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These are degenerated men who have, since birth, suffered the effect of mutation and turned into something wicked!
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Corvus Corax Miniatures is a small hobby project that is being developed and managed by a single person; a hobbyist like yourself who now has taken a greater interest in the developing aspect of this hobby alongside of playing, painting and collecting miniatures. It is a project that needs Your support in order for it to succeed. This project relies on outside partners (illustrators and concept artists, sculptors and casters) and it's towards the continuation of development all funds will be allocated. Without a successful funding the project will still proceed, just at a much slower pace.

Corvus Corax Miniatures is the working name for a project to develop a skirmish miniature boardgame, set in a dark fantasy world, where each side will be able to field around 5-6 miniatures for each skirmish confrontation. The scale of the miniatures is 35 mm and they are produced in high quality, non-toxic resin.

About the ultimate goal...

The ultimate goal is to develop a tabletop game with a focus on low-count skirmish confrontations, where each side will be able to field, as a standard, 5 characters. The aim is to create a fast-paced and easy-to-play game that focuses on strategy and team synergy, and where the players will be able to customize their characters after their preferred gaming style (within some limitations, of course). The game mechanics and rules are still a work in-progress, and will, hopefully, be realized during 2015 as a free-to-download .pdf document.

However, for this project, the goal is to raise enough funds to speed up the release of some the miniatures for this world/game and, if possible, to help the continuation of the development of the miniatures.

The miniatures

Larger pictures can be seen here:




About the world...

The world is set in a dark and low-fantasy setting and the focus will be around men and beasts, where dwarves, orcs, goblins and elves do not exist. The story is mainly focused on men vs men, albeit some are more degenerated than others.

There are currently four different factions being worked on and these will be the main focus of the gaming aspect early on. Once they are fleshed out there will be another few in the pipeline. The setting take its inspiration from our current history in some parts, but with a fantasy take on them.

The factions

There are currently four factions being developed, although each one is still in a very early stage as the project is only in its bud; some are more developed than others, though.

"We are venom of this world, like poison running through your veins, you will suffer like we have suffered!"

  • The Outcasts are feral men that have been shunned by their former society generations ago, and have now adapted to a tribal life where they live by the principles of might is right and the survival of the strongest. These men are divided into countless of tribes scattered far and wide, but can be found mostly in the most hostile of environments; barren lands, deep forests or around the vast mountains. They have turned primal and predatory and live day-by-day with no real thought  of tomorrow, focused only on survival. Each tribe is built around the alpha - the strongest of the men - and many asepcts of the hierarchy resembles that of a wolf pack. Each member of the tribe has to be able to carry his or her own weight, or be quickly preyed upon. The Outcasts, in general, are raiders, preying on settlements and other neighbouring tribes. Only occassionally the tribal warring cease for a moment and they gather under a particular strong alpha and lay siege to larger towns and even cities.

 "Our will is strong, like iron, it will never break!"

  • The Exiles of the Tetsu Clan were once a part of the Greater Raising Empire, where the leader of the clan even held seat as a trusted advisor to the Shogun himself. The Shogun was a man of tradition, and failed to see how the rest of the world was changing, despite being advised to adapt. This led to a great schism within the council that resulted in an uprising led by the Tetsu Clan, although most of the military power still remained loyal to the Shogun. The uprising was met with force and duly crushed, with no mercy being shown. The members of the Tetsu Clan, and its followers, were deemed as exiles and anyone giving them shelter or help would be seen as traitors and executed without trial. So they fled in order to rebuild and to, one day, return.

"Like a storm gale we will sweep across the world!"

  • The Nomads is a common name for the travelling people of the North. Some see them as barbarians and evil people, when in truth they are no more evil than anyone else. It is true that the Nomads expand their borders, usually along the coast-lines, using force as they do so. But the world is not a peaceful place, and these loyal people aim to secure the land for their families to settle. The Nomads of the Birch House is one of the more venturous of Houses and seeks to gain a foothold further away from their homeland than most others. As they spearhead the Nomads exploration they are among the most battle-tested veterans of their kin.

"No allegiance do we hold, no oath do we swear! Loyalty only to the city!"

  • The city-state of Rexen was once the crowning jewel of a much wider realm that was ruled by a King, stretching almost from coast-to-coast. However, Rexen was heavily taxed, setting its population on the path to revolution. It was then that the council formed, electing a new leader that declared the city of Rexen independent. Of course, the King and the realm could not accept this and laid siege to the city. For years the siege lasted, but the walls remained true to its citizens and their will was unshaken. On the twelfth day of the first month of the fourth year of the siege, the defenders sallied forth, and the attackers, starved and nigh on frozen to death, were trampled down. Since then, the Free City of Rexen has continued to prosper and grow large in both arms and wealth.

Kruuz, the Copperheaded One of the Dur Makeb tribe

Kruuz is the current alpha of the Dur Makeb tribe, a position he violently secured at a young age. For violence is what breeds the tribesmen, and even almost from birth they have to rely on themselves for survival as only the strong prosper while the weak perish. One could tell that Kruuz, even from birth, would become exceptionally ruthless; he saw the first light of day as he ripped up the womb of his own mother at birth. Since Kruuz became the alpha, none has yet dared to challenge his authority. But life is fragile and life is short, and if the other tribesmen are not subjugated, surely it is just a matter of time before Kruuz is ended by someone mightier than himself; that is simply how life is for an outcast.

  • Sculpted by Roberto Chaudon.

Oren, Behemoth of the Dur Makeb tribe

Oren is a grotesque and mindless beast, only capable of the simplest form of communication. But what he lacks in intelligence he makes up for in brute strength. For strength and savagery is where Oren excels above all others. But this combination comes at great risk, for Oren is known to turn against his tribesmen without any warning of his intentions. Without the purpose of war and destruction Oren is overcome by restlessness and he is easy to anger but hard to please. This has led to that he has been shackled in heavy chains, like that of an animal, and only let lose when it's time to march for battle.

  • Sculpted by Luc "Thantor" Pinganaud.

 Faun, Void-walker of the Dur Makeb tribe

Many of the outcasts are gifted, as well as being cursed, by their mutations, and some of these mutations greatly enhance the prowess by the host of these. In Faun's case it was evident early that he possessed in particularly rare abilities. Faun was born in the darkness, and was born sightless, so he had to adapt to a life in shadows. As he grew older his mutation not only affected his body, as it started to transform him more and more to the looks of a half-devil, but it also affected his mind and he soon became one with the void; not only did the void grant him the ability to see through shadows but also to walk through them from one spot to another. Faun is a highly regarded member of the Dur Makeb tribe where his ability to quickly move across the field of battle, and the ability to see his enemies even in blind spots, has won the tribe many battles.

  • Sculpted by Roberto Chaudon.

 Casts of the resin miniatures:

Currency conversion

  • 1 SEK (Swedish Krona) = aprox. 0,11 Euros
  • 1 SEK (Swedish Krona) = aprox. 0,12 USD
  • 1 SEK (Swedish Krona) = aprox. 0,08 GBP

Stretch Goals

  • Stretch Goal - 15,000 SEK - LOCKED
  • Stretch Goal - 22,500 SEK - LOCKED
  • Stretch Goal - 30,000 SEK - Something slimy?? - LOCKED

Further Stretch Goals?

This project will initially focus on the Outcast faction. Miniatures for the other factions, for example the Exiles or the Nomads, could be added as stretch goals if we attract enough backers.


If you are interested in adding more miniatures to your pledge, you may easily do so by adding an extra 120 SEK to your pledge for each additional miniature that you wish to add. Please be aware that with the more miniatures added to the pledge, the higher the shipping can potentially become.


Shipping can either be paid for during the Kickstarter project or it can be paid for separately through PayPal, bank transfer or money order of your choosing after the project has ended. To pay for it during the Kickstarter, simply add the corresponding amount listed below to your Pledge (by using the button "Manage").

  • For Europe: 1-3 miniatures - 38 SEK
  • For RoW: 1-3 miniatures - 40 SEK

This will cover the shipping cost, a padded envelope, bubble wrap for the miniature, and a kraft box for extra protection.

If you are interested in more than 3 miniatures, please send me a message asking for the correct price (it will be different depending on how many miniatures you want), or pay for it after the project ends through Paypal, money order or bank transfer.

If you want to pay additional for tracking (recommended letter) that will be an extra 85 SEK.

Shipping waves

Shipping will be done through "waves" as resin casts of the miniatures are produced and sent back to me. However, a small number of miniatures have already been cast and are ready to be shipped out. Thusly, the "shipping waves" will only come into effect in case the project exceeds all expectations. But, being a realistic, I don't expect that to occur, so shipping should by all calculations be taken care of swiftly.

Although, in the event of a much wider audience than expected, further casting will only be done after the project has ended.

Why crowdfunding?

It is true that most of the work has already been done and there are miniatures to show for that, both copies of the resin cast and painted versions. But as only the ideas come from me and everything else is going through outside partners (design, sculpting, casting) this is a rather expensive process, which is why I need Your help through this part of the project and with Your help be able to release some new miniatures to the market. With a successful kickstarter campaign, I will be able to speed up the casting process and get a jump on being closer to complete at least five characters for each faction to allow for some variety once the game is ready.

Risks and challenges

Anyone who has backed a Kickstarter before is well aware of some of the biggest risks with backing a project. I, myself, have backed over 30 different projects, and through that, I've got an insight on some of the difficulties with running a successful project. These risks are well considered and steps have been taken to attempt to minimize them:

1.) Delays
2.) Quality
3.) Communication

Let's be frank here; delays appear to be norm rather than the exception. The reason for this one can only speculate in, which I will not do. I will instead give you my take on delays for this specific project.

This project is focused around raising funds for creation of miniatures, and because of this, there will be some risks involved with it. The risk comes from partners not being able to deliver on target. There are concept artists and illustrators, there are sculptors, there are casters, and then there are the different shipping companies. If one link in the chain breaks, it will obviously affect the rest.

However, these types of delays should not be a problem. The miniatures are sculpted and they have been cast in a number of copies already. The turn-around of this project should because of that be quite short for the first backers; and then shipping will go out in waves. Because of this I am confident that I will be able to meet the projected estimated delivery date for all backers!

There are always some concerns regarding the quality of material used for casting. For this project, I have worked together with a skilled caster with extended knowledge of the casting process. The resin is of high quality, holds detail great and is sturdy (for being resin). However, like always when it concerns resin there will always be the risk of it breaking in transit. I will do my best to ensure the miniature is well-protected when sending it to you to reduce this risk.

I am dedicated to this project and will do my best to be reachable to answer any questions; both during and after the project ends. Of course, there will always be the risk that something unforeseen occurs on a personal level but as long as everything proceeds as expected, you can trust in easy and fast access to me with any and all your inquiries.

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