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Build, tax, and attack to become the next ruler of 11th century Kievan Rus. Rurik is a euro-style realm building game for 1-4 players.
Build, tax, and attack to become the next ruler of 11th century Kievan Rus. Rurik is a euro-style realm building game for 1-4 players.
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Watch Rurik live, Vote on honey pieces

Posted by PieceKeeper Games (Creator)

Hey backers,

Thanks to all our new supporters! We're so grateful for your help creating this game. In this update, we cover:

  • a live playthrough of Rurik
  • vote on the honey pieces
  • recently unlocked deed cards

We're making a great push towards unlocking the awesome plastic tray to hold the sleeved cards and leader minis - let's get it!

We also unlocked the higher quality household mats - great job!

Live Playthrough

If you wanted to watch Derek & Lizzy from Board Game Spotlight play Rurik live, click the link below to watch it on Facebook. The video can also be viewed afterwards if you miss it.

Watch a 2 player playthrough

Your vote counts! Which type of game piece do you want to represent honey?
Your vote counts! Which type of game piece do you want to represent honey?

Vote on Honey Pieces

We've been getting some great feedback from backers on various game components. It's time to put one of those suggestions to a vote!

We initially found that many playtesters wanted a translucent yellow plastic piece for honey, so that is what we have used until now. But we've had quite a few backers ask for this to be a custom wood piece in the shape of the honeycomb icon.

Which way do you prefer? We'll go with whichever type of piece the majority of backers prefer!!

Click to vote now

Deed Cards

You score the majority of points in Rurik via ruling lands, constructing buildings, and trading goods. But you can also score points by accomplishing great deeds

Two new deeds we unlocked!
Two new deeds we unlocked!

Deeds provide alternate scoring options during the game to reward you for collecting different combinations of resources or having specific configurations of buildings, among other deed requirements. You also earn a bonus action when you accomplish the deed. Players each gain one deed in between rounds and may occasionally gain additional deeds.

The two deeds we recently unlocked reward you for focusing on two different rarer resources - fur and honey, respectively.

Great Hunter gives you 2 points and a bonus move action for spending 2 fur (the scarcest resource) and having possession of the start player marker (the bear meeple).

Master Beekeeper gives you 2 points and a bonus build point for spending 2 honey and discarding a scheme card.

What aspects of Rurik would you like us to discuss in future updates? Let us know in the comments!

Happy gaming,

The PieceKeeper Games team [written by Kirk]

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    1. Missing avatar

      Karin KM

      A wooden honeycomb would be nice. No stickers required.
      Translucent cubes are diseases, really.... :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Michael Alexander

      I would also vote for translucent honeycomb (with the internal dividers as real honeycomb)
      but if that isn't, then a printed wood honeycomb.

    3. PieceKeeper Games 3-time creator on

      Thanks all for your input! Lots of things to consider. There aren't many games we have seen that have honey in them alongside other resources, so it's fun to figure out the ideal approach.

    4. Ethan Garrow on

      Why not translucent honeycomb shaped pieces?

    5. Dagda

      I don't have a Google account (and don't want to get one), so this is my vote: wood

    6. Mathew Hill

      My vote would be for translucent plastic but in the shape of the honeycomb as in the wood piece. Unfortunately that's not one of the options. :(

    7. Zach T.

      Nice! It will be interesting to see the game in action.

    8. Robert Pittman

      I, as well, vote for wood with some flair. :)
      The current form is quite dry to be honey. ;P

    9. Missing avatar


      Wood ... preferably silk screened.

    10. Missing avatar

      Michael Westberg on

      Good point - silk screening or stickers for wood meeples would be excellent. Possible unlock?

    11. Nezran on

      I prefer the consistency of wood.

    12. Tarrant

      Hit post too soon. Continuing from earlier post

      ...but I think the plastic itself is a bit jarring when dealing in a timeframe when plastic didn't exist.

      The wood piece shown is bland though. Maybe a silk screened image of the honey comb as shown on other images in the game.

    13. Tarrant

      I like the translucence look of the plastic piece

    14. Joseph Pilkus

      While the translucent cube looks great, I would stick to one medium, be it wood or plastic and don't have some of each. I personally prefer wood.

    15. Matthieu Pitre on

      I much prefer the wooden honeycomb, but it would really need a sticker or a printed icon on it or something