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Gypsy Caravan: Film on the Road in Hungary's video poster

The makers of Gypsy Caravan take the film on the road in Hungary. Making a video & grassroots outreach campaign to challenge ugly Gypsy stereotypes. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 10, 2010.

The makers of Gypsy Caravan take the film on the road in Hungary. Making a video & grassroots outreach campaign to challenge ugly Gypsy stereotypes.

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About this project

We are in Hungary right now -- and we only have 3 days left to get our final funding!!!!!!!!

We are now traveling round the country showing my film GYPSY CARAVAN to Romani (Gypsy) communities and to other people who are traditionally racist about "Gypsies". We need the final funding to keep this program going for the next 6 weeks. Check out the "updates" tab above to see more about our adventures...

This is the kind of thing that really makes a difference.
Yesterday we visited the village where an innocent couple were shot in their home by passing young men who thought it would be fun to kill a couple of Gypsies.
Everyone agrees -- we can't change things instantly, but talking and a film can help, because it gets people thinking. Strangely simple, but true!

MORE INFO BELOW (from the original post for this project).

Jasmine, Ella and our growing team of volunteers... Zsafia, John, Zsolt...


We’re off to Hungary this summer to show a film and make a film. And we’re asking for your help...

Our aim is to use film to challenge "Gypsy" stereotypes – stereotypes so dangerous that there are frequent attacks on Roma (“Gypsies”) purely due to their race. In the past two years, 8 Roma have been lynched in Hungary. Whole villages have been mobbed. Police don’t even pursue crimes against Gypsies. Employers openly reject Gypsy job applicants. Kids are kept out of school (this is banned by European courts but everyone knows it continues). Adults are barred from shops & nightclubs. Racism is rampant and accepted.

People say openly that Gypsies are the "Niggers of Europe" (I quote!). In the 21st century, this is totally unacceptable.

Slowly, some charities are trying to change things (and one of the world’s richest men, George Soros, supports many such pro-Roma efforts). But it won’t be easy, so I think we’ve all got to pitch in. And one of the best modern weapons against prejudice is film.

Phew – something we can do!


This summer we’ll travel around Hungary showing my film Gypsy Caravan in schools, villages, prisons, universities, churches, and other places where we can get people talking and challenge silly stereotypes. We’ll also be making a video and recording oral histories of the people we meet.

We had success with a similar project in Romania last year. Little Dust Productions got a small grant to travel for 6 weeks with fantastic outreach director Ella Veres. We joined with local groups to hold film screenings, community talks and lively debates – here’s video of our tour's modest beginning:

Now we’re targeting Hungary because it's rife with Roma discrimination ( and there is a newly elected extreme right political party who ran on an anti-Roma platform.


My 2007 documentary Gypsy Caravan ("When the Road Bends...") follows 5 Romani bands from 4 countries on a USA concert tour, and then visits the musicians’ families in Romania, Macedonia, India and Spain. Critics called it the "Buena Vista Social Club of Gypsy music", and it showed in festivals and cinemas worldwide.

When it screened in Bulgaria, the U.S. ambassador told us that they spend thousands of dollars on Romani minority education projects, “when all we should really do is show this film – it makes non-Roma see ‘Gypsies’ as humans and forces us to face our own prejudice”.

In Transylvania, a Romani woman pushed me to use Gypsy Caravan for grassroots change. After a screening, she stood up and spoke so passionately to 800 people in the audience that many seemed close to tears. She insisted that we must translate the film and show it locally. We must help her people be seen for who they really are. And help them to feel proud and fight for justice.

Gypsy Caravan is not a classic educational film, but I'm happy that it has proven a great tool for starting conversations and inspiring people. Lots of kids write to us after school screenings. 8-year-old Amina from Craiova said: "It was wonderful. Let's tell them we are people too!"

And her classmate added: "Now I want to be the best Gypsy ever!"


Yes, we're asking for your donations... (& offering rewards - listed on the right)
Initial costs for this trip are funded by an Open Society Institute grant.
Kickstarter donations will help pay for:
• Hungarian DVDs to show & donate locally
• Accommodation in Hungary (we’re talking basic hostels, etc)
• Creating a video of the tour
• Video, photos and oral histories in local settlements
• Translating educational materials to go with the film (these made a BIG difference in Romania)
• Creating web tools so that participants can stay in touch and keep motivating each other to do screenings and even make their own videos
• Training local volunteers to lead more screenings and discussions

"Intoxicating… Compelling… Transcends the music documentary genre... The film records a vibrant diaspora that exists despite centuries of persecution. The one thing all the members of the tour appear to want to convey is the absurdity of the stereotypes that precede them.” - LA Times

If you want to know more about ways to join in and help, then
PLEASE contact us.

Thank you!!
Jasmine Dellal
Ella Veres
& a boatload of other fantastic volunteers
and collaborators who make all of this possible

p.s. Thinking positive -- if we raise over our budget, then extra funds will help extend this campaign into other regions (unfortunately, Roma don't have a great deal in most of Europe, so we'll have to tackle it one country at a time).

more on film:
more on Romani culture:
more on us:
more on other film:
soundtrack label:


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    Access to exclusive video and photos of our Hungary outreach tour, and our deepest thanks.

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    All of above + postcards of original photos of Transylvanian Roma +++ LATE ADDITION: now you get the soundtrack CD too!! (And we'll give an extra reward to the $50 donors too, but the system won't let us make that change here... so, it's a surprise!)

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    All of above + 'Gypsy Caravan' SOUNDTRACK CD + strip of original 35mm film from 'Gypsy Caravan' + personal thank you letter from film director Jasmine Dellal

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    All of above + DVD of 'American Gypsy' (Dellal's first film) + original SIGNED POSTER from film

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    BOX SET: All of above + director's edition box set of films AMERICAN GYPSY and GYPSY CARAVAN + DVD of Romanian outreach tour + collector's item Japanese set of (very cool) cards from the film + one of my favourite books about Roma: ZOLI by Colum McCann

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    CREDITS: All of above + your name on screen. In our Hungary video travelogue, you will be in the credits. This will stream online, and be seen by film industry representatives and international non-profit development bodies, such as the UN, Open Society Institute, World Bank, Roma organizations and more.

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    SCREENING PATRON: All of above + Sponsor a local screening. Either choose from our list of destinations, or suggest a town or village in Hungary where you would like the film screened and discussed. Your name will be featured on the flyer and you will receive an exclusive report.

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    THE WORLD: Private screening of Gypsy Caravan and live discussion with filmmaker + Tell us what you want! :-)
    We're optimistic, so: If you're interested in other large donations, please contact us - these can be tax deductible through our fiscal sponsor.

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