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Open up your digital worlds with the most sophisticated, intuitive android smart projector.
Open up your digital worlds with the most sophisticated, intuitive android smart projector.
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ODIN2 Summer Update

Posted by Alex Yoo of Dos Owls (Creator)

Hi Backers!

Hope you are enjoying the summer weather.  

I just came back from meeting our engineers in Shenzhen, China a few days ago.  It has been some time since the last update, and I apologize for the silence - I was waiting on a couple of items to finalize.  

I took the video below at the engineering office that shows ODIN2 powering up and turning on the screen and projector.

There are two major roadblocks that are hindering us in going to the next step - touch panel and rotational hinge.

Touch Panel is the piece that goes on top of the screen that allows for screen touch control.  We think there is a software bug from the touch panel supplier - we don't think it is a bug from our PCB firmware.  Not sure if the bug is from the actual touch panel or the microchip related to the touch panel but we working diligently to figure it out.

Hinge is the piece that allows ODIN2 to rotate up and down to adjust for different viewing angles.  We have gone through a few iterations already and the latest version was a lot better in terms of smoothness and the way it closed.  However, I am still not sold on this latest iteration and may look into a different type of hinge design.  

Below picture shows the inside guts, outside shell and screen.

I am disappointed that we will not meet the initial delivery date but I think it is more important to deliver a quality product. I will be going back to Shenzhen next month and I hope to start on moulding at that time.

Best regards,

Alex Yoo

Dos Owls

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    1. Alex Yoo of Dos Owls 2-time creator on

      @Ms. Robin Adair: totally understand your frustration. Currently in Canada and the prototype was delivered today - late - to my apt. Will be back in New York on 16th and will test prototype for a few days and send update by 20th.

      I am more frustrated than anyone. Please bear with me. Alex

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      Ms. Robin Adair on

      Alex Yoo,

      Your Kick Starter project is the FIRST I pledged for - supported. I do NOT consider myself Kick Starter literate, but when I am told a target delivery date and then that date passes with NO word from the creator, I begin to wonder. By Aug. 15, 2017 I will begin to WORRY.

      With all of the communications - contact options available in today's world, even though you are UNLIKELY to have time to respond to each - every message, I know of NO reason why you can not update all supporters/investors with the most current AND realistic ship date you can provide.

      GOOD luck and I sure hope to hear from you very SOON.

      Mrs. Robin A-W

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      William Majhor

      Guys, It's been several weeks since your last update. Can you please provide some clarity on when this project will be in production and when it is expected to deliver? Pictures of actual production and inventory would be helpful.

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      Joshua Q-Davila on

      What's the newest approximation date? And next update?

    5. Roberto Tagliento on

      Thank you about the update I am crossing my finger for you, your team and all of us. It is much more important the quality product.


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      great to hear the team is working on this full force. Best of luck and can't wait to get the product!

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      Mark Patel

      Brilliant, thanks for being honest with us and for the short video showing the prototype. Much appreciated

    8. Missing avatar

      Charles Clee on

      Alex, you have a good track record of getting some things right, just watch the cash burn as time marches on. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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      @Alex, thank you for the concern of quality, I agree that is more important to me then a delivery date which is really an approximation since Kickstarter is not a store. Keep us posted on your next trip and hopefully things will go well.