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Imagine reading an eBook or watching a movie with the iPad floating above you, it's awesome!
Imagine reading an eBook or watching a movie with the iPad floating above you, it's awesome!
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Important Hanfree Update


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Hanfree Video Update #15

Hi everyone,

Hanfree Video Update #15

This video describes some of the challenges that we are resolving as we design for manufacturing, lawsuit prevention, and maximum user experience. I know many of you are eager for Hanfree to be manufactured, as am I, though we can not ethically send a design out into the world that could possibly injure someone or function poorly.

The overall design is smaller and really embodies that friendly feeling we were going for when this project started. I feel very good about the direction of the base as well, the base has a heft to it that counterbalances the iPad perfectly yet does not feel cumbersome and is still easy to move around the home.

We feel that the latest design with the adjustable pivot point is the most practical and elegant direction to go in, and hope you feel the same. Some people have expressed concern at the length of time to develop our project and at this point I sincerely apologize for my overly optimistic design & production timeline, it was due to my naiveté with the complexities of engineering (especially with the rotational ball and socket joint) and I want to be fully accountable for that lack in foresight. Most of our backers concern is due to the interest to upgrade to an iPad 3 model, and I can assure you that we will make that an option when we have a finished product that we fully believe in.

I hope you all enjoy the video update and understand what we are going through, after all, it’s not a simple watch band!

Thanks again everyone, 

Seth & The Hanfree Team

p.s. my new favorite quote is “embrace the struggle”

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Hanfree video update: The ball joint

Hi Everyone,

Enjoy the video:

In this video update we talk in detail about the many changes we have gone through the last six weeks to create a design that is fully adjustable and highly functional. Because of the complications in this critical component Hanfree has not been put into production yet, and we still anticipate manufacturing to take a few months. I hope this video gives everyone some insight on how challenging it is to launch a product with such complex features. 

We are enthusiastic about the recent progress and feel confident about the direction we are headed.

Thanks again for all of your patience and continued support,

Seth & the Hanfree team

Survey and Alder base Video


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The first month of a product launch.

Hi everyone!

The first month of launching Hanfree has been amazing, and at the same time very challenging. First off, my apologizes for not having a kickstarter update sooner, we have been focused on resolving the engineering of Hanfree, and posting more frequent, yet more casual updates on our fanpage. From this point on, we will be posting biweekly updates on kickstarter as well.

The top 5 things that have happened since our kickstarter ended.

1. We were just on CNBC morning news, check it out : )

2. We had a incredible meeting with a globally respected design firm. 

3. We have a dedicated graphic designer creating our ebook.

4. We attended Maker Faire and had hundreds of people test out Hanfree.

5. We formed a Corporation in San Francisco!

One of the biggest highlights was a private meeting with the creative director of a globally respected design firm (it was basically free advice so we are keeping his name anonymous). He gave us some invaluable feedback on our design. The insights we gleaned from this meeting have been incorporated into subtle changes of the shape of the base along with the decision to make the base in one piece. He emphasized simplicity by reducing the number of parts, and essentially told us that we have a enormous challenge ahead of us, and that we would learn allot. This was humbling yet encouraging at the same time. 

The final base design 

One of the biggest challenges so far, has been balancing the activities between creating a company, working on logistics, and resolving the details to prepare a product for manufacturing. The biggest technical challenge has been engineering the ball and socket joint. While it is a priority to bring Hanfree to the market quickly, our biggest concern is to deliver the highest quality product possible. In anticipation that some people will be gaming with Hanfree, we needed to reengineer the ball and socket to give the ipad a wider range of rotation. We also increased the size of the ball and socket by 25% to give the joint more strength against torsional forces. To be honest, our original plastics engineer did not have the attention to detail nor the depth of knowledge required to execute such a technically demanding components and slowed down things considerably. Luckily we have a new person on the team. My friend Milan is now handling the engineering. Milan has a masters degree in rapid prototyping and manufacturing, and an incredible work ethic. He has already made significant contributions to prepare Hanfree for plastics molding and it has only been a week since he has been on board. 

The Ball and socket has evolved, becoming stronger and allowing more rotation.

We also hired a business consultant with 27 years experience in corporate law. He has filed all of the necessary paperwork, expediting the process of incorporating. Hanfree is now officially a corporation! 

Some people keep asking about the timeline, at this point we are aiming to ship september 1st, though we still don’t have concrete dates, and much of this depends on if we can afford to produce the components in America. The most exciting news for everyone will be the shipping date, and we will be sure to give an update on all of our platforms when we know it. We will also have an update specifically outlining the manufacturing timeline when we have that information. We are sending out a survey in the next few days too, we will keep it really short. 

To see more photos and updates please check out our fanpage: 

Thanks again for supporting Hanfree!

Seth & the Hanfree Team