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Ancient Empires rise and fall! Can you conquer the ancient world with the War and Empire Miniatures Game.
Ancient Empires rise and fall! Can you conquer the ancient world with the War and Empire Miniatures Game.
Ancient Empires rise and fall! Can you conquer the ancient world with the War and Empire Miniatures Game.
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''Legions of Rome'' expansion for War and Empire


Hi as a Backer of our original War & Empire Kickstarter we thought you would like to hear about our next project so here we go.

“Raise the Eagles high and prepare for War and Empire II, the Legions of Rome!”

Forged in Battle announce an ambitious plan for the Roman Empire.

As you know when Forged in Battle does a historical miniatures range they don't hold back! So when we announce a new project you know we just have to go big to do it justice. This is what we have planned for our new ''Legions of Rome'' expansion for War and Empire, our 15mm Ancients miniatures range. This new range will cover the rise of Rome beginning with the Augustan Legions, through the first century legionaries, armoured in their famous Lorica Segmentata, right up to the late second century AD. Plus we will have a host of enemies from Sassanid Persian armies through to the Franks, Saxons, Picts, Dacians and more than a few surprises......

Will you be a Centurion? 

Will you be a Legate?

Or will you be an Emperor?

Of course we will be using Kickstarter as our launch pad for this amazing range. If you backed us on War and Empire then you will know that we give our backers a very good deal so join us on this new conquest.

“It became apparent while we were running the first War & Empire Kickstarter that people really wanted those first century Roman legionaries with the Lorica Segmentata armour and the square shields. We had so many requests for those guys we knew right away what to make next. That's the beauty of Kickstarter, you get to hear wargamers opinions all in one place and that's priceless.”

Andy Cooper, Forged in Battle / West Wind, Head of Design

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    1. Missing avatar

      Neil Jones on

      I should know this possibly - when is the ruleset being released?

    2. Andy Cooper, West Wind Productions 6-time creator on

      @L'Emperor, we are so very very sorry about what happened yesterday. We are all thinking of you and sending the people strength at this time.

    3. L'Empereur on

      A good news in this world of terror !

    4. Paul Wilko on

      This is great news. Look forward to the expanded range.

    5. Sextus Pompeius on

      Forget my previous comment. Just been on the FB page - first week of December!

    6. Sextus Pompeius on

      When is the kickstarter going to launch for this?

    7. Missing avatar

      PIRON Xavier on


      Great news even if I have already a imperial rome army.

      I will looking for opponents.

      Will be possible to buy 1rst pledge miniatures with that pledge at discounted price ?



    8. Nigel Phillips

      I agree with Nick (where did I last hear that?) Aurelian 3 rd century and 4th would be great too, less competition too.

    9. Missing avatar

      Paul Kelly on

      Looking forward to these already being someone looking for these last time round :)

    10. Nick the Lemming on

      Don't suppose they'll go up to the Aurelian-era 3rd century will they?

    11. Pete Duckworth on

      I'm sure they will be gorgeous. It makes perfect sense as additions to the range.

      Shame though as there are loads of ranges for Imperial Rome but currently no decent figures for Early Italian Wars and such a colourful period with Landsknechts Gendarmes -plus super flags and artillery.Maybe next time?