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$19,606 pledged of $9,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$19,606 pledged of $9,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Missing avatar

      Scott C
      about 1 hour ago

      $19.5k SG done!!!

    2. That guy
      about 3 hours ago

      I am also rooting for the $22k stretch goal.

    3. Oregon Amy 1 day ago

      + 1 more fan for the female tinkerer. Games that represent diversity (both gender and ethnicity) really appeal to me!

    4. Oregon Amy 1 day ago

      Inspired by Jeff’s post and the story he mentioned about the butterfly, I’d love to see a clockwork hummingbird or sparrow, if that doesn’t add too many animals to the mix.
      Given the math element to the game, some sort of adding machine or mechanical computer could be fun!

    5. PieceKeeper Games 2-time creator 1 day ago

      @Jerry and Calyx: We are glad you really interested in the female tinkerer - we are too! Based on the amount of time left in the campaign, she will certainly be included in the game. It is more a matter of when we get to reveal her artwork.

      We prioritize modesty in games so she will be dressed appropriately. Thanks for checking about that!

    6. Missing avatar

      Calyx Cross 1 day ago

      I agree with Jerry Schippa. Would love to see at least one female tinkerer as a standard, rather than a stretch goal. I'm also hoping that she's not sexualized as tends to happen in our hobby. Really looking forward to the game.

    7. Chris 1 day ago

      I think a steampunk "guitar" is a must. I love the idea @Amy T of a clockwork heart. Very cool.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jerry Schippa 1 day ago

      I meant "underrepresented* not unrepresented

    9. Missing avatar

      Jerry Schippa 1 day ago

      I feel the female tinkerer should be a given instead of a stretch goal. I understand that artwork costs money, but female characters are unrepresented in the board game industry. It would be great the see some female artwork! BTW, played this game last night with Madison Board Games and Beer and can't wait to own a copy!

    10. PieceKeeper Games 2-time creator 1 day ago

      Awesome ideas! We'll be sending out a poll later today to vote, so please submit any other ideas very soon!

      We are avoiding steampunk weaponry, by design.

    11. David Dowbyhuz 2 days ago

      The Red Tinkerer: ARTIFICE

      Has echoes of names already suggested, with a uniquely dual meaning with regards to steampunkery. ;o)

    12. Amy T 2 days ago

      Had to spell check myself lol

    13. Cory 2 days ago

      Artemis for the red tinkerer.

    14. Amy T 2 days ago

      I would recommend changing "Robot" to "Automiton". It is more with the steampunk theme.

      For a new contraption, these are pretty common steampunk themed devices:
      - Automaton Horse
      - Clockwork Heart
      - Clockwork anything (watch, actual clock, etc)
      - Tesla was around the same time too, so maybe one of his crazy contraptions like a teleporter or cloning device or laser
      - Something involving the aetherial plane (looking glass, dimension shifter, monitoring device, etc)
      - Unless you are trying to avoid it, you don't have any steampunk weaponry yet, like a cool gun

    15. Amy T 2 days ago

      Victor - For the Victorian Era when the Steampunk genre takes place

      Albert - Same as above, Victoria and Albert

      Flaversham - Hiram Flaversham was the father inventor in the Great Mouse Detective

      Jeter - author K.W. Jeter first used the term "steampunk" when referring to the genre of his and a few fellow author's novels

      Wells or Verne - Authors famous for their alternative machines and gadgets

    16. Jeff Pusch 2 days ago

      For the red tinkerer, I'd go with "Warland." In Hawthorne's story "The Artist of the Beautiful," apprentice tinkerer Owen Warland crafts a mechanical butterfly for the woman he loves. Indeed, she is unable to determine whether its real or mechanical, so great is his skill. I'd like him to try his hand at the grapple gauntlets.

    17. PieceKeeper Games 2-time creator 2 days ago

      Fun ideas so far! Keep them coming. One note is that it was recommended that we should rename the "Helicopter" to a "Gyrocopter" based on its look, so we did that. It seemed appropriate!

    18. Oregon Amy 3 days ago

      Or Bartleby (for no reason other than it sounds good).

    19. Oregon Amy 3 days ago

      For Red Tinkerer, I suggest Leschot after the famed 19th century Swiss watchmaker and inventor (thanks Wikipedia!)

    20. Oregon Amy 3 days ago

      Building off Allison’s awesome suggestion: An espresso machine!

    21. Missing avatar

      Evtim 3 days ago

      The Red tinkerer's name should be Wheeler

    22. Missing avatar

      Allison Cline 3 days ago

      Red tinker name: Paulus

      Contraption card for the social goal: Electric tea kettle?

    23. Missing avatar

      Tobin Vetting 3 days ago

      The red tinker should be called Silas Ember

    24. Chris 3 days ago

      I'm thinking the Red tinkerer's name should be Blaze Thornburg. I know you said a single word name, but couldn't decide.... maybe just Blaze, maybe just Thornburg. Or maybe just Fredrick.

    25. Chris 3 days ago

      Great job everyone! Keep it going!

    26. PieceKeeper Games 2-time creator 3 days ago

      Yeah tinkerers! We unlocked the $17.5k stretch goal! Update coming soon...

    27. Missing avatar

      Scott C
      3 days ago

      Now only $134. Haha!!!

    28. PieceKeeper Games 2-time creator 3 days ago

      Only $140 until a big reveal....

    29. PieceKeeper Games 2-time creator 4 days ago

      @Amy: By the way, thanks for all the great ideas! We really appreciate it.

      @Masselot: Thanks for your concern about folds in the playmat! We have been concerned about that too since the beginning, hence us using proper playmat boxes.

      @Scott: Great! Yes that would have been a pain, not what we would want. :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Scott C
      4 days ago

      @Creator - that works. I was picturing a huge flat box to have to store. That would have been a pain.

    31. PieceKeeper Games 2-time creator 4 days ago

      @Scott, Amy: Sorry to not be clear. The box will be around 24" long x 3" wide x 3" deep. So the mat will roll up and fit inside the box nicely. It will NOT be in a flat box. Although we will probably ship the playmat box and the game box inside of one large pizza size box.

    32. Masselot 4 days ago

      +1 for the tube playmate. In box the folds will damage the playmate.

    33. Amy T 4 days ago

      Now that I think about it, that is probably what you guys were looking at already. I like d the look of those boxes

    34. Amy T 4 days ago

      I did some googling and there are boxes that are square width and height but long, which allow the mat to be rolled up like it would be in a tube. They looked nice, and it is probably cheaper than a tube to produce.

    35. Amy T 4 days ago

      Following Scott's comment, do you know the dimensions of the box you are looking at for the mat? Are you guys looking at a box to store it completely flat? I guess I had visualized a box that was smaller where the mat had a loose fold for storage or something. I know hard folds are bad, but loose ones seemed ok? Im not that experienced with gaming mats

      So it might not be up to the quality standards you are looking for, but white packing tubes for shipping art are pretty cheap. Or wine bottle gift tubes. You could always print something to stick on blank tubes? Or have a plain tube with a wrap around sleeve like with the deluxe edition box. Not sure, just brainstorming.

    36. Missing avatar

      Scott C
      4 days ago

      @Creator - depending in the price I would pay for the playmat tube as an add-on. It is just easier to store, transport, etc due to the smaller size than a big flat box.

    37. PieceKeeper Games 2-time creator 4 days ago

      @Chris: Hopefully you can still watch the replay of the live feed. We'll schedule the next one more in advance so more backers can watch it live.

      As far as the next gaming conference in the Madison, WI area - you should check out Protospiel Madison. It is a game design convention in downtown Madison from Dec 1-3 where you can play prototypes of new games in various stages of development for only $10.

      We'll be there testing some other new games and looking for new games to publish.

    38. PieceKeeper Games 2-time creator 4 days ago

      Hey all, love the comments and questions! We ran 9 demos yesterday at the game store and players seemed to really enjoy the game. Some guys even played twice, so I think that says something...

      @Amy, Scott, & Spectre: Regarding the game mat in a tube. We have been planning to use a very sturdy "square" box for the playmat, sized specifically for our mat's dimensions, but are exploring some options for cardboard tubes. I'm waiting on the price for those still but have been told they are "a lot more expensive."

      @Amy: Sorry to hear your chat message weren't going through! Thanks for your kind words about the mat. Good idea on the wooden parts tokens and I'm really glad you are suggesting them. Here's what we would be looking at to make those happen - I'm all about the details so bare with me. :) In brief, it is something to keep in the back of the mind if there is enough interest but probably not very feasible at this point.

      In general, printing on wooden pieces is expensive. So if we wanted to use their cool illustrations printed on 5 mm wood (to match the printed wooden gear tokens), it would be a $15 add-on to upgrade those 27 pieces. If enough backers are interested in that where it makes sense to print 1k units of those pieces that can certainly be an option. But those pieces may mess up being able to use the plastic insert since I'm not sure there is enough room to design it to include either the wooden gear tokens or cardboard gear tokens.

    39. Chris 5 days ago

      Only $2k to go to get that tinkerer card! Sorry I missed the live feed. Shoot. Does anyone know the next/best gaming conference coming up?

    40. Spectre
      5 days ago

      I also would prefer the game mat in a tube but understand that there is an obvious additional cost involved.

    41. Missing avatar

      Scott C
      5 days ago

      +1 tube for playmat (better than box)

    42. Missing avatar

      Scott C
      5 days ago

      +1 wooden stuff

    43. Amy T 5 days ago

      Maybe consider adding wooden parts tokens as another stretch goal or addon? Since you already have wooden sparks and wooden gears (with the deluxe edition), they would go nicely

    44. Amy T 5 days ago

      My chats weren't sending during the live stream for some reason, so maybe other ciewers were having the same issues.

      I love the mat! The artwork is really gorgeous, and although it isn't necessary, I think it will make game setup easier and visually be a really great addition to the game. Do you have an idea of what the mat box will be like yet? Or mat tube as someone else commented below? Curious about transportation of the mat with the game.

    45. Oliver Dösereck 5 days ago

      Sorry, seems to be working fine �

    46. PieceKeeper Games 2-time creator 5 days ago

      @Oliver: Great question. Not sure but I still see it here.

      Can you try again?

    47. Oliver Dösereck 5 days ago

      Is it just me or was the reddit post removed? ☹

    48. Masselot 5 days ago

      Is a good new thank you

    49. PieceKeeper Games 2-time creator 5 days ago

      @Masselot: Thank you! Yes we will make a French PDF version of the rules available.

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