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A beautiful antique-inspired key hook for your belt loop that opens bottles. Made in the USA.
A beautiful antique-inspired key hook for your belt loop that opens bottles. Made in the USA.
1,247 backers pledged $58,333 to help bring this project to life.

One Year Later (well...a little over a year!)

Hey everyone! 

I got reminded today that the Bottlehook® Kickstarter campaign ended about one year ago. It's hard to believe it's only been a year, because so much has happened in the last 12 months. I wanted to do one last update because, well, a lot of this is only happening because of the Bottlehook Kickstarter and I want to share it with all of you! So here's what's up.

First and foremost, the new Corter Leather & Cloth website launched at I spent 4 months redesigning every leather, metal, and cloth piece I make, and it's amazing to be able to see my vision for Corter finally realized. I've made the decision to stay a one-man company, so while it's been a lot of work it's also been the most creative and fulfilling time of my life.

Next, the numbers. As of June 1st, just over 9,000 Bottlehooks have been sold worldwide! More than anything, I'm so incredibly happy to have made a product that people need and love to use every day. To celebrate the one year anniversary of the Bottlehook Kickstarter campaign I released the second metal offering of the Bottlehook in solid brass: 

Since the Kickstarter campaign I've been able to expand my product line, designing and producing pieces that I would have never been able to make without your funding.

There's the Ring & Hook bracelet

The Copper Cuff

and the Luggage Tag (featuring the Signature Split Ring that was the result of the extra funding!)

As well as a whole bunch of leather goods and funky Bottlehook colors.  I also made a bracelet to support Miss Corter and her fight against Crohn's, which was one of the hurdles in getting the rewards out last year as we spent a lot of June and July in the hospital. So far she's raised over $4,000 and completed a half marathon for the CCFA! Not bad for a girl that lost 25% of her body weight and couldn't absorb any nutrients just 9 months ago. 

Ultimately, this campaign resulted in much more than just a nice bottle opener. It allowed me to create the brand I had always wanted to create, and I think that is the true essence of Kickstarter and it's community. I'm forever thankful for your support, and proud to be a Kickstarter alum.

Now onto a little bit of (majorly exciting) news. Corter Leather & Cloth will be moving to a workshop and retail space on Cape Cod in September! You'll be able to come out and make things with me, browse the whole collection, and I'll be expanding the product line even further. Miss Corter and I move up to the new house in August, and the shop will probably open to the public early next year (2014). 

We'll be located on the historic Main Street in Brewster, a town named for my great (x 17) grandfather who came over on the Mayflower, and surrounded by the New England culture that has inspired my aesthetic for all 26 years of my life. I've also been building a workshop-on-wheels into a great VW van that will take me around the country during the off season, because it's been a blast traveling to different markets and meeting some of you! 

So I think that's about it, the end of this chapter. I've got a new Kickstarter campaign coming later this summer that will be a little different than any other wallet/every-day-carry campaign so far, so keep watch for that. If I could personally thank every one of you individually I would do so in a heartbeat. By funding the Bottlehook, you've started me on a journey I couldn't have imagined in my wildest dreams. Thank you. 

(Oh, the great folks at have decided to feature Corter Leather from tomorrow, June 26th, to Friday, June 28th. Head on over to get almost all current Corter products and some previously sold-out Version 2 Bottlehook color ways at a bit of a discount!)


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    1. Eric Heins 2-time creator on June 27, 2013

      I've emailed you back Jonathan, it was sent out to you. At this point I will just refund you, I can't send you any more Bottlehooks and have them not arrive.

    2. Missing avatar

      June on June 27, 2013

      I still haven't received my bottlehooks either. I haven't heard anything back from you since April despite emailing you several times.

    3. Eric Heins 2-time creator on June 26, 2013

      wow, really? please send me an email at corterleather at gmail, I will send one to you tomorrow.

    4. Missing avatar

      George Waud on June 26, 2013

      I still haven't received my bottlehook from your original Kickstarter campaign (yes, a year ago) - despite you telling me on several occasions that you've sent it?????? What gives????? Not cool.