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Morally wrong but politically right.
Morally wrong but politically right.
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5 Updates Coming to Limpeh Says!! NUMBER 4 WILL SHOCK YOU!!!

Posted by YONG (Creator)


And happy holidays to all of you. New Year's coming soon, and unless you're like me, you probably have friends and family to spend it with. Please drink responsibly. By that I mean don't spill your glass, you foetus.

Here's the promised update. By the way, you might want to read point 4 & 5.

It's important.


Limpeh Says v1.2


1. Losing your Kickstarter virginity

According to our Backers' Report, over half of our backers are new to Kickstarter and it must be a very scary experience for them, and many are asking about delivery addresses. We will send out a survey to everyone when the campaign ends for all your personal details.

A few of you are worried that we may take your money and run. While that is entirely possible, we are not going to do it because of two very simple reasons:

  • It is 1000x more money than I have in my bank account, I have no idea what to do with it other than buying a lifetime's supply of chicken rice.
  • We don't want to go to jail

2. Production & Delivery Timeline

We mentioned that we would try our best to get it out in time for Chinese New Year so you can have an awkward time playing it with your family members.

Unfortunately, production on the printer's side will be delayed by a short while due to Chinese New Year (printing company will close for 3 weeks), therefore we will not be in time to get it out by then. So, joke's on all of us I guess..

But with that being said, we're still on track for March release, like mentioned in the campaign.

3. The Special 1-Set for you snowflakes

Once we get a final quotation from our printer, we will start messaging all 38 of you (currently) and proceed with step-by-step layman instructions on how to create your own shitty cards. Until now, just hang on tight, and don't die.


We spent an hour discussing how we're going to settle this, because Limpeh Says isn't a 'product' where we can add different coloured tiers, or extra functionality to it. Having tiered stretch goals isn't really what we want to do as well, because there's only so many ways we can add-value to our already awesome product.

So here's the plan. We're going to unlock all "stretch goals" at once, and it will be included for backers past, present, and future until the campaign ends. By tomorrow, the campaign should be updated with extra text and visuals regarding these changes:

  • + 5 Red Cards
  • + 5 White Cards
  • + Better card quality
  • + Better box quality
  • + Kickstarter Special Expansion Pack "Limpeh Says: CNY Ang Paos"
  • + 1 Super Special Kickstarter Backer's card ;-)

5. Kickstarter Special Expansion Pack
"Limpeh Says: CNY Ang Paos"

Like it's name suggests, it will be packaged in an Ang Pao and will be exclusive to our Kickstarter Backers only. It will contain 10 Red Cards, and 10 White Cards.

5 of each will be community-suggested and voted cards. Of course, rules and regulations has to apply because we're in Singapore. But we will scan through for any 'illegal' suggestions, and from there on it's strictly on a voting basis. So if you want to see 'Harambe' in the set, you know what to do.

But what about the remaining 5 Red and White cards?

Here's where it gets interesting.

We're hoping to invite local personalities/celebrities to create their own custom cards to be released in the expansion pack. Such people should be very involved in the local culture, or are in one way or another doing work that revolves around it. We have yet to contact all of them, but here are our five names:

  • Samantha Lo A.K.A The Sticker Lady
  • Chua En Lai from The Noose
  • Lee Kin Mun A.K.A Mr Brown
  • ??
  • ??

The question marks! What do they mean?!

Well, we're letting YOU suggest who you want to see contribute to YOUR exclusive expansion pack. Wah, exciting right? So just comment on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Kickstarter page name(s) of people you'd like to see in the ang pao cards.

And that's it

We will do weekly updates every Tuesday on our progress, and in the mean time, feel free to comment or message us should you have any queries.

Thank You!

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    1. Shaun Tay on

      Kumar please. He's been straight up real with local culture and um 'sensitivity'. Perfect choice.

    2. Guan

      Please, no Phua Chu Kang. He's passe. Michelle Chong in whatever becos she is truly talented. How about Adrian Pang? Dr Tan Cheng Bock? :-)

    3. Missing avatar

      Choo Ying Ci on

      Consolidated suggestions for celebs to be involved:
      1. Michelle Chong as Lulu or Barbarella
      2. Xiaxue
      3. Steven Lim

    4. Adelynn on

      Who is Samantha Lo?
      I like the idea of Kumar and Phua Chu Kang. Lulu is funny but not sure if she is involved in local culture?

    5. Collateral Damage Studios on

      How about Dan Wong? (
      Special illustrated cards ftw.

    6. Missing avatar

      Geraldine Lim on

      I ditto Michelle Chong as Barberella!

    7. Missing avatar

      Genevieve Lai on

      Michelle Chong - not as LuLu..but as Barbarella.
      Gurmit Singh aka Phua Chu Kang

    8. Missing avatar

      Joseph on

      Lulu will be good idea ^^.

    9. Missing avatar

      Haikal Yeo on

      How about Hossan Leong or Dick Lee?

    10. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Leow Collaborator on

      Hi Chen Zhi Lin,

      If you pledged for the 3-set, the new rewards will be included for EACH of your 3 sets.

    11. Chen Zhi Lin on

      If we pledged for the 3-set, will the new rewards be one set or in sets of 3? :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Choy Wen Qi, Brana on

      How adding some kpop famous Korean star like big bang, etc?

    13. Jonathan Ng on

      Benjamin Kou's suggestion on LuLu aka Michelle Chong does sound nice.

    14. YONG Creator on

      Confession: On one hand, I want the big man Lee to contribute, on the other hand, I don't want to wake up in North Korea.

    15. Jason Tan on

      here're my suggestions bro!! Hossan Leong, Suhaimi Yusof, Mark Lee, ok? thanks thanks, signing off!!

    16. Brenton Wong on

      Get David Gan to contribute.

    17. Benjamin Kou on

      How about LuLu aka Michelle Chong? Will be nicesi yesi yesii

    18. Missing avatar

      Tan Teck Chuan on

      Please try to include local comedian Kumar in your invite local personalities/celebrities program. His joke is mind blowing