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The Orbit defines what a smartphone mount should be, offering infinite adjustability and zero frustration. Form and function delivered.
1,882 backers pledged $63,457 to help bring this project to life.

Almost there!

Posted by Jon Norton & Joe Molinari (Creator)

Hey guys,

I just wanted to throw out a quick update with regards to final parts and shipping. The tool is here, yes, but of course it couldn't have gone as smoothly as we expected. We were told the tool was supposedly damaged in transit and a core pin had to be replaced. We will see first production samples by monday the 5th, make all approvals and then proceed to running the entire batch. Shipping is just around the corner. 

I know, I know, a lot of you can't believe it's finally happening. We can't believe it! Our public stoning will finally be over!!! We really appreciate all of the support form so many of you. You have kept a smile on our face and kept us from killing each other. : )

On another note...

We were flattered to see that someone out else out there really knew their stuff and beat us to market with the iStand! : ) We had to see it for ourselves so we ordered one. Got it today. I must say, it was an eye opener for us. So we made a little video of the two in a side by side throw-down. Check it out... oh, and disregard the white suction cups, they were just a sample batch. 

As soon as we get final shots in hand we will post the pics.

Thanks again guys! 

Jon & Joe

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    1. Federico Faenza on

      another month has passed. Happy Birthday estimated delivery date! :)

      So, production should be almost finished! When can we expect the tracking numbers?

    2. Rose Vines on

      I'm so looking forward to receiving this thing! Thanks for your great work and attention to detail.

    3. MOKU on

      Today is the day "samples by monday the 5th" hope all things went perfect for you guys...

    4. Zane Lee on

      Also, what's really amazing is that despite all the negative and discouraging comments about Jon and Joe, these two really endured everything while still having a manufacturing nightmare of their own. They never once lost sight of the vision that this would be a quality product capable of what you've seen in the demo video above (robust and reliable). Really proud of you guys for staying positive and enduring all the public stoning while continuing to develop and bring the product out in the best quality possible. I'm pretty sure $15 is now a steal for these because with all the time and money invested, retail price of the Orbit will definitely be at least $30! I'm glad I got a bargain with my $75 pledge! :D

    5. Zane Lee on

      These samples look great! I'm really glad that Jon and Joe have continued on despite all the challenges! Sure it definitely took over a year to get it going, but seriously, I think Joe and Jon may possibly have exhausted all the funds they got, which is barely $57k after the Amazon and Kickstarter takes a cut off. Going through this many revisions to get the final product isn't easy, and $57k isn't exactly a lot of money.

      I'm really happy with what these two dedicated people have done and I never once complained about the money because this is what Kickstarter truly is all about. Jon and Joe, kudos to you guys and I hope once the final product is finished, you guys will be able to get these thing going hot and popular and earn some money back with all the time and money you've invested into the project.

      Perhaps some marketing to do but shouldn't be a huge problem once people start seeing how well-built this thing is! It's really close to the original vision of how it should work, although it took a painfully long time to get here and sacrificing the colour options. But we never did paid extra for the colour options, so I guess we shouldn't complain! Black looks great and for those looking to bulk sale these things, having a generic colour is better than ordering different colours not knowing which would be popular (hence leaving the unpopular ones unwanted and unsold).

    6. Josh Wright & June Lai on

      Well done guys. This video perfectly illustrates the difference between real product development and a cheap copycat product. I think what you have created is great, and I appreciate the hard work you have continued to put into it. The final result looks outstanding and I sincerely look forward to using mine.

      Also, to everyone expressing doubts about it working for the iPhone 5, I have two comments. First, go get a suction cup and test it on your iPhone 5's metal back. I have found that suction cups work just fine on my iPhone 5. Secondly, if you are still concerned, there are many cases available that have smooth plastic surfaces that are perfect for suction cups.

      Lastly, Jon and Joe please check the KS message I sent regarding my change in address. I am really looking forward to receiving your product. :-)

    7. Pasha on

      Nice demo~

      Gotta give the Chinese props on speed-to-market though ; p

    8. Reggie Clark on

      Wow, I am glad to see after all the missteps that you are making a first class product.

    9. Missing avatar

      Seshu on

      Hi, Can you pls let me know if it works with Galaxy Note II which was launched recently?

    10. Denis Surkov on

      Poor iPhone...
      Glad I will have original Orbit and not the knock-off :P

    11. Alan Languirand on

      Hi guys - I've moved since I participated in this. Are you going to be asking for updated shipping addresses?

    12. Missing avatar

      Glenn Hansen on

      Nice job guys! And way to beat down that thief! Joe, I've known you long enough to know you'd put out a quality product. No worries on the delays. Good things come with patience and perseverance.

    13. A. Joseph

      Don't forget to do some actual driving test to really get a feel of the orbits strengths! Can't wait to get mines.

    14. Jayson Allen on

      Guys, very cool. Excited to see the ease of use and quality fit/finish. Since we're getting pretty close to ship, can I update my mailing address somehow? I don't see how to do it via Kickstarter.

    15. Missing avatar

      Craig Weber on

      LOL Awesome video! Great to see the Orbit beat down the knock-off. Keep up the good work.

    16. Justin Bradfield on

      Oh the product looks great by the way impressive video.

    17. Justin Bradfield on

      Has there been any testing with the iPhone 5? I have a back screen protector on mine I was wandering if it will hold the aluminum back as well as the glass.

    18. Missing avatar

      Colonel Fubar on

      Now that I have an iPhone 5, could you please make a video showing if and how Orbit works with the aluminum back ?

    19. Missing avatar

      Roy Hubler on

      it is there that the pros and the amateurs separate. I'll enjoy a so fine and achieved product.

    20. Missing avatar

      EntropyCoM on

      Will move shortly... an have to change shipping address, too. Any ideas how to?

    21. Missing avatar

      Mary Hasper on

      That video is hysterically all have obviously done much more real-life testing than " he" did. Congratulations on a wonderful product! I am anxious to see the finished product, knowing that it will work to all my expectations. The wait...just the price of doing business. No problems here...

    22. Tim Calvin on

      I just wanted to stop by and say thanks.
      It's been a long journey, and people have been overly harsh with you guys. Even things that seem easy can be very, very difficult- especially if you want to do them right. And everything about what I've seen from you guys is about trying to make the Orbit right.
      Thank you for sticking with this.
      I'm looking forward to my Orbit.

    23. Melvin Chia on

      Hi Jon & Joe,
      Considering that this project HAD an estimated delivery date of Dec 2011, and watching the clock Dec 2012 looks more likely to be the actual delivery date.

      Considering that Apple had already moved on from its original design of using GLASS as the iPhone 5 backplate medium, and has changed to using matte-aluminum instead, rendering the suction cup of the Orbit unusable on the iPhone 5 backplate.

      Can you provide an option or adapter which allows us to use the Orbit to work with our new iPhone 5?

      Saying this, I'm actually going along the lines that I do not wish to have a refund or any form of compensation for the Orbit not making its delivery target, nor rejecting the Orbit for being made for a now obsolete iPhone.

      I'm asking if the Orbit can be further future-proofed along Apple design lines, to support the iPhone 5 or more?

    24. Missing avatar

      Aaron Hulsîzer on

      i update to iphone 5 and chose to put a leather skin on the back of the iPhone vs. buying a case.... i didn't really like the 2 -tone look and chose the uniformity of a black leather on the back but now i fear orbit won't keep a tight seal on leather?... once i get the orbit, i guess my leather back iphone 5 will be real test to see if it can hold....

    25. Darva Campbell on

      That was fun to watch! Thanks!

    26. Missing avatar

      BW on

      Looks awesome. Way to go guys.

    27. Khaled on

      This is really now putting things into perspective.
      you guys have put in the effort and the sweat and all the blood and tears from your stoning to make this - it's exactly what i'm looking for :)
      Cant wait for it to be honest!

    28. Nathan Leland on

      Hey guys, the video is cute but don't under estimate the damage an inferior product can do. Visually they are very similar, people will associate performance with the form, branding will matter. Differentiate ourselves however you can.

    29. Missing avatar

      Claude on

      I also need to update my new address. Please let me know how I can do this.

    30. Mike Kor on

      I have moved since I first ordered this. How do I change my shipping address?

    31. Missing avatar

      Tracey Waldron on

      Hilarious. It still does not excuse the lack of updates. The lack of communication is inexcusable. That is the only thing that I am angry about. Even a monthly update of some sort letting us know you were alive would have been enough.

    32. Missing avatar

      Ricky on

      You guys are doing great work!!! Thanks for fighting against the problems/delays and still keeping your morals high. Is there a way I can order more then my original pledge to support you guys further?

    33. Missing avatar

      Richard Weil on

      After watching the video I am now getting impatient - looks just what I need. Well done! Looks like it will be well worth the wait.

    34. Jon Norton & Joe Molinari Creator on

      Estimating 10 days of run time once in the queue. Believe it or not cycle time is quite long for the ball side due to its thick wall sections. Told a few minutes between shots, meaning roughly 8-9 days running 24hrs/day.

    35. Adam Behrmann on

      Oh my heck!! I love this video Jon!! So happy to see this coming out so well!!

    36. MOKU on

      Oh it snaps on... I was wondering how it would work... Looks good guys....

    37. Drew on

      Assuming you sign-off on the samples you are getting on the 5th.. how long to run the whole batch?