the mail!

Hello BUT-believers!

We are running around like chickens with their butts cut off to get your Big Feminist BUT copies out to you by early next week! That means you should be receiving your copy, (digital and/or print) of The Big Feminist BUT the week of April 29 at the latest (International backers, please tack on an additional week or two to that).

Look! The BUT is literally in the mail

If that action shot of the post office does not properly convey the excitement we feel in finally getting this book out to you - our number one fans and total BFF's - then maybe these pictures of our Big Feminist BUT stuffing party will!

Check out this action shot of us stuffing envelopes full of BUTS!

Or this one of Big Feminist BUT contributor, Sarah Oleksyk, and BFB super bro, Tom Neely, sketching in the copies of Pet Noir: An Illustrated Anthology of True Pet Crime Stories (Manic D Press, 2007) featured at the $30 Reward Level.

Does that comics anthology feature their work? NO! But they have illustration and cartooning superpowers that enable them to draw SUPER FRICKIN' FAST! And we are on a mission to get these books into your hands TOUT SUITE so you can enjoy it in the comforts of your home just like this:


We can't wait for you to get your hands on our BUTS!

AND we have more exciting news to share with you next week!

Till then, we'd like to thank Sarah and Tom for the hours of manual labor they generously donated to the BUT stuffing cause. You dudes ROCK!

And the rest of you dudas and dudes rock too. Again, we can't thank you enough. Although it might not seem like fun to stuff hundreds of envelopes, it's been very rewarding to personally fulfill our backer orders.

So be on the lookout in both your inbox and mailbox - The Big Feminist BUT is coming for you!

Big Backer Group Hug,

Joan & Shannon


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    1. Missing avatar

      thankyouturtle on

      I'm still waiting for mine to arrive - should I be worried?

    2. Karen E Starr on

      I just got my books in the mail and I love it!!! This is the Feminist Comic Anthology I've been waiting for. Especially memorable were "Doesn't This Baby Understand We're trying to Redefine Gender Roles?" and "Eminent Victorians" but actually every story was just great. I am sooo glad I supported this comic!

    3. Rinu on

      Great. Thanks for news. I look forward to read PDF edition :).

    4. Rullakebab99 on

      Sweet, i´ve been looking forward to this. :D cheers!

    5. Shannon O'Leary and Joan Reilly Creator on

      Thanks, Erica! Psstt.. just between us, I had to look up Tout Suite ;) - Can't wait to hear what you think of the BUT!

    6. Erica Friedman on

      You folks are awesome - and you spell 'tout suite' correctly! I weep tears of editorial joy.