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After being kicked out of a costume party, Anthony wanders Paris by night, dressed as a musketeer, haunted by visions of his ex, Giulia Read more

Paris, France Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on May 15, 2012.

After being kicked out of a costume party, Anthony wanders Paris by night, dressed as a musketeer, haunted by visions of his ex, Giulia

Paris, France Shorts
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About this project

After getting kicked out of a costume party, Anthony wanders the streets of Paris by night, dressed as a musketeer. Propelled by alcohol and the cold, Anthony is haunted by memories of, Giulia, the woman who left him.Through encounters and adventures in a dreamlike, urban landscape, Anthony must overcome the pain caused by Giulia's presence.

Giulia is a Parisian street movie. Beyond the universal story about break-ups, Giulia is an expression of generational unrest. Anthony’s disillusioned wandering is mixed with regret and nostalgia. 

The idea for Giulia has been developing in Barthélémy's mind for a long time. After a long period of reflection, and writing, the time has come for action. The shortfilm will be shot at the beginning of June 2012. We foresee six days of shooting on location in the streets of Paris and four weeks of post-production.

Giulia will be approximately 15 minutes in length. The goal is for Giulia to be selected at a prestigious film festival. (Berlin, Locarno, New York, Cannes, Venice, Silhouette, Clermont) 

Giulia is Barthélémy Etiévant’s third short film 


Anthony’s quest begins in the very center of Paris at Saint Sulpice. We follow him on his journey as he walks down the rue de Seine (see picture above), to the Parisian faubourgs (see picture below). Visions of Giulia appear randomly and repeatedly; in streets, shop windows (see picture above) and passers-by that Anthony encounters.



Giulia: Julia Molkhou

Julia is a young 27-year-old French actrice. After studying law in college, she took classes at the famous French theater school "Les Cours Florent"

Since December2011, Julia has worked as an on screen reporter for Canal +, a job which doesn't stop her from acting in many features:
"La mémoire dans la chair" by Dominique Maillet (2012)
"Le missionnaire" by Roger Delattre (2009)
"Brice de Nice" James Huth (2005)

Anthony: Barthélémy Étiévant


Executive Producer: Natasha Giliberti

Natasha is a budding Franco-American film producer. She's currently on staff at Tribe Pictures, a NJ-based production company, a job which doesn't stop her from producing various independent film projects. During her studies at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Natasha lived in Paris for a year, working in international sales at the prestigious French film company: Les Films du Losange founded by Eric Rohmer and Barbet Schroeder. Natasha also interned for United Talent Agency during the 2010 Cannes film festival which is where she met Barthélémy. Natasha has dual French American citizenship, and is 100% fluent in both languages. She is dedicated to producing projects with high artistic integrity and hopes to someday serve as a liason between French and American cinema. Giulia is her first foray into Franco-American film production. Natasha's producing credits include Journeymen (2011) dir. Sarah Jenkins, Pendulum (2012) dir. Seamus McNally, and Crossing the River (2012) dir. Emilie McDonald for which she and her team were able to raise $15,316 on Kickstarter! 

Producers: Simon Girard and Daphné Huas

First Assistant Director: Joseph Minster

After earning a degree in literature and film from La Sorbonne in Paris, Joseph Minister was accepted, into the prestigious film school, la Fémis in 2009. He is currently enrolled in La Fémis’ four-year directing program and is set to graduate in January, 2013. Joseph has directed a number of narrative and documentary projects which include orages (2012), Suzanne (2011), Sol et Nott (2011), Charbon (2009), and Révolution off (2009). He has worked as First Assistant Director on two narrative features. Joseph and Barthélémy worked together before on Joseph’s film Orages which Barthélémy starred in. 

Cinematographer: Sébastien Trân-Loustau

Sébastien studied cinematography at the French film school L’ESRA. During his time there, he spent a year abroad at NYU. Sébastien completed his education with an internship at Panavision where he prepared, tested, and analyzed film stock. Since 2009, Sébastien has worked as a camera assistant on numerous commercials for such brands as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Dolce & Gabana, and BNP Paribas. Sébastien has worked with such directors as Nicole Garcia and Jacques Audiard. Sébastien has shot a number of short films, which include among others: Dudas (2011), In the wild room (2010), Vandetta (2009), and Anthony et Mohamed (2008). Sébastien and Barthélémy have been friends for 15 years and worked together on Dudas and In the Wild Room.

Editor: Florent Thoraval

Written by: Mehdi Levêque

Second Assistant Director: Hadrien Touret


The budget for Giulia is 13,000 €. The equipment rental costs are 10,000€, which includes the cost of renting a high definition RED camera.

The crew won't be paid, but we'll do everything to have them working in the best possible conditions.

Most of the film will be shot in the streets of Paris. One scene, the party scene, takes place in a big apartment, the location for which which we have already locked.
Kickstarter money will be used to:
-Rent equipment
-Create the costumes
-Feed 20 people during the shoot
-Purchase make-up


Yes! This would be truly fantastic. Not only would exceeding our goal allow us to make a better movie, it would allow Natasha, our executive producer to fly to Paris for the shoot :) Kickstarter will allow as much money as is given before the deadline. Our goal is set on the lower end so we'd have a better chance of exceeding it. 


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