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20 folk and indie-pop bands have contributed a song each to cover "Give Up" by The Postal Service in its entirety - twice.

LUDICROUS CERTAINTY MODE: We have reached SALLY FIELD MODE and journeyed on past it. Now we are entering LUDICROUS CERTAINTY MODE, where all of those people who told you that they were 200% certain that a thing would happen live. We can be 200% certain of this project happening if we reach $1390. I think that's pretty incredible. Let's see what we can do.

SALLY FIELD MODE: Every dollar that is donated from here on out is 11 more free downloads of this album for the public. If we get to $1250, we will have almost 3000 free downloads to give away. Subtracting the 1000 for backers (50 backers x 20 songs), that leaves 2000 song downloads for people who stumble upon the project after it's officially live!

This would rock my world. Can we shoot for this? Can we make this happen? LET'S DO THIS!! Spread the word to your friends! Thank you all so much!!

THE SKINNY: To celebrate the 10th birthday of both Give Up by The Postal Service and Independent Clauses blog, we're purchasing all the necessary rights and licenses to cover the album twice. We're asking you to help cover the costs of running this project as ethically as possible! 

THE SPIEL: Hi, I'm Stephen Carradini! I started Independent Clauses music blog in 2003. In the decade since, I and a group of committed volunteers have covered more than 2000 bands and written almost 1700 posts. This is not a business: we don't sell ads, and we don't even try to make money. Instead, we spend our time giving press to folk, indie-pop, indie-rock, and pop-punk bands that are just starting out.

To celebrate a decade of work, I asked my favorite folk and indie-pop bands to each cover a song from Give Up by the Postal Service, which is also celebrating a decade of glory this year by reuniting and playing shows. But the duo is not making a new album (at least, they haven't announced that yet), so we're contributing some new music to their universe. Our versions of the album will have an organic, strummy flair that differentiate them from the original. It will release May 15, 2013. Here's the all-star line-up:

Folk Side:
1. "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight" – The Collection
2. "Such Great Heights" – Venna
3. "Sleeping In" - Andrea Caccese (of Songs for the Sleepwalkers and I Used to Be a Sparrow)
4. "Nothing Better" - The Duke of Norfolk
5. "Recycled Air" - Jacob Furr
6. "Clark Gable" - The Parmesans
7. "We Will Become Silhouettes" - Jenny and Tyler
8. "This Place Is a Prison" – Carl Hauck
9. "Brand New Colony" – Elijah Wyman / Decent Lovers
10. "Natural Anthem" - Stephen Carradini and the Midnight Sons

Indie-pop Side:
1. "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight" - Fairmont
2. "Such Great Heights" - Kris Orlowski
3. "Sleeping In" – The Lovely Few
4. "Nothing Better" – Oh Look Out!
5. "Recycled Air" – Josh Caress (of Come On Pilgrim!)
6. "Clark Gable" – Dr. Pants
7. "We Will Become Silhouettes" – Young Readers
8. "This Place is a Prison - Western Romantic (Dan McCurry of Run Dan Run)
9. "Brand New Colony" - The Noise Revival
10. "Natural Anthem" - Gregory Pepper

Dan McCurry of Apartment A Studio will be engineering the release.

We want to make these two versions of Give Up available to the public via Bandcamp for as little cost as possible, so we're running a Kickstarter to make the streaming and first 1000 songs downloaded available completely for free. To do this, we will need to raise $695.76 to purchase the necessary streaming and downloading licenses.

THE BREAKDOWN: Harry Fox Agency controls the mechanical rights to the downloads, while BMI controls the streaming rights. The BMI streaming license is a one-time purchase, while the HFA mechanical rights are assessed per download with a $15 processing fee attached to each license.

BMI License for 8 months of streaming (May-Dec): $223.33
HFA License base cost: $300
HFA royalties for 1000 downloads: $91.00
Bandcamp license for 1000 free downloads: $20
Kickstarter/credit card fees (10%): $61.43


After the first 1000 downloads are up, we'll charge a cost to download the album, but the streams will still be free.

IF WE EXCEED our Kickstarter amount by $250 (our wildest dreams come true!), we'll have raised enough cash to set up a six-week college radio run for the album through the excellent people at Mint 400 Records, who want to partner with us in this. We'd love to help the artists on this comp get some exposure via college radio. If we get even more money than that, we'll apply that to more free downloads of the album.

BUT WHAT IF we don't make the Kickstarter amount? I'm prepared to pay the streaming costs out of pocket, and no downloads will be available. We'll host the 20 tracks on the Independent Clauses SoundCloud for streaming over the eight months that the license allows. 

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Twenty busy artists have pledged their enthusiasm for inventing and recording a cover of a Postal Service song. Still, life may get in the way and one or more artists could be unable to fulfill their desire to contribute. I have set the due date for the recordings 10 weeks in advance of the record's release date, which will give the standby artist (The Lion of Tallasi) to create a cover to fill the space.

I have also set the due date 10 weeks in advance of the album's release date to cover any problems that may happen in the mixing/mastering/post-production section of the album's journey. I have an expert team assembled to handle the job, but who knows what can happen?

Otherwise, we're well-equipped! The art and distribution of the album will be handled by yours truly, minimizing the amount of problems that can happen in transition.

Thanks for reading this! We're very excited about this release, and we hope to have your support!

-Stephen Carradini (Independent Clauses) and all the artists


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