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The Big Feminist BUT is a comics anthology about modern women's--and men's--attitudes towards feminism. BACK IT UP!
The Big Feminist BUT is a comics anthology about modern women's--and men's--attitudes towards feminism. BACK IT UP!
444 backers pledged $16,347 to help bring this project to life.

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It's Big Feminist BUT Book Party Time!

Hey BUT Girls and Boys!

Hope you're having a great Summer! What a week it's been for gender equality, eh? US Senator Wendy Davis filibusters her way to feminist super-heroine status by fighting for women's health in Texas! The Supreme Court strikes down DOMA and Proposition 8, making marriage a "genderless institution." Hurray! There's a lot to celebrate.

So come on down to Housing Works Bookstore in New York City and party with us on Monday, July 8th for the official Big Feminist BUT release party!

All of the books sold that night will go to support Housing Works' noble efforts in the twin fights against AIDS and homelessness. A whole bunch of The Big Feminist BUT gang will be at the event which will also feature a special guest appearance from one of our all time, favorite feminist super-heroes and Kickstarter backers - Shannon's Dad!

Here's the Facebook Invite if you'd care to share it with your friends or RSVP:

A special prize awaits you, our main peeps and BUT buddies for life, if you come on by. Not only will you get to meet Shannon's Dad, but you will get a FREE poster Joan is making for the event. Just come up and introduce yourself and we'll give you the goods. We can't wait to meet some of you in da flesh!

Now a couple items of business:

1) If you enjoyed The Big Feminist BUT, consider dropping us off some review love over at Amazon:

or Goodreads:

2) If you haven't received your book yet, please let us know. We are sending out re-shipments as necessary and don't want to miss any of you.

Oh! And one more thing, check out our new website that our friend and BUT backer, Levon Jihanian designed for us:

Hope to see some of you at Housing Works in... like, a week! We're also planning more events around the US soon so stay tuned!

All our best,

Joan & Shannon

The BUT's in the mail!

Hello BUT-believers!

We are running around like chickens with their butts cut off to get your Big Feminist BUT copies out to you by early next week! That means you should be receiving your copy, (digital and/or print) of The Big Feminist BUT the week of April 29 at the latest (International backers, please tack on an additional week or two to that).

Look! The BUT is literally in the mail

If that action shot of the post office does not properly convey the excitement we feel in finally getting this book out to you - our number one fans and total BFF's - then maybe these pictures of our Big Feminist BUT stuffing party will!

Check out this action shot of us stuffing envelopes full of BUTS!

Or this one of Big Feminist BUT contributor, Sarah Oleksyk, and BFB super bro, Tom Neely, sketching in the copies of Pet Noir: An Illustrated Anthology of True Pet Crime Stories (Manic D Press, 2007) featured at the $30 Reward Level.

Does that comics anthology feature their work? NO! But they have illustration and cartooning superpowers that enable them to draw SUPER FRICKIN' FAST! And we are on a mission to get these books into your hands TOUT SUITE so you can enjoy it in the comforts of your home just like this:


We can't wait for you to get your hands on our BUTS!

AND we have more exciting news to share with you next week!

Till then, we'd like to thank Sarah and Tom for the hours of manual labor they generously donated to the BUT stuffing cause. You dudes ROCK!

And the rest of you dudas and dudes rock too. Again, we can't thank you enough. Although it might not seem like fun to stuff hundreds of envelopes, it's been very rewarding to personally fulfill our backer orders.

So be on the lookout in both your inbox and mailbox - The Big Feminist BUT is coming for you!

Big Backer Group Hug,

Joan & Shannon

The BUT goes to press!

Hey there, BUT Buddies!

It's been far too long since we last spoke.

We've been butt deep in final book production tasks but are happy to report that The Big Feminist BUT is headed to the printers this Friday, March 15th. Yay! We know that's a bit later than we indicated in our last update and apologize for the delay. We are, however, confident, that you'll find the final product well worth the wait.

Our printer, 1984 Printing, expects the books to be delivered to us no later than April 8th. After that, we'll be sending them to you hot off the presses, along with any premiums you ordered, quick as bunnies. We anticipate getting PDF copies of the book out to you much sooner and will update you next week with the ETA on those.

In the meantime, enjoy these illustrations of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Waves of Modern Feminism that Joan drew for the book's Introduction. If you're so inclined, you can play spot the iconic feminist in each drawing! And if you're not, you can console yourself with thoughts of the  Big Feminsit BUT themed posters you'll be receiving if you are having your book and any other premiums shipped to you!

And, once again, thanks. We are so excited about how well this book has turned out and can't wait for you to see it!

Yours truly,

Shannon & Joan

1st Wave!

2nd Wave!

3rd Wave!

BFB Progress Report, Survey Alert and more Art for your eyeballs!

Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR, Backers of the BUT!

How are you? We hope 2013 is treating you well so far! Here’s the lowdown on where things are at with the BUT:

Finishing the book: The book’s interiors are currently being finalized, and, after reviewing printer turnaround times, reward fulfillment and shipping logistics the delivery date may be a bit later than we initially estimated. Mid-March, rather than the end of February, is probably more realistic (we’ll be updating you with a more exact ETA shortly).

Tallying up who gets what: Please be on the lookout for the backer surveys we’re sending out this week--the sooner we get your replies, the sooner we can start rounding up your rewards to ship along with your books!

Feelin’ grateful: Between the vigorous support of our backers, the love and attention we got from all corners of the online media world, and the amazing artwork that was both contributed to the book and donated to the campaign, we are feeling mighty fortunate. And speaking of artwork, we can now share this bad-ass art print from Angie Wang with you! Any backers who pledged at the $50 Art Collector level have the option of choosing this print as their reward.

Well, that’s it for now--we’ll be in touch again soon. Again, please do keep an eye out for those backer surveys, so you can get what’s coming to you sooner rather than later!

All our very best wishes for the new year,

Shannon & Joan

Big BUT Crosses Finish Line, Everyone Wins!

Hello and Happy Xmas Eve to all 444 of our terribly attractive backers! Congratulations, YOU DID IT! Thanks to you, The Big Feminist BUT will be finished, printed and unleashed upon the world. We are so grateful to each and every one of you. We hope you love the book as much as we do, and that you enjoy your other fancy rewards as well.

And speaking of fancy rewards, GREAT NEWS: We reached our stretch goal, so everyone who pledged $25 or more will be receiving two 8x10 color posters from the “Art BUTs In” collection, in addition to the other rewards they ordered!

To those of you who ordered the book as a gift, rest assured that we will be sending out personalized e-cards to your gift recipients by midnight tonight (or tomorrow morning, if you specified as such), in their respective time zones. Once your recipient’s e-card has been sent, you will be notified directly.

A note on your pledge payments: When the payment is processed, the charge will be listed on your statement as “Paco Popcorn,” but don’t worry, it’s going to The Big Feminist BUT.

Happy Holidays to you all, and again, thanks for backing up the BUT!

Shannon & Joan