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A series of Carnival Games developed for mobile platforms with the Unity Engine

A series of Carnival Games developed for mobile platforms with the Unity Engine Read More
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Ridicule Games
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Ridicule Games

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About this project

Ridicule games presents in association with its loving fans

The Carnival games series for mobile 

The Dark Carnival is here and the Jesters battle has begun. Get enough points to free the Carnival from the Dark Jesters grasp and return the fun of the Carnival to the world. Can you save the Carnival by taking up the challenge of the Games? Will the Darkness hold the Carnival or will you return it to the Good. Are you up to the challenge? 

These games are the first games we intend to make as part of our video games company. This is a series of 4 Carnival style games for smart phones. We plan to continue and expand this series in the future but right now we need your help to get out of the queue and into the Funhouse.

The Four games we are releasing:
- Whac-a-Jester
              The Jesters are going to get a headache after this one. Aim for the
              Dark Jester and avoid the Good Jester to score as many points as
              you can. How good are your reactions? 
- Bumper Stars
              This game will need you to dodge and drive with the best of them.
              Collect as many stars as fast as you can in the time limit against
              the Jesters hand picked dodgems. Will you take the wheel?
- The Great Balloon Pop 
              The Good Jester has released balloons to celebrate you coming to
              the Carnival but as ever the Dark Jester has taken the opportunity to
              ruin it by filling the balloons with evil. Stop the balloons getting out 
              into the world. Are you fast enough?
- The Jester Knife Toss Challenge 
              The Dark Jester has made a special deal for this game. Both of the
              Jesters will be strapped to the Knife wheel and you have to throw.
              How good is your aim?

Ridicule Games is a brand new up and coming company run by two students, Jacob Harrison and Chris Weavill with the intention of breaking into the Games industry at app games and working towards other platforms. Our current aim is to release these 4 apps then to move onto our long term goal and bring the Carnival and open it to even more people.

We have a good idea and the knowledge and vision to complete it but our starting costs are stopping us from getting there. We want to build ourselves up as company and give you good games but to do that we need people who believe in us and will help us to achieve our goals.


Reward 1
These four games will be released at the same time and you will receive one of them for free. It will be entirely random which game you get and it will be one of the 4 games in the Carnival games series.

Reward 2
You have believed in us at the start and so we will send you a thank you from the bottom of our hearts in the form of a personalised email. We will also keep you up to date with future projects and inform you of new releases

These rewards will appear in everyones game. That's right the world will hear your voice or see your weapon, gun or bumper car!

Reward 3
We will put your voice in our game. We will need a short voice clip of you making a noise for us to put into our knife toss game for when the Jesters are hit with knives. Our only limitations are to keep any bad language and inappropriate sounds out, but apart from that have fun! You will also be given a copy of the Knife Toss game as reward #1

Reward 4
The Whac-a-Jester game is going to feature several weapons that the player will be able to choose from use in the game. We are going to put in a hammer as the default weapon but we are giving you the opportunity to put a weapon you have designed into the game. You will also be given a copy of the Whac-a-Jester game as reward #1

Reward 5
The Great Balloon Pop will have the player shooting as many balloons as possible with the dart gun as quickly as possible. For this the player will be using the gun we have designed but we we want your designs in there too! The gun can be anything you want from a realistic design to completely made up. You will also be given the Balloon Pop game as reward #1

Reward 6
In the Bumper Stars game there will be several other bumper cars trying to stop the you from getting to the stars and we want those cars to be designed by the people who are supporting us.
You will also be receive the Bumper Stars game as reward #1

All rewards where your designs are taken must be approved by the Ridicule games team. This is to make sure that designs can not get us or our company into any legal problems. If your design is rejected then you may create another design to replace it. Designs taken also become the intellectual property of Ridicule Games and are not allowed to be re-used without our consent and the consent of the original creator.

Work from previous projects

Risks and challenges

Our target is to release these game towards the end of May and we feel confident we can achieve that goal.

In preparation for launching our kickstarter we have created most of the assets for the games and are now moving onto the putting it all together.
Before moving onto our first commercial project we have both extensively tested and developed our skills in Unity to prepare us for the challenges we will face in development.
This preparation has led us to discover many times that the development process contains many obstacles and we have overcome them to get to this point.

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    You'll get a free copy of one of the four Carnival games

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    Pledge £4 or more About $6 USD

    We will send you a personalised email from the Ridicule Games team expressing our eternal gratitude + reward #1

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    Pledge £10 or more About $15 USD

    We will put a voice clip of you in the knife toss game when the player hits the Jester + reward #1 & #2

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    Pledge £30 or more About $46 USD

    We will put a weapon you have designed in the Whac a Jester game as a weapon for the player to use + reward #1 & #2

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    Pledge £50 or more About $76 USD

    We will create a Gun you have designed to be used in the Great Balloon Pop game as the players Gun + reward #1 & #2

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    Pledge £70 or more About $107 USD

    We will create a Bumper car you have designed to appear in the Bumper Stars game + reward #1 & #2

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