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Build, tax, and attack to become the next ruler of 11th century Kievan Rus. Rurik is a euro-style realm building game for 1-4 players.
Build, tax, and attack to become the next ruler of 11th century Kievan Rus. Rurik is a euro-style realm building game for 1-4 players.
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New leader unlocked, Upcoming live plays

Posted by PieceKeeper Games (Creator)

Hey backers,

Wow, we unlocked several new stretch goals, most notably the new leader mini and card! That is awesome. A special thank you to all our new backers!

We're officially in the "mid-campaign slump" part of a Kickstarter, which is perfectly normal - no need to be concerned about that. Let's keep knocking out stretch goals together in advance of a big finish. :)

Read on for more about unlocked and upcoming stretch goals and make sure to tune in for some upcoming live plays this week. Which characters would you like to see played in our 2 player livestream on Wed? Click to vote now!

Unlocked Stretch Goals

Since our last update, we have unlocked 4 goals. We unlocked the larger bear meeple, then quickly unlocked the newest leader.

Meet Predslava - one of Vladimir's daughters. We have limited historical insight into the lives of Vladimir's daughters, but we know Predslava ended up becoming a concubine of the first king of Poland, Bolesław I Chrobry (although that happened as a result of Bolesław raiding Kievan Rus in 1018 and capturing Predslava, along with some other noble women in Kiev).

We made Predslava a tough, yet kind character. She has a fun ability that helps her rule a land without actual combat and can even force an opponent to go into yet another opponent's land!

Her ability: "Once per round, you may move an opponent's troop in Predslava's land 1 space. That opponent gains 1 coin from the supply."

You can now play as Predslava in Rurik!
You can now play as Predslava in Rurik!

We also unlocked a new "Truce" Intrigue card for sharing a Facebook post. Great job!

Our latest unlocked social goal reward!
Our latest unlocked social goal reward!

Truce - "Players must pay 1 coin to place advisors on Attack."

Players will think twice about attacking in a round when Truce is in effect.

New Stretch Goals

This game tray will be awesome!
This game tray will be awesome!

Finally, we unlocked 2 new deed cards. We'll share more about those in our next update.

Up next at $65k we can improve the quality of the household mats - from 300 to 400 gsm C2S mats, making them even more durable at the highest level recommended by our manufacturing partners.

Then at $71k we get a really sweet plastic tray to hold all the leader minis, all the cards (even sleeved cards!) and some other components. Dan Cunningham is creating our trays - you can check out his previous work with the wonderful plastic trays in Lunarchitects and Gearworks.

Live plays of Rurik

This week there are 2 opportunities to watch Rurik played live. Both are on Facebook.

  • Wed, July 18 @ 8 PM CDT - Derek & Lizzy Funkhouser will play a 2 player game. Here is the link to the event.
  • Fri, July 20 @ time TBD - Stan (the designer), Ryan Metzler (from The Dice Tower), and Jeremy Howard will play a 3 player game.

We will send out a link to the Wednesday video when it is live, and also provide an update on the time of the Friday live play. 

What characters do you want to see Derek & Lizzy play with?

Click to vote now!

Happy gaming,

The PieceKeeper Games team [written by Kirk]


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    1. PieceKeeper Games 3-time creator on

      @Roman: Good question! At this point PieceKeeper Games will not be at Essen (Kirk and Emily are expecting their 2nd baby in Oct). But Rurik may be there to demo somehow. Not sure yet though!

    2. Roman Rak on

      Do you plan to come to Essen too? If yes, do you have a booth number for us :-)